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Vintage 1922 Fashion Accessories inc. Hats, Gloves, Shoes, Boots, Bags and Purses

Twenties Fashion Accessories From the year 1922 including prices, descriptions and pictures for Ladies and Gentlemens hats, jewelry, scarves etc.

  • Bicorn Brim Hat 1922 Bicorn Brim Hat
    Price: $4.95

    Striking, you will admit, is this smart semi-close fitting turban. Stylish bicorn brim and telescope crown is made of very fine quality silk faced duvetyn, innerbrim facing of lustrous baronette satin. Fan shaped glossy jet black cellophane ornament, centered on metallic brocade insert, makes a stunning, rich looking trim. Brim in back shaped same as front, but a trifle narrower. Finished with beautiful lining to match.

  • The Chateau Cut-Out Shoe 1922 The Chateau Cut Out Shoe
    Price: $3.98

    The season's smartest cut out design in novelty footwear. This model comes in patent leather with red trimmings and shapely Spanish heel, making a pleasing combination that you will find only in higher grade shoes.

  • Chic Turban Hat 1922 Chic Turban Hat
    Price: $1.98

    A remarkable bargain. The entire outer brim of this chic turban is made of good quality krimerette, a material which closely resembles genuine krimer fur. Soft crown and inner brim of fine smooth felt. Dashing quill of celluloid.

  • Chin Chin Style Hat 1922 Chin Chin Style Hat
    Price: $3.98

    Fancy, yet not too elaborately trimmed. Can be worn with either a dress or suit. Popular Chin-Chin style in fairly large size, of good grade silk faced velvet. Good quality grosgrain ribbon for loops and tailored crown band. Silk lined. Choose from navy blue and bright red, dark brown and sand color, or solid black.

  • Dainty Moccasins 1922 Dainty Moccasins
    Price: $1.59

    A trio of dainty colored moccasins that we know will please you. A strikingly pretty effect is produced by the use of contrasting color ribbon trim with the high colored felt uppers and pompons. A beautiful boudoir or lounging slipper, made with padded leather sole. Choose from Nell rose, Emerald green, or Canary.

  • Distinctive Poke Hat 1922 Distinctive Poke Hat
    Price: $3.69

    Charming poke shape in distinctive and youthful style. Very fine quality silk faced velvet, with draped crown. Brim is trifle wider at sides with stylish short back. Fine grade moire taffeta silk ribbon trim.

  • Feather Turban 1922 Feather Turban
    Price: $3.95

    An exceptional opportunity. Handmade with good quality feathers, securely placed, and trimmed across back with fluffy ostrich. Turbans with broad side lines are becoming to most any type. Finished with silk lining. Choose from bright red with pearl gray, dark brown with tangerine, solid periwinkle, or solid black.

  • Green Juliet Slipper 1922 Green Juliet Slipper
    Price: $1.89

    A very popular Juliet, made of dark green felt luxuriously trimmed with rich dark brown soft fur collar. Dainty pompon to match the upper. Has durable and flexible leather sole.

  • Hi-Cut Work Boot 1922 Hi-Cut Work Boot
    Price: $7.25

    A very handsome, smoke colored, fancy stitched Hi-Cut boot. It is about 15 inches high and, aside from being very good looking, it is built to give lots of wear. The uppers are soft full chrome "Elk" leather and the heavy soles are oak tanned leather. This shoe is a great bargain at this price.

  • Indian Moccasin 1922 Indian Moccasin
    Price: 98 cents

    Beautifully designed Indian Moccasin. Each number has a fawn felt fringe which gives it an unusually striking appearance. Has a soft padded chrome leather sole.

  • Men's Dress Shoe 1922 Men's Dress Shoe
    Price: $5.45

    This is one of the handsomest styles we have seen for a long time. We know you will like its rich, full grain appearance with the handsome new model tip and the neat perforations on the vamp and quarter. This shoe is first quality throughout with its good oak tanned medium weight sole, its springy rubber heel and its rich mahogany colored uppers. It is a high grade shoe and, of course, a Goodyear welt.

  • Men's Hat 1922 Men's Hat
    Price: $3.48

    A new distinctive style for the well dressed man. Made of fine quality fur felt. Satin lining. Choose from seal brown or black.

  • Russian Boot 1922 Russian Boot
    Price: $4.98

    If you were to walk down Fifth Avenue today you'd find the most fashionable women of the most fashionable city wearing the beautiful new Russian boot. It's the "last word" in footwear style, and the model we have selected is an unusually charming one. Note the graceful lines and see how striking is the contrast between the patent leather and gray suede. All the stitching is in red, and that, of course, adds to the "chic" appearance of this boot.

  • Sailor Hat 1922 Sailor Hat
    Price: $1.98

    Becoming straight brim sailor, a mighty good looking low priced hat. Has glossy pressed zibeline plush crown and top brim with long napped plush underbrim. Wide cut edge grosgrain ribbon, tailored finish. Choose from black, dark brown, or navy blue.

  • Tam Hat 1922 Tam Hat
    Price: $1.45

    A great tam and a wonderful bargain. Made of a new rich looking long nap lustrous cloth. Splendid wearing and of good appearance. Crown band of cut edge grosgrain ribbon. Elastic insert in headband gives perfect fit.

  • The Flapper Shoe 1922 The Flapper Shoe
    Price: $3.25

    This is the shoe you have been waiting for! The most popular model in recent years combining style and comfort. Comes in patent or brown leather with low rubber heel.

  • The Ultra Shoe 1922 The Ultra Shoe
    Price: $4.98

    Women's high grade light brown suede. The new style blucher effect with patent leather straps and tip make all that is to be desired by stylish dressers.

  • Twylite Grecian Slipper 1922 Twylite Grecian Slipper
    Price: $2.98

    Women's black satin Grecian slipper of unusual beauty. Very appropriate for dress and street wear. The junior French heel gives it a very graceful and smart looking appearance.

  • Tricorn Striped Hat 1922 Tricorn Striped Hat
    Price: $5.98

    Something very different and expressly smart, slightly tricorn in shape. Made of high grade quality silk Lyons velvet, with alternative inserts across front of gros de londre silk (a high grade taffeta). Smart bow of velvet faced also in gros de londre. A snug fitting turban, yet, because of its wider sides, will become the larger featured type as well. Gorgeous satin lining in color to match.

  • Trooper Style Hat 1922 Trooper Style Hat
    Price: $2.95

    Men's Trooper Style Fur Felt Hat. Choose from black, seal brown, or medium gray.