September 10th What Happened on the day you were born on This day in History For Those With Birthdays 10th September or looking for specific year these years are Included on this date 1922, 1927, 1930, 1939, 1942, 1948, 1954, 1961, 1963, 1967, 1970, 1973, 1976, 1977, 1980, 1990, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2011, 2012, 2013, Born This Day,

Italy 1961 Italy Italian Grand Prix Accident 10th Sept. 1961 : 14 spectators are killed during the Italian Grand Prix when Baron Wolfgang von Trips driving a Ferrari goes off the track onto a grass-covered embankment filled with spectators.

U.S. 1922 U.S.A. Amount Of Money In Circulation Sunday, 10th Sept. 1922 : The Treasury in Washington has released new figures the per capita circulation of money is now $39.93 per person down from $42.99 one year ago. .
The total money in circulation is $4,393,506,927 and the total number of people in the US is 110,017,000
The total US dollars believed to be in circulation today is $700 billion
Current US Population 301,139,947

U.S. 1927 U.S.A. Laws To Stop Novice Fliers Killing Themselves 10th September 1927 : As the number of Trans Atlantic stunt fliers increases with a larger number lost each month , currently the odds of completing the trip are about 1 in 2 but as more fliers with less experience attempting to cross the Atlantic the number of casualties will continue to grow. It is believed the Governments around the world including the US will put laws in place to stop this foolhardiness. Maybe they will include a pilots license needed to fly a plane.
Early Biplane Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1930 U.S.A. "Scarface" Al Capone 10th Sept. 1930 : "Scarface" Al Capone has taken former rivals into partnership with him to form a giant Co-Operative organization to control the Beer, Vice and Gambling Industries in Chicago. The Syndicate will be run by a cabinet with each member controlling different areas of the business.
Beer Sales
Beer Running
War on those outside the Cabinet

Scar Face Al Capone Public Domain Photo

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Canada 1939 Canada Declares War On Germany 10th Sept. 1939 : Canada joins England and France by declaring war on Germany

U.S. 1942 U.S.A. Gas Rationing US 10th Sept. 1942 : Following similar moves in Europe and the rest of the world President Franklin D. Roosevelt starts gasoline rationing in the U.S. as part of the country's wartime efforts
Lining Up For ration cards World War II Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1948 U.S.A. Gasoline Shortages 10th September 1948 : Although the war has ended there are still Gasoline shortages being reported throughout the country , and it is thought that in the next 12 months these shortages will be over allowing the public to use cars more and the auto industry to provide the pent up demand caused by production stopped during war time to concentrate on the munitions needed to win the war.

Algeria 1954 Algeria Earthquake Rescue Operation 10th Sept. 1954 : French Rescuers starting the task of checking homes in Orleansville have estimated the death toll from yesterdays earthquake at over 1000, but believe it could well be many more as they have not yet managed to reach the nearby village of Vauban 15 miles away due to the roads being unpassable which is completely wiped out with no homes left standing, and three other villages are also believed to be completely destroyed. Most homes in the area are now considered unsafe and large temp camps are being set up.

UK 1963 UK American Express 10th Sept. 1963 : American Express one of the worlds largest banking companies is following Diners Club and introducing credit cards in Britain, American Express Card holders can buy purchases through the month and they are billed at the end of each month when all outstanding balances must be settled. Visa cards were not introduced in the UK until the Eighties.

Gibralta 1967 Gibraltar Votes Against Becoming Part Of Spain 10th Sept. 1967 : Gibraltar votes in favor of staying British by 12,138 to 44 against becoming part of Spain.
Rock Of Gibraltar  Public Domain Photo

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U.S. 1970 U.S.A. Import Duties Enforced 10th Sept. 1970 : The Nixon administration is to enforce a 49 year old import duty law to stop the dumping of foreign goods on American Soil by increasing the import tax paid on those goods to enter the United States .The 1921 Anti dumping Act provides for penalty duties on foreign goods found to be damaging American Industry.

UK 1973 UK British Mainline Stations Bombed 10th September 1973 : Two British Mainline Stations Bombed at King's Cross and Euston station injuring 13. The IRA has claimed responsibility and this is part of the current bombing campaign in the last few weeks which have included the Manchester city center bombing and Victoria station in London.
Kings Cross Emergency Services  Public Domain Photo

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Yugoslavia 1976 Yugoslavia Passenger Jets Collide 10th Sept. 1976 : Two passenger jets collide over Zagreb due to errors by air traffic controllers, British Airways Flight 476 and an Inex charter airline flight causing the loss of 176 .

France What Else Happened In 1977 France Guillotine 10th Sept. 1977 : The last person to be executed by guillotine is a Tunisian immigrant convicted of murder.
Guillotine  Public Domain Photo

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Australia 1980 Australia Gold Rush 10th Sept. 1980 : A new gold rush has started in the Australian outback after two aborigines dug up gold nuggets ranging in size from a marble to a cigarette packet. The gold mine is located about 500 miles northeast of Perth.

South Africa 1990 South Africa Township Violence 10th Sept. 1990 : The continued violence in South African townships between rival factions and with the police has led to the death of 55 in the last 7 days including a number in Soweto.

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Iceland 1998 Iceland Free Willy Star Goes Back To Iceland 10th Sept. 1998 : The star of the Free Willy movies ( Keiko ) an orca (or killer whale) is back in Iceland where he was captured from in 1979. Keiko has been taken back to Iceland to see if he can adapt back to life in the ocean after Warner Brothers Studio and Craig McCaw set up a foundation plus thousands of children from around the world donated money to the the Free Willy Keiko Foundation. Part of the acclimatization back to the wild included supervised swims in the open ocean and on one such supervised swim on July 11th 2002 Keiko swam off and was not seen again until he turned up in September nearly 1,000 miles away on the coast of Norway. In 2003 having never fully adapted back to life in the wild Keiko died from pneumonia in a Norwegian Fjord aged 27.
Orca Whales Jumping  Public Domain Photo

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Space 2000 Space Space shuttle Atlantis docks with International Space Station 10th September 2000 : The space shuttle Atlantis which blasted off on 7th September with 5 US astronauts and 2 Soviet cosmonauts has docked with the International Space Station for preparations for its first long-stay inhabitants, due to arrive at the beginning of November.
 Space shuttle Atlantis docks with International Space Station MIR  Public Domain Photo

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Switzerland 2002 Switzerland Joins UN 10th Sept. 2002 : Switzerland joins United Nations becoming the 190th member.
 UN General Assembly  Public Domain Photo

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United States 2007 United States Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate 10th Sept. 2007 : Democratic presidential candidates held the first debate to be in Spanish on television. The questions and answers were translated back and forth and the debate addressed issues important to Hispanic voters such as immigration and Latin American relations. The debate was broadcast on Univision.

United States 2007 United States Jane Wyman 10th Sept. 2007 : Jane Wyman, Academy Award winning actress and former wife of former President Ronald Reagan, passed away at the age of ninety.

Tanzania 2011 Tanzania Ferry Sinks Off Zanzibar Island 10th September, 2011 : At least 187 people died after a ferry carrying 800 people sunk off the coast of the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. The boat reportedly capsized after suffering a power failure while crossing between islands during the night. A total of 620 people had been rescued while crews tried to recover the rest of the missing passengers.

United States 2011 United States U.S. President Barack Obama declares a state of emergency in Texas 10th Sept. 2007 : President Barack Obama declares a state of emergency in the state of Texas, amid wildfires that have already destroyed at least 1,300 homes

United States 2012 United States Serena Williams Wins US Open
10th September, 2012 : Serena Williams beat Victoria Azarenka to win her fourth US Open title and fifteenth Grand Slam singles title. She also became the first woman over thirty to win the US Open since Martina Navratilova won in 1987.

United States
2013 United States Toyota Issues Recall

10th September, 2013 : Toyota issues a second recall on over 700,000 vehicles that had previously recalled only a year before. The models that were effected were the 2006 to 2011 Toyota RAV4 and the 2005 to 2010 Lexus HS 250h. The issue that prompted the recall was a rusty suspension.