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U.S. 1918 U.S.A. Spanish Flu Epidemic 28th Sept. 1918 : In the worlds worst flu epidemic ( Spanish Flu called because the first major outbreak causing multiple deaths was in Spain) in history an estimated 30 million people died worldwide. Philadelphia was the hardest hit city in the United States. After the Liberty Loan parade on September 28, thousands of people became infected causing the death of 12,000 in the city

UK 1923 England Schneider Seaplane Cup 28th Sept. 1923 : This years Schneider Seaplane cup held each year along the sea front at Portsmouth England has been won by an American aircraft against the rest of the world in a time of 1hr 12minutes and 45 seconds, the numbers of aircraft competing this year increased yet again and crowds of spectators lined the beaches watching the race.

U.S. 1924 U.S.A. First Round The World Flight 175 days 28th September 1924 : Two U.S. Army planes landed in Seattle, Washington. completing the first round-the-world flight in 175 days. The flight had begun from Seattle On April 6th with three aircraft named "Chicago, Boston, and New Orleans". The Boston came down while crossing the Atlantic. The Chicago flown by ( Lt. Lowell Smith (pilot) and 1st Lt. Leslie Arnold ) and the New Orleans flown by ( Lt. Erik Nelson (pilot) and Lt. Jack Harding. ) completed the journey.
Chicago First Plane To Fly Round The World Public Domain Photo

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UK 1928 England Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin 28th Sept. 1928 : While working at his laboratory at St Mary's Hospital, London Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin by accident when he noticed that many of his culture dishes were contaminated with a fungus that had a positive anti bacterial effect on multiple organisms providing the basic block for the start of modern antibiotics. Many believe that the discovery of penicillin is one of the most important discoveries of the last century.
Alexander Fleming Discovers Penicillin Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1946 U.S.A. Vets learn To Fly / GI Bill Of Rights 28th Sept. 1946 : An ever increasing number of returning World War II vets are learning to fly under the legislation provided by the GI Bill of Rights, with thousands across the country gaining private pilot licenses.

U.S. 1956 U.S.A. Crackdown On Dope 28th Sept. 1956 : A mass crackdown on dope users in New York with the narcotic division carrying out multiple raids across the area and arresting 102 men and women who are now in jail pending charges.

U.S. 1963 U.S.A. Polio Vaccine 28th Sept. 1963 : In one of the biggest undertakings in history against Polio the Sabin oral Polio Vaccine which is taken with a lump of sugar will commence countrywide tomorrow , the vaccine must be kept refrigerated prior to use and requires 6 doses to provide full immunization against the deadly disease.
Early Polio Vaccine Clinic Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1968 U.S.A. Beatles "Hey Jude" 28th Sept. 1968 : The Beatles single HEY JUDE hits the top of the charts, it is over seven minutes long and was the longest song ever to hit No. 1, a record it holds to this day.

UK 1975 UK Spaghetti House Siege In London 28th September 1975 : An armed robbery goes wrong at a Spaghetti House restaurant in Knightsbridge, London, The robbers then take nine staff hostage and demand a plane and safe passage to Jamaica. ( Hostages Released October 3rd )

U.S. 1976 U.S.A. Muhammad Ali 28th Sept. 1976 : Muhammad Ali beats Ken Norton to retain the heavyweight championship of the world at Yankee Stadium today.
 Muhammad Ali  Public Domain Photo

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Vatican 1978 Vatican Pope John Paul I 28th Sept. 1978 : Pope John Paul I died of a heart attack, just 33 days after he was elected pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church..
  Pope John Paul I Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1981 U.S.A. Disability Benefits 28th Sept. 1981 : Up to 38% of all those claiming disability benefits could well be losing those benefits due to the new review of eligibility as part of a federal economy drive, it is believed as many as 500,000 people could lose benefits by the new eligibility rules .

UK 1985 UK Brixton Riots 28th Sept. 1985 : Riots have broken out in the Brixton area of London after a Cherry Groce a suspects mother is shot and injured by accident during a police search of a house in Brixton. Rioters set light to a barricade of cars with petrol bombs and began looting shops in the area.

Iran 1987 Iran US Captures Iranian Mine Layer 28th Sept. 1987 : The US Navy has captured an Iranian ship caught laying mines in the Persian Gulf and released the 26 surviving crewman to Iranian officials and have now blown up the ship ensuring it will not be able to lay further mines in the area.

Sweden 1994 Sweden Estonia Sinks 28th September 1994 : 852 people die when the Car and Passenger Ferry the Estonia sinks in the Baltic

Bosnia and Herzegovina 1995 Bosnia Russian Peace Keeping Force 28th Sept. 1995 : Russian President Boris Yeltsin has offered to put a Russian Peace keeping force in former Yugoslavia working alongside Nato Forces providing NATO stops bombing Serb forces.

U.S. 1995 U.S.A. Self Rule Agreed On West Bank 28th Sept. 1995 : The Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization Yasser Arafat have signed a deal in Washington giving Palestinians Self Rule in the West Bank

Israel 2000 Israel Riots In Jerusalem 28th Sept. 2000 : The hard line Israeli opposition leader Ariel Sharon sparked a riot during a tour of the compound around Al-Aqsa mosque. Soon after the tour began protesters gathered in large numbers hurling stones and other missiles and the Israeli police answered with tear gas and rubber-coated bullets. The site of the Al Aqsa mosque and its compound, is known as Temple Mount to Jews and Haram al Sharif to Muslims, and is sacred to both religions and is the center of controversy over Jerusalem because of it's sacred place in both religions

Italy 2003 Italy Most Of Country Without Power 28th Sept. 2003 : A power outage has blacked out close to 90% of the country of Italy, the power cut left thousands stranded on trains and in elevators. The Italian national grid authority has blamed the blackout on a malfunction of supply lines from France, but Italy does have a long term problem where the growth of demand for power is outstripping supply .

World 2004 World Oil Price Drops At Last 28th Sept. 2004 : The price of a barrel of oil appears to be retreating from it's peak of over $50.00 a barrel bringing some comfort around the world. The price has nearly doubled in a short period bringing concerns over the effect on inflation and the danger of a global recession. Much of the pressure was taken off when the worlds biggest oil exporter agreed to raise production capacity by 1.5 million barrels a day. ( Crude Oil Peaked at $147 in July 2008 Price September 2008 $105 barrel )

Russia 2006 Russia Empress Maria Fyodorvna 28th Sept. 2006 : Empress Maria Fyodorvna was reburied in St. Petersburg as per her last wishes. The empress was the mother of the last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II. After the communist revolution she was exiled and fled to her birthplace, Denmark, she died in 1928.

Iran 2009 Iran Missile Tests 28th Sept. 2009 : The country of Iran successfully tested long-rang missiles amid controversy over the country’s nuclear enrichment program. The missiles have the potential to reach US military bases in the region and Israel.

Guinea 2009 Guinea Human Rights Protesters 28th Sept. 2009 : A human rights group reported that some 157 people were killed in Guinea when troops fired on protesters. The protests drew about 50,000 people who opposed the rumored presidential campaign of Captain Camara. There were also reports that the troops started looting and sexually assaulted women.

Japan 2011 Japan Boeing 787 Dreamliner 28th Sept. 2011 : The first Boeing 787 Dreamliner arrives in Tokyo, Japan, to commence service with All Nippon Airways. The 787 Dreamliner is believed to be the worlds most fuel-efficient airliner and the world's first major airliner to use composite materials

United States 2012 United States President Obama Blocks Chinese Wind Farms
28th September, 2012 : President Obama has blocked a Chinese firm from being able to build wind farms in Oregon because of security concerns. The wind farm projects would be near a naval facility.

2013 China Children Saved in Trafficking Ring

28th September, 2013 : Police in China have saved ninety-two children who were abducted by a suspected trafficking ring. They were holding over three-hundred people who were suspected members of the ring. The operation took place in eleven provinces in the country and was a coordinated effort by police.