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Vintage 1920 Fashion Accessories inc. Hats, Gloves, Shoes, Boots, Bags and Purses

Fashion Accessories From the year 1920 including prices, descriptions and pictures Examples include Shoes, Boots Brown Cabretta Kid Shoe, Womens Military Heel Oxford, Stylish gray cabretta boot, Mens Work Shoes, 1920's Caps and Ladies Hats and Hair Pieces Check Cap, Corduroy Tam, 1920s Hand made feather toque, Japanese Panama Hat, Rolling Brim Sailor Hat, Silk tassel Satin Hat, 1920's National Bob Hair Piece, Ear Puffs Hair Piece The prices shown for these Ladies Clothing Accessories are the price they were sold for in 1920 not today

  • 1920s National Bob Hair Piece 1920s National Bob Hair Piece
    Price $3.95 - $5.95
    Dame fashion never tires of inventing new ways to dress your hair attractively, and she claims that bobbed hair is a style that is fast achieve becoming popular. However, you need not cut off your own hair to achieve this charming effect. Wear the National Bob and see how much it adds to your attractiveness, style and youth. The Bob consists of soft curls and puffs of genuine first quality human hair attached to a velvet ribbon band which snaps securely and comfortably around the head. Your own hair is concealed underneath the artistic curling, giving the effect of short hair cut by a master hand. All shades except gray. Choose from superfine quality hair at $3.95 or the finest first quality convent hair at $5.95.
  • 1920s Hand made feather toque Hand made feather toque
    Price $4.98
    Always a favorite for year round wear is this hand made feather toque. The feather wing of self color is placed at a smart angle. Colors come in brown, black, navy, or dark gray.
  • Black Leather Pocketbook Black Leather Pocketbook
    Price $1.19
    Black leather pocketbook with three compartments--one on the metal frame. Has a leather lined flap and a back strap handle.

  • Brown Cabretta Shoe Brown Cabretta Shoe
    Price $3.98
    Women's brown cabretta kid two-eyelet tie. Has a Fifth Avenue plain toe last and close trimmed leather sole with a Louis heel. Carefully modeled on attractive lines, it is a popular and attractive shoe that women enjoy wearing.
  • Ladies 1920's Check Cap Ladies 1920's Check Cap
    Price $2.29
    Summer cap of silk and cotton mixture in black and white and green and gold small checks. One-piece top. Snap on canvas visor. Sweatband and lining.
  • Ladies Corduroy Tam Ladies Corduroy Tam
    Price 98 cents
    Very fine quality Corduroy Tam. Made full and trimmed with large straw pompon. Suitable for misses and children. Colors come in rose, blue, or white.
  • Ear Puffs Hair Piece Ear Puffs Hair Piece
    Price $1.98
    A new style that has been adopted by both young and mature women. Small puffs of artistically waved fine quality hair are attached with hairpins at the ears as shown in the picture. An inexpensive aid in securing a smart appearance.
  • Flowered Taffeta Petticoat Flowered Taffeta Petticoat
    Price $1.98
    Flowered cotton taffeta petticoat recommended for durability. Attractive flounce, tucked and ruffled.
  • Rolling Brim Sailor Hat Rolling Brim Sailor Hat
    Price $4.98
    Rolling brim sailor of silk velour. Excellent for sports or dress wear. Silk grosgrain ribbon band around crown, terminating in a large tailored bow with ends at side. Colors come in navy blue, rose, Copen, purple, brown, or taupe.
  • Japanese Panama Hat Japanese Panama Hat
    Price $3.50
    Ideal for hot summer days. Imported Japanese Toyo Panama hat for men or young men, in the always popular telescope drape. Has black grosgrain band and bow.
  • Men's Ties Men's Ties
    Price $1.25
    Three ties for $1.25. Comes in assorted colors, figures and stripes, in silk and cotton mixed and mercerized yarn materials. Quantity limited.
  • Women's brown leather five-eyelet lace Oxford Women's brown leather five-eyelet lace Oxford
    Price $3.69
    Women's brown leather five-eyelet lace Oxford--whole quarter pattern. Has college last, close trimmed leather sole, military heel. It is an Oxford for smart dressers, distinctive and dainty, a real bargain for this sale only.
  • 20's Moire Bag 20's Moire Bag
    Price $1.24
    Handsome silk mixed Moire hand bag mounted on a four and a half inch engraved metal fame, safety lock; mirror and change purse. Colors come in black, navy blue, brown, or taupe.
  • Nickel Handbag Frame Nickel Handbag Frame
    Price 89 cents
    Women who like a new hand bag for Summer will find this ornamented nickel frame in Dutch silver finish very pretty and inexpensive. Perforations for attaching material and has a chain handle. It measures six and a quarter inches across.
  • Satin Hat Satin Hat
    Price $8.98
    New in design is this model of a good quality satin featuring the turned up brim. The full shirred crown is caught at top with button. Silk tassel hangs gracefully over the side. The brim is trimmed with three rows of contrasting grosgrain ribbon in novel effect.
  • Shirt Collars Shirt Collars
    Price 59 cents
    Get three shirt collars for 59 cents. A big collar bargain for men and boys. Get three from a large quantity of white collars, some silk and some cotton at a very low price. These collars retail now at 38 to 50 cents a piece. Come in assorted styles, round, pointed or straight ends.
  • Work Shoe Work Shoe
    Price: $3.98
    A rugged work shoe that is made of soft tan leather, same grade as used in the famous "Home Guard" shoe--two full soles, clinch nailed and sewed. Has solid leather heel with grain leather insole and loop pull strap and backstay. Extremely durable.
  • Ladies 20s Silk Gloves Ladies 20s Silk Gloves
    Price 89 cents - $1.49
    Extra good value in Tricot weave silk gloves--neat embroidered backs with clasp fasteners. Colors come in black, white, brown or gray. Get regular length gloves for 89 cents or elbow-length white silk gloves for $1.49.
  • Stylish Boot Stylish Boot
    Price: $4.98
    Stylish gray cabretta kid boot with imitation straight tip and flexible leather sole. Has leather Louis heel and a trim last.
  • Veal Leather Shoe Veal Leather Shoe
    Price: $5.98
    Comfortable dress shoe made of mahogany brown veal leather. Has blucher lace and is built over the famous "Treadwell" cap toe last. Has solid leather sold, Goodyear welt, and jar-proof rubber heel.