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Personalized Year In History Coffee Mugs and Year In History Birthday Prints
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These Taking You Back In Time Prints are ideal for Birthdays / Wedding Anniversaries and other special events

These prints have now been moved to our Blog The People History Blog they work in the same way find the decade using the Labels at the side of the blog and open that page the prints will be seen as small click on the year and they will open the print in a new window, then save it to your computer and use it like any other image or photograph

I would like to thank my youngest daughter Zoe for spending many hours of her summer break creating these new prints with improved graphics resolution and better designs

8 1/2 in X 11 in History Prints covering each year from 1920 - 2010

The 8 1/2 in X 11 in Print / Posters which include news, events, prices and popular culture covering each year from 1920 to 2010 are ideal to use for Special Birthdays, Anniversaries or Christmas Gifts for Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and Parents. Family Get Togethers, Wedding Anniversaries and High School reunions or just as Conversations Pieces. They are free for public use.
If you have a graphics package on your computer you can also add your photos or special message. All work on this page created by The People History is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Please Check out ourFAQ Section for commonly asked Questions and Answers.

We hope you have found the the printable versions of the years we have created Useful, we will try to add additional public domain images over the next 12 months, >>>> Steve Webmaster of The People History
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Saving Poster To Local PC
  • How do I save Poster On My Own PC ?
    Saving the poster depends on which Browser you are using
    Internet Explorer --- Place cursor over the poster right click mouse and choose "Save Picture As"
    Firefox ---- Place Cursor Over Poster right click mouse and choose "Save Image As"
    Google Chrome ---- Place Cursor Over Poster right click mouse and choose "Save Image As"
2. Printing
  • How do I print the poster
    Printing the poster depends on the version of Windows or Apple you are using
  • The best way of checking is to just double click the image you have down loaded and your computer should open the default programme that will allow you to print, print settings will depend on your printer ( To obtain the best quality print choose Landscape, Fit To Paper Size, and best print quality ( I normally print on lowest quality print and if it all seems OK then choose best quality on Photo Paper -- Saves Ink Until I am happy that it as I want It. )
3. Editing Posters
  • How Can I add my own stuff to poster ?
    As part of the new design we have created a little more space around the prints which allows you to add a message, E.G. "Happy Birthday" and making it easier to Add your own photgraphs or additional information to our posters, You are welcome to add family photographs or other information to our posters using any graphics application you have and feel comfortable with, so you might want to add photographs round the edge of the poster with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, the only limit is your knowledge of your favorite graphics application. One of the many free Graphics Applications Is Picasa From Google which you can install for free on your local computer, there are versions for nearly all computers including Windows and Apple and if no download version for your computer you can use the online version.
4. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License
  • What Does Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Mean ?
    We wanted as many people to be able to access, print and share our posters as possible, so we made them free, the license means basically you can do what you want to the posters but please leave the original copy write notice giving us the credit for creating the posters for the good of all, If you wish to display our poster on a website, blog, profile etc. please put a link to our page where you got the copy from originally.
5. Information Missing From Poster
  • Why are certain facts and Information Left Out from Posters ?
    It is difficult to find the best balance between including the most important events, prices etc. for any year without including so much it becomes so small you can read none of it, these posters are The People History's attempt to create the best balance between what is and is not included for a poster that will print out on an 8 1/2 in X 11 in page
6. Why Mostly America
  • Why is most of the info and prices American ?
    I live in the United States and When I created "The People History" I spent thousands of hours in the library looking at old newspapers adds etc to find the information included, before I created "The People History" the information did not exist on the Internet . I have tried to include as much world news as possible but because I used old US Newspapers going back more than 75 years to find prices etc. they are US based.
7. Why Have You Added Those horrible Watermarks ?
Because the prints were copied from my site and all reference to "The People History" was removed and I have been forced to seek legal help to have them removed from offenders website, If you would like a print without watermarks, please use our Personalized Prints which are our original PDF's and include Personalized Message, Photograph if Required with no watermarks delivered via E-Mail

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My Mom's will love this! Thanks for offering it! Great trivia and information!

thank you so much using for our friends 50th wedding anniversary on March 18th

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thank you I will use this at my class reunion. Essex agricultural and Technical High School In Hathorne Ma. AKA Danvers

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my uncle is celebrating his 90th birthday and i printed this out for him.

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this will be great for our class 40th reunion

We have now completed all years from 1920 to 2001 of printable posters which are ideal for birthdays anniversaries, Family reunions and School Reunions you can also save the image to your local PC and add something special ) .
81 years completed ideal for Free yearly posters ideal for Birthdays, Anniversaries and family and school reunions