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Vintage 1923 Ladies dresses, skirts and blouses and mens clothing style

Twenties Fashion Clothing From the year 1923 for Ladies and Gentlemens Dresses, Coats, Suits and Blouses etc. with prices, descriptions and pictures The prices shown for these Fashion Clothing are the price they were sold for in 1923 not today

  • Canton Crepe Dress 1923

    Canton Crepe Dress

    Price: $19.75

    That all important afternoon frock is here interpreted in that loveliest of all fabrics, heavy quality all silk Canton Crepe. It possesses the required note of contrast in richly toned colors of Oriental print all silk crepe de chine, which forms the sleeves and under body and also appears on the long gracefully flowing knife plaited side panels and girdle.

  • Caracul Fur Jacket 1923

    Caracul Fur Jacket

    Price: $99.75

    Of luxurious warmth and style and showing the smartest of the new modes in its modish short length is the stunning Parisian Coatee offered here. It is made of soft, natural beige color closely curled caracul fur of splendid quality and rich distinction. Extremely good looking is the large standing collar and you will like the new style uneven line of the front with its closing achieved by decorative medallion clasp. Coatee has loose slightly flared back, full cuffed bell sleeves and is lined throughout with rich brocaded satin.

  • Check Velour Dress 1923

    Check Velour Dress

    Price: $9.95

    So prevalent is the sports idea in dress that even general wear, serviceable frocks reflect it. And why not, when such a splendid result is attained as we find in the all wool velour check dress shown above, which combines in its pleasing style all of the warmth necessary in a fall and winter dress and all of the chicness expected of the new mode. Cire braid and novelty buttons have successfully been combined with harmonizing color wool crepe as trimming. The flattering collar pulls through pretty loop on front of waist and adding an effective touch of decorative smartness is the fancy leatherette belt. An evidence of good tailoring is found in the inverted plaits at sides of skirt.

  • Cotton Worsted Trousers 1923

    Cotton Worsted Trousers

    Price: $2.85

    Materials are strongly woven, fast color, and have very neat stripes. All are carefully made and will give you long wear, the French backs being especially noted for their wear resisting qualities. Made with plain bottoms.

    separate breeches. Breeches fasten at both sides and hips. Legs are finished at bottom with eyelets and fasten with laces.

  • Double Breasted Suit 1923

    Double Breasted Suit

    Price: $26.50

    Expertly designed in the two-button single breasted patch pocket model illustrated at right. Here young men who desire the best will find the very apex of style features, fit, material and quality. It's one of those pinch back models that progressive young men admire. Into this semi-sport model we have fashioned heavy weight extra fine weave serge possessing great strength and service. Coat is made with shapely long soft roll notched lapels and has good quality alpaca lining. Note the graceful lines of the coat with the fashionable patch pockets.

  • Fur Jacket 1923

    Fur Jacket

    Price: $15.95

    Competing for popular favor with the extremely long coat so much in evidence this season, we find an entirely new fashion. The brilliant little jacquette style, but recently launched by Paris, has already gained the approval of smartly dressed women. In this model, which may be purchased in rich black silk seal plush or in the stunning black crushed karakul fur fabric, we have a delightful exponent of this new mode. Jacquette is bloused onto a snug fitting band at hips, which clasps with composition ornament lacquered in oriental motif. The smart standing collar is of silver gray chinchilla fur fabric, fashioned to resemble the rare and expensive chinchilla fur, and matches the wide cuffs upon the bell sleeves. Full lining of handsome figured sateen.

  • Jersey Slip-On Blouse 1923

    Jersey Slip-On Blouse

    Price: $2.75

    Women's smart jersey slip-on sweater blouse. Knit from soft all wool worsted yarn in an attractive style. Neatly trimmed in contrasting color. Has sash. Distinctive and up to date in style.

  • Moleskin Cloth Coat 1923

    Moleskin Cloth Coat

    Price: $9.50

    Outside material is of long wearing drab moleskin cloth. Lined with good quality warm sheepskin throughout body; sheepskin extends to one edge, as shown. Sleeves are made of brown split cowhide, a tough, durable leather. Vest has knit worsted collar and knit worsted wristlets, ventilation eyelets under arms, and draw straps in back. Three pockets. Especially recommended for long, hard service.

  • Paisley Silk Shirt 1923

    Paisley Silk Shirt

    Price: $8.98

    The material selected for this Parisian hip band blouse is richly colored Paisley print all silk crepe de chine. The contrasting collar, narrow cuffs and tucked, snug fitting hip band is harmonizing color all silk Canton crepe. The full sleeves are slashed above cuff with narrow pipings of Canton crepe.

  • Plaid Wool Velour Dress 1923

    Plaid Wool Velour Dress

    Price: $10.50

    The younger set can wear checks with a daring denied their elders, and since they are so becoming we have developed this smart one-piece frock of all wool checked velour. A stunning effect is achieved by the fanciful cuffs, collar, vestee and pipings of natural color pure linen. Slender bias panel on skirt. Invisible front closing.

  • Poiret Twill Dress 1923

    Poiret Twill Dress

    Price: $16.95

    The bolero effect dress is always a favorite because of its simplicity and unusual becomingness. We offer it here fashioned of that splendidly satisfying fabric, all wool poiret twill. Beneath the jacket effect at front is a bodice of colorfully printed all silk crepe de chine which joins the skirt under a belt of patent leather finish clasped with the new decorative metal medallions. Good tailoring is evident in every line of this model, and the tiny piped handkerchief pocket in skirt and the two smart inverted plaits at sides bear witness to the maker's skill. Daintiness itself is the collar and cuffs set of embroidered ecru organdie and there is a slender satin ribbon tie which closes the neck.

  • Poiret Twill Suit 1923

    Poiret Twill Suit

    Price: $25.50

    That the newly arrived mode for side effects is having its influence upon suits is demonstrated in this fine quality all wool poiret twill suit for misses and small women. The large sash of heavy quality silk moire taffeta by which this model achieves its side closing is a feature which is used in many of the smartest suits this season. Rows of narrow fiber silk braid with the added adornment of diminutive braid covered buttons have been wisely selected as reflecting the latest taste for trimming. This trimming is also used upon the straight line back. The 30-inch coat is lined with good quality satin de chine. Tailored skirt has slashed pockets and is slightly shirred at back under all around belt.

  • Printed Silk Pongee Shirt 1923

    Printed Silk Pongee Shirt

    Price: $4.98

    We have selected for this Jacquette model a splendid quality of shimmering Egyptian print all silk pongee. Blouse closes down front with snaps, and has hip band of the printed pongee which ends in a graceful sash of solid color to match lining of the slashed cuffs.

  • Shaker Knit Pull-Over 1923

    Shaker Knit Pull-Overs

    Price: $6.95

    Men's all wool heavy weight Shaker knit pull-over sweaters. Large shawl collar. Trimmed collar, cuffs, and bottom. Full hand finished. Very appropriate for skating or other outdoor sports. Choose from seal brown with kelly green trim, kelly green with white trim, or cardinal red with pearl gray trim.

  • Silk Crepe de Chine Shirt 1923

    Silk Crepe de Chine Shirt

    Price: $5.48

    This blouse of Egyptian print all silk crepe de chine is designed with narrow cowl collar of silk messaline, ending in streamer drawn through picot edged slashes at front. Narrow cuffs are also of messaline. Smart, snug fitting hip band fastens at left side.

  • Wool Crepe Dress 1923

    Wool Crepe Dress

    Price: $9.45

    The modishly attired miss will want this all wool crepe frock for street or dress wear. The tailored skirt is laid in trim knife plaits. The ultra new hand embroidered monogram effect of fiber silk embroidery on waist matches the fiber silk braid binding upon the frilly plaited collar, cuffs, belt and bottom of skirt.

  • Wool Serge Suit 1923

    Wool Serge Suit

    Price: $29.50

    Fashioned especially for men who demand fine workmanship, best trimmings and dependable, dignified style--style that expresses individuality and makes you look prosperous and successful. Material is heavy weight and woven in an even fine twill. Coat is slightly form-fitting, has shapely semi-soft roll half peaked lapels, open vent in back, and is full lined with good quality alpaca. The vest is made in regular style, has usual pockets, and adjustable draw strap and buckle in back. Trousers are well proportioned, have plain bottoms (no cuffs) and usual pockets--all deep, roomy and strongly sewed; belt loops. In every detail this suit reflects dignity and quality.

  • Tweed Cape and Dress 1922 Tweed Cape and Dress
    Price: $12.98

    Beloved of Paris, capes dominate the mode. And particularly is this true of the new cape-suit or cape-dress combinations, which are unhesitatingly favored by smartly dressed women as the correct thing for the fall and winter season. In this delightful outfit the cape and matching dress are of the newest of new all wool homespun tweed. Truly the effect is alluring.

  • Wool Wrap 1923

    Wool Wrap

    Price: $3.98

    You will want a wrap for street wear in the fall and winter, because they are so stylish and practical. Decidedly attractive is this Butterfly Cape Scarf. Knit from all wool yarns with a beautiful brushed finish. Trimmed with contrasting colors. Fastens with a knitted girdle, giving it a slightly fitted effect.

  • Yalama Cloth Suit 1923

    Yalama Cloth Suit

    Price: $32.75

    A fascinating model that is simply ravishing in its rich beauty of caracul fur collar and cuffs and lavish fiber silk embroidery which matches in color both the black of the fur and shade of the suit itself. The material is the handsome all wool Yalama cloth, and is cut to comply with the vogue for side closing emphasized by the slender Yalama bow tie at side. One of the latest features is found in the irregular embroidery panels down both the back and front of jacket which fall into points, giving the fashionably uneven line below hem. Lustrous satin de chine lines the coat and the skirt has slashed pockets.

  • Wool Eponge Skirt 1923

    Wool Eponge Skirt

    Price: $6.48

    All wool eponge crepe here expresses itself in a harmoniously colored plaid, and is carried out in a combination knife and box plaited skirt which is fashioned in accord with the latest style. Splendid value. Detachable belt. Invisible side closing. Choose from cocoa brown or navy blue colors.