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Vintage 1925 Dresses, Skirts, Coats, Suits, Overblouse and Blouses

Twenties Fashion Clothing From the year 1923 for Ladies and Gentlemens Dresses, Coats, Suits and Blouses etc. with prices, descriptions and pictures The prices shown for these Fashion Clothing are the price they were sold for in 1925 not today

  • Broadcloth Men's Shirts 1925

    Broadcloth Men's Shirts

    Price: $1.89

    Good quality genuine broadcloth dress shirts in popular colors with contrasting color checked patterns. Made coat style with attached collar and soft single cuffs. The check patterns are new, neat and attractive.

  • Brocaded Border Dress 1925

    Brocaded Border Dress

    Price: $9.98

    Of shimmering luster and beauty is the border design, silk warp brocaded crepe faille, that fashions this frock. Designed on slender, straight lines that show the fabric to best advantage, the frock has full length sleeves, sash finish in the back and a streamer tie of vari-colored novelty silk ribbon. Contrasting shade all silk crepe was used for the cuffs and collar, the latter having tiny metal buttons for trimming. Choose from palmetto green or cocoa brown.

  • Crepe de Chine Overblouse 1925

    Crepe de Chine Overblouse

    Price: $6.95

    "Stunning is the word that best describes the rich appearance and smartness of this latest style overblouse. Adapted in finest all silk crepe de chine, the model gains additional beauty by having exquisite embroidery adornment. The high collar is new and chic, fastening in front with loops and novelty buttons. In harmony with the embroidery, both the collar and cuffs show contrasting color silk crepe trimming. Comes in navy blue.

  • Double Breasted Suit 1925

    Double Breasted Suit

    Price: $26.50

    Double breasted suits for young men are very popular. They're wearing them in all all the snappy new colors, gray is especially popular. That is why we've selected this dressy, new tone, light gray with faint contrasting stripes for the model. It's a fine grade, all wool fabric. You'll like its looks, its service and its marked individuality. Tailored to the most exacting standard. Three buttons. Peak lapels. Coat, half alpaca lined. Regular vest. Cuff bottom trousers.

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Pea Petal Turban 1925 Pea Petal Turban
Price: $3.45

A new idea, and very striking, too. Snug fitting turban with fitted crown of good quality Rayon taffeta. Entire brim is of narrow, picot edge ombre (shaded) ribbon, shirred cleverly to resemble a mass of sweet pea petals. High grade workmanship.

  • French Crepe Dress 1925

    French Crepe Dress

    Price: $11.79

    Standing collars with streamer ties are fashion themes or importance this season, and their smartness is portrayed here in a frock of exquisite all silk flat crepe. Other new style features are also present; the circular cut flare skirt and the chic bodice enhanced with tucks and tinsel ribbon. The collar and cuffs are of silk faced duvetyn. Choose from orchid, Brittany blue, or lipstick colors.

  • Futurist Print Silk Two-Piece 1925

    Futurist Print Silk Two-Piece

    Price: $14.98

    Strikingly smart and very new is the gaily colored futurist print that adorns the blouse of this attractive two-piece frock. Material is soft, lustrous all silk crepe de chine, the skirt being of solid tone that matches the background of the print. The skirt also has a lower border of matching rich colors. It comes attached to a soiesette bodice lining.

  • Knife Pleat Skirt 1925

    Knife Pleat Skirt

    Price: $3.98

    Fashion again endorses the knife pleated skirt--a model unrivalled for its popularity. Here it may be purchased in two splendid fabrics--all wool crepe or silk warp crepe faille, both famous for retaining their pleating as well as for their adaptability to smart tailoring. Choose from tan, gray, or navy blue.

  • Poiret Sheen Coat 1925

    Poiret Sheen Coat

    Price: $22.95

    Enriched by a wide band of soft, silky Mouflon fur, this coat takes on a bewitchingly chic "air", yet, for all that it is very modest in price. Developed in all wool poiret sheen of an excellent quality, it shows effective trimming of contrasting color all wool kasha inserts. Lined with the best quality, guaranteed silk faced satin de chine. Comes in Flemish medium blue or Cuckoo tan.

  • Powder Blue Suit 1925

    Powder Blue Suit

    Price: $23.50

    This model is a great favorite among college and university students, and among the younger business men. Coat is designed in the popular two-button English fashion. Half alpaca lined. Soft rolled lapels. Regular vest. Cuff bottom trousers. Choice of two all wool cassimere fabrics. One is deep, rich looking powder blue with contrasting stripe. The other is a powder brown mixture with faint stripes.

  • Printed All Silk Crepe Dress 1925

    Printed All Silk Crepe Dress

    Price: $11.95

    Designed in the inimitable manner of New York, featuring that latest of flare silhouettes, produced by a circular cut front skirt flounce attached to a straight line bodice. Fashioned of lovely all silk printed crepe de chine and charmingly trimmed with solid color silk crepe and metal medallions. Colors come in burnt orange or tan.

  • Printed All Silk Radium Dress 1925

    Printed All Silk Radium Dress

    Price: $7.98

    Strikingly smart is the effect of this frock, due to the colorful printed all silk radium that fashions it. Collar, cuffs and jaunty tie are of contrasting solid color all silk broadcloth. Colors come in black fancy or cocoa brown.

  • Radio Tweed Coat 1925

    Radio Tweed Coat

    Price: $12.95

    In a surprisingly smart manner is this double breasted coat fashioned, mannish in effect, yet gaining a youthful feminine grace by having inverted pleats artfully placed in groups of three on either side. All wool "radio" weave tweed. Expertly tailored and lined throughout with serviceable fancy rayon crepe. Comes in wistaria or blue colors.

  • Rayart Dress 1925

    Rayart Dress

    Price: $6.98

    Fashioned of good quality, lustrous washable "Rayart," a new rayon warp fabric with an attractive plaid pattern. A double tier pleated flounce on either side of the skirt lends a graceful silhouette and contrasting all silk pongee serves as trimming. Plaid pattern comes in natural tan and green or natural tan and blue.

  • Smart Overblouse 1925

    Smart Overblouse

    Price: $4.59

    This cleverly styled overblouse, establishing its chic by clever details of designing and by choosing for its fabric exquisite all silk crepe de chine. Contrasting color silk crepe is effectively used for the collar, button trimmed front tan and modish tie cuffs. It has two convenient pockets and a belt with buckle adjustment. Choose from powder blue or bisque tan.

  • Sport Costume 1925

    Sport Costume

    Price: $5.95

    Of sturdy, fine quality all wool tweed, will add to the joy of all outdoor activities through the spring and summer season. Knickers are neatly tailored, have separate belt, two pockets and buttoned cuffs. Choose from tan or gray.

  • Striped Brown Suit 1925

    Striped Brown Suit

    Price: $17.50

    You'll like its fine looks. You'll like the hang and fit of the coat, vest and trousers. Material is all wool brown cassimere, of nice appearance and of a better grade than usually used in suits selling for so low a price. It has faint contrasting stripes. Suit is conservatively cut. Coat is three-button style, full alpaca lined. Regular style vest. Plain bottom trousers.

  • Tuxedo Style Coat 1925

    Tuxedo Style Coat

    Price: $22.50

    That something new--unusual and smart--sough by the fashionable woman, will be found in this stunning "Tuxedo" style coat which can also be worn in closed front style. It is artfully created of finest all wool poiret twill in chic combination with contrasting color poiret, the latter being richly embellished with Rayon embroidery. Added to these appealing style notes, the coat gains further chic by pocket topped circular cut panel inserts that provide the latest flare silhouette. Choose from navy or light rust colors.

  • Two-Piece Silk Georgette 1925

    Two-Piece Silk Georgette

    Price: $15.98

    That two-piece frocks have become "dressy affairs" is evidenced by this lovely creation of dainty fine quality all silk georgette crepe. The chic blouse features novel ornamentation of self material, fancy metal buttons and exquisite embroidery. It has modish long sleeves and the latest style sash tie collar. Combination pleating adds smartness to the skirt, which comes attached to a silk crepe bodice. Colors come in old wine or cinnamon brown.

  • Wool Ottorep Two-Piece 1925

    Wool Ottorep Two-Piece

    Price: $9.98

    Novel details of trimming lend a youthful and swagger effect to this two-piece frock of high grade all wool Ottorep. The separate blouse is made with a smart collar and cuffs of contrasting color Suedine cloth, showing edging of combination rayon and tinsel fancy braid. Bird ornament trim blouse. Skirt is of circular cut in front and is attached to a soiesette bodice lining. Colors come in phantom red or palmetto green.

  • Worsted Sport Blouse 1925

    Worsted Sport Blouse

    Price: $5.98

    Men's fine quality all wool worsted lumberjack sweater blouse in very attractive fancy patterns. Convertible collar that can be worn open or closed as desired. Has two buttoned flap pockets. Very desirable and popular garment for all sport and outdoor wear.