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What do you know or remember from the Sports over the last 100 years
All the questions in our quizzes are taken from information on The People History
Question 1
1. One of the greatest Hockey players of all time, Wayne Gretzky, played for what team in the 1980s?

Question 2
2. Muhammad Ali retired from boxing in 1981, what was his career record?

Question 3
3. In what year were the first Wimbledon Tennis Championships held in England?

Question 4
4. The first World Cup for Soccer (Football) was held in which country in 1930?

Question 5
5. The Olympic Games were not held during which three years, for what reason?

Question 6
6. Pelé, the Brazilian Soccer King, joined which North American Soccer League team in 1975?

Question 7
7. Babe Ruth began his baseball career for the Boston Red Sox in what year, playing which position?

Question 8
8. In what year did Tiger Woods begin his professional golf career?

Question 9
9. The 1968 Winter Olympics were held in which French city?

Question 10
10. US Figure Skater Tonya Harding won the National Figure Skating championship in 1994 but was stripped of her title for attacking who?

Question 11
11. What three nations were the original members of the "Imperial Cricket Council", now known as the International Cricket Council?

Question 12
12. The first Super Bowl was played between which two teams and who won in 1967?

Question 13
13. Which golfer completed the only single-season Grand Slam by winning the U.S. Open, the British Open, the U.S. Amateur Championship and the British Amateur Championship in 1930?

Question 14
14. What was the name of the horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973, to be the first winner in 25 years?

Question 15
15. The 1984 Winter Olympics were held where and in what country? (Hint: The country no longer exists today)

Question 16
16. In 1952, the first Zamboni to be used in an NHL game was used at a game between which two teams?

Question 17
17. Which gymnast won three gold medals with seven perfect scores at the 1976 Montreal Olympics?

Question 18
18. In 1997, Tiger Woods became the youngest golfer at the time to win the Masters, how old was he?

Question 19
19. In what year was the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for car racing built?

Question 20
20. The game of basketball was created in 1891 by whom?

Question 21
21. In what year were the Winter Olympics first separated from the Summer Olympics?

Question 22
22. In what tournament were the first red and yellow card systems for Soccer (Football) introduced?

Question 23
23. In 1988, where were the Summer Olympics held that year?

Question 24
24. In what year was the Rugby Football Union formed in London?

Question 25
25. In what year were women first allowed to participate in the modern Olympic games?

Sections on our sports section include History of Major League Baseball, Basketball, Association Football (Soccer), Football ( American ), Ice Hockey and Golf
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Answers for those without Javascript enabled
1. Edmonton Oilers 2. 55 wins, 5 defeats 3. 1877 4. Uruguay 5. 1916, 1940, 1944, World Wars I and II 6. New York Cosmos 7. 1914, Pitcher 8. 1996 9. Grenoble 10. Nancy Kerrigan, rival figure skater 11. England, Australia, South Africa 12. The Green Bay Packers and The Kansas City Chiefs, Packers won 35-10 13. Bobby Jones 14. Secretariat 15. Sarajevo, Yugoslavia 16. Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens 17. Nadia Comaneci 18. 21 years old 19. 1909 20. Dr. James Naismith 21. 1994, Held in Lillehammer, Norway 22. 1968 Olympic Tournament 23. Seoul, South Korea 24. 1871 25. 1900 at the Paris Olympics