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1921 Vintage 1920's Fashions including Frocks, Dresses, Capes, Blouses, and Skirts

Fashion Clothing From the year 1921 including prices, descriptions and pictures Examples include Skirts and Dresses The prices shown for these Fashion Clothing are the price they were sold for in 1921 not today

  • Canton Crepe Dress 1921 Canton Crepe Dress
    Price: $13.95

    Pretty and tastefully applied trimming combined with rich lustrous material make this latest New York style appropriate for any occasion. Fashioned of all silk canton crepes in our usual good quality, which we know from long experience will give the service you expect. Bonaz embroidery is used in novel fashion on waist, skirt and sleeves, which are in the new puff design. Skirt of generous sweep is gathered at waistline with elastic girdle. Crushed sash ties in wide bow in back. Closes at left front. Choose from black with red trimming or black with green trimming.

  • Georgette Crepe Blouse 1921 Georgette Crepe Blouse
    Price: $5.98

    A very dressy Blouse and one that will appeal to the most conservative woman. Made of good quality silk Georgette. The collar, cuffs and front panel are effectively trimmed with silk Georgette in contrasting color. Front is also trimmed with hand embroidery, as pictured. Blouse slips on over the head and is held in place at each side with Georgette sashes.

  • Japanese Crepe Frock

    Wool Knitted Cape 1921 Wool Knitted Cape
    Price: $6.98

    One of those exceptional styles created for women who want individuality in wearing apparel and still are influenced by price. This ultra-fashionable all wool knitted Cape in an accordion plaited design has becoming collar and facings of furry looking brushed wool in contrasting color. It is one of the very newest modes and gives you the light weight freedom you like with the warmth you need. Comes in brown and tan or navy blue and white.

  • Wool Serge Suit 1921 Wool Serge Suit
    Price: $22.75

    Standard conservative model. Oswego serge has a fine even twill, is of medium heavy weight and is famous for its fine appearance, exceptionally long wear and shape retaining qualities. Coats have imported de luxe Venetian lining, a strong material that looks and feels like satin, but will wear much better. Trousers have plain bottoms. Excellent workmanship and trimmings throughout. Choose from navy blue, dark brown or dark gray.

1921 Dresses, Skirts and Blouses

Women's Fashion Clothing Examples From this Year

  • Blue Stout Dress 1921 Blue Stout Dress
    Price: $22.95

    Here is a beautiful dress for the woman of stout figure. It is a new model for Spring and Summer and an approved Fifth Avenue style, offered at a real money saving price. Material is all silk Georgette crepe. We have used a good, thoroughly reliable grade that we know will please you. A rich finish is given by the lustrous beading on waist, cuffs and tunic. Bouquet of cloth flowers on crushed girdle adds a dainty touch of color. Choose from navy blue or black.

  • Gingham Middy and Skirt 1921 Gingham Middy and Skirt
    Price: $2.29

    The two-piece middy style is very convenient for sport, outing, street or general utility wear. The material is gingham, our Standard Quality Middy can be worn plain or in popular cuff bottom effect and can be used separate from the skirt if desired. Choose from tan middy with red check trimming and skirt or tan middy with Copenhagen blue check trimming and skirt.

  • Gingham House Dress 1921 Gingham House Dress
    Price: $2.69

    One of the most attractive House Dresses we have seen this season. Well adaptable for street or house wear. Has pique faced collar, cuffs, and pockets. The pique front is trimmed with an elaborate display or pearl buttons to match those on pockets. Popular one-piece style, easy to launder. Choose from blue check, black check, or pink check.

  • Girls Spring Dress 1921 Girls Spring Dress
    Price: $2.79

    Dress of printed figured organdie in a new and original pattern. Washable and ideal for Spring and Summer. Collar, cuffs and pockets of organdie in shade to match, smartly trimmed with hand button-hole stitching and lacing with silk ribbon. Sash ties in bow. Invisible back closing. Choose from lavender or Copenhagen blue.

  • Intermediate Voile Dress 1921 Intermediate Voile Dress
    Price: $5.98

    Intermediate dress of cotton voile. A feature is the hand drawn work and embroidery on waist front. Invisible back closings. Choose from white, Copenhagen blue, or rose.

  • Juniors Organdie Dress 1921 Juniors Organdie Dress
    Price: $3.98

    Junior dress of printed organdie. Plain color organdie trimming. Invisible front closing. Choose from flame, blue, or green.

  • Khaki Riding Suit 1921 Khaki Riding Suit
    Price: $7.27

    Two-piece riding our outing suit made of good grade olive tan cotton khaki cloth. Outing coat has a convertible corduroy collar, three-button adjustable belt, also four patch pockets. The breeches are well proportioned throughout and have the straight outside leg seam. Pockets at sides are trimmed with buttons and buttonholes. Leg is finished off at bottom with eyelets and fastens with laces.

  • Ladies Fashion Suit 1921 Ladies Fashion Suit
    Price: $13.98

    The ultra-fashionable box coat relies for its charm upon the skillful application of artificial silk braid and braid covered buttons. Neat workmanship, such as our standard requires, is apparent throughout the price is so low that no woman need be without a new Spring suit. Fancy tussah lining. Tailored skirt has piped pockets and is gathered at back under belt.

  • Men's Shirts 1921 Men's Shirts
    Price: $1.79 - $2.39

    Made of a fine quality woven corded madras in popular fancy patterns. Made coat style with soft double cuffs. A very dressy shirt for every man. Trimmed with pearl buttons. Collar and tie not included.

  • Men's Nation-Alls 1921 Men's Nation-Alls
    Price: $2.29 - $2.48

    These garments are made of medium heavy weight materials, as listed. Full cut over large, roomy patterns and will not bind at shoulders. Seams are triple stitched with heavy thread, and all points of strain are reinforced. Made with fly front which covers buttons, and side openings which give access to clothing worn underneath. Has seven pockets. Choose from indigo blue double and twist denim or khaki twill.

  • Men's Trousers 1921 Men's Trousers
    Price: $3.79 - $4.65

    Graceful hanging, well proportioned and well made, these trousers will fully measure up to all that you expect of them. Have harmonizing pencil stripes about a quarter inch apart. Firmly woven, medium weight and strongly sewed. Just the kind of trousers young men want, as they embody style combined with attractive patterns and excellent workmanship. Unusually fin values.

  • Organdie Dress 1921 Organdie Dress
    Price: $6.48

    Light and airy as the Spring is this stunning Organdie dress. It is in the height of fashion and selected by our New York style organization because it offered more than usual for the money. The elaborate and beautiful embroidery displayed on waist and skirt front lends uncommon distinction to this model. The collar, finished with neat black velvet tie, the fashionable sleeves and the novel pocket are daintily trimmed with plaited frills of white organdie. Wide sash ties in large bow in back. Skirt of generous sweep is gathered at waistline Choose from rose, blue, or brown.

  • Women's Polo Wool Coat 1921 Women's Polo Wool Coat
    Price: $10.50

    Originality is displayed in the cleverly fashioned flap pockets and raglan sleeves of this very swagger looking Polo coat. The cloth is an all wool soft finish fabric which heretofore has proved so satisfactory to our customers. Inverted plaits add a smart touch to the straight line back. This model, splendid for sport or general wear, may be worn with lapels buttoned high at the neck to insure additional warmth, if desired. This style is priced pleasingly low and the value will surprise you. Choose from tan or brown.

  • Wool Chiffon Panama Dress 1921 Wool Chiffon Panama Dress
    Price: $5.98

    The material is all wool chiffon Panama, which adapts itself so well to skirts and drapes itself gracefully on the figure. The ravishing embroidery, handsomely carried out in gray and henna artificial silk machine work, is far more effective even than handwork. The model is box and knife plaited all around, flares gracefully and has button trimmed belt.

  • Regatta Blouse 1921 Regatta Blouse
    Price: $2.29 - $2.48

    This popular co-ed middy is made of Lonsdale jean cloth. Collar and two-button non-rip placket cuffs trimmed with braid. This middy can be worn with middy band down. Choose from all white, white with blue collar and cuffs, or white with red collar and cuffs.

  • Silk Crepe Blouse 1921 Silk Crepe Blouse
    Price: $3.79

    An extremely stylish and dressy all silk Crepe de Chine slip-on over-blouse at a surprisingly low price. Front is handsomely embroidered with chenille in pleasing color combinations. Choose from navy blue, bisque tan, white, or flesh colors.

  • Silk Taffeta Dress 1921 Silk Taffeta Dress
    Price: $10.95

    A dressy little frock of good quality all silk taffeta, appropriate for most any function. The price asked is remarkably low for a garment of this quality. The striking feature of this dress is the beautiful embroidery in an exclusive Egyptian design, which is applied very artistically. Vestee of contrasting color silk crepe de chine extending just below the belt, gives the so much desired long waisted effect. Small metal buttons are used as a finishing touch. Invisible front closing.

  • Young Men's Suits 1921 Young Men's Suits
    Price: $19.95 - $22.45

    Dark gray or dark green mixture all wool cassimere in this style, a model that is always in good taste. Nothing fancy about it, but thoroughly up to date, sensible and dressy in every way. Medium weight. Semi-formfitting coat has shapely soft roll half peaked lapels and hook vent in back.

  • Sport and Work Suit 1921 Sport and Work Suit
    Price: $6.48 - $11.75

    Two-piece suit for hiking, riding, camping, motorcycling, and general outdoor wear. Coat is Norfolk style with all around belt and two patch pockets with flap which button. The breeches are reinforced at seat and inner side of legs. They lace at calves, as illustrated above. Usual pockets and belt loops. Well made and strongly sewed throughout.

  • Women's Blouse 1921 Women's Blouse
    Price: $2.48

    This dainty little waist is made of silk Georgette crepe and is very elaborately trimmed with embroidery in harmonizing colors. Choose from navy blue, white, flesh, or bisque tan.

  • Women's Skirt 1921 Women's Prunella Cloth Skirt
    Price: $4.39

    This particularly stunning skirt is fashioned in the popular part wool Prunella cloth, a firmly woven fabric, which is about fifty percent wool and the balance cotton. The pattern is new and beautiful, and a very pleasing effect is produced by the varied color stripes which show when the box plaits open. Belt has button trimming.