Historical Timelines

What? Are The People History Historical Timelines

The People History historical timelines are timelines created for events and people in modern history from 1920 onwards which include dates, news and facts. Also whenever possible I have included external links to videos or additional resources including news stories related to the event or person featured and Other Research Resources Used.

Why? Create Historical Timelines

When I started researching the first of these events ( Hurricane Katrina for example ) what I found was most timelines were based around a point of view or political standpoint or the timeline was lost in more detailed information making it difficult to find quick dates for specific events.

How? Research Performed

Research tools included
  • Information from The People History gathered for our "This Day In History" and "Years" information
  • Government published information
  • News Stories From Reputable News Publishers
  • Library Books Including Education Related Material
  • Wikipedia and other online encyclopedia's

Who and Events? Are Featured

The events or People featured will include any events or Historical Figures I Believe The People History can provide an additional resource not covered currently on the Internet in a similar way .

When? Will Be Completed

I am afraid the answer to this is similar to "How Long Is A Piece Of String" . What I have already found is it can take up to 6 days to create just one timeline if the information is spread over multiple resources.
A good example was the first timeline I created for Hurricane Katrina where although there is a fantastic number of resources available many were biased and some were factually incorrect which surprised me, when I first started I thought I would be able to complete the Hurricane Katrina timeline with 8 hrs research but in fact spent a little over 36 hours. Taking this as my yardstick and also the number of Events and People I have so far identified this part of the latest "The People History" project could well take 3 yrs research.

Feedback? Please Help

I have tried to include as much factual information as I can and try my best to ensure I check in multiple places. I have also tried to keep my own views of the event or person featured in the timeline under control. Please use our contact form to provide feedback for wrong or missing information which I will amend whenever possible.

Requests? Please Help

Please use our contact form for timelines you believe would be useful.