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U.S. 1929 U.S.A. Stock Market Crash 29th October, 1929 : The Stock Market Crash on Black Tuesday on the New York Stock Exchange . Billions of dollars were lost, wiping out thousands of investors, and stock tickers ran hours behind because the machinery could not handle the tremendous volume of trading. Partly due to the crash America and the rest of the industrialized world spiraled downward into the Great Depression of the 1930's . Some of the closing prices from that day are listed below
US Steel 175
Westinghouse Electric 125
American Telephone 220
American Can 119

U.S. 1921 U.S.A. Tuberculosis Saturday, Oct. 29th, 1921 : Clinics are being opened in many cities across the country in an attempt to discover the number of cases of incipient tuberculosis, from the results so far the numbers are much higher than first thought and in some areas as many as 80% of those going for tests are infected.

U.S. 1923 Turkey Republic Of Turkey Created Oct. 29th, 1923 : The Treaty of Lausanne of July 24th leads to the creation of the "Republic of Turkey" and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk becomes it's first President

Brazil 1927 Brazil Italian Liner Mafalda Sinks Oct. 29th, 1927 : As more of the passengers rescued from the Italian Liner Mafalda are being bought to Rio De Janeiro tales of steerage passengers and stewards looting passengers and a wild scramble to the lifeboats with fights occurring on the lifeboats . As the ship was sinking a call was made for women and children from first class to board the lifeboats but steerage immigrants and the ships stokers rushed the lifeboats leaving the ship in chaos and 3 of the lifeboats overturned. Charges that the lifeboats onboard could only carry 500 of the total 1286 on board led to the panic. Currently 331 are still missing presumed dead as the waters where the ship went down is heavily infested with sharks who were taking people as they entered the water. Shortly before the ships departure engineers at Genoa had declared the ship unsafe.

UK 1942 World War II Rommel 29th October, 1942 : The push against Rommel forces by the 8th Army in North Africa continues to gain ground as heavy losses are inflicted on Rommels Tank's by the British army and American Fighter Pilots are pounding the supply lines to stop the enemy from getting much needed reinforcements.
General Erwin Rommel or the Desert Fox Public Domain Photo
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U.S. 1948 U.S.A. Deadly Smog Oct. 29th, 1948 : A poison cloud of deadly smog settles on Donora Pennsylvania causing the deaths of 19 and hospitalization of 50, the poison in the cloud was caused by a local company which was smelting Zinc causing it to combine with the smog.

Egypt 1956 Middle East Israel Invades Egypt Oct. 29th, 1956 : After Egypt nationalises the Suez Canal Israel invades Egypt causing the start of the Suez Crisis .

U.S. 1964 U.S.A. The Star of India 29th October, 1964 : The Star of India ( 563.35 carat (112.67 g) star sapphire ) and the Eagle Diamond ( 16.25 carat discovered in Eagle Wisconsin ) are stolen from the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The Star of India is later recovered but the Eagle Diamond is never found.
Star Of India Saphire Public Domain Photo
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U.S. 1967 U.S.A. Hair Opens Oct. 29th, 1967 : Hair Opens at The Shakespeare Public Theater in New York City and runs from October 29, 1967 - December 10, 1967. Hair was the first musical based on long-haired, peace-loving, freewheeling hippy era. The show struggled to find a longer term home but in 1968 The show opened on Broadway at the Biltmore Theater on April 29th, 1968. and ran for 4 yrs with 1,742 performances.

UK 1967 UK Jack McVitie Oct. 29th, 1967 : Jack McVitie the notorious London drug dealer and hitman is murdered by Reggie Kray. Reggie Kray was found guilty of the murder in 1969 and received life imprisonment.

U.S. 1969 U.S.A. ARPANET 29th October, 1969 : The first host-to-host connection over the ARPANET ( predecessor of the Internet ) is made when the first message is sent between two computers at University of California, Los Angeles

Spain 1975 Spain Franco Resigns Oct. 29th, 1975 : Following a long term illness Franco resigns as head of state after ruling the country for 36 years, Prince Juan Carlos will become the first King of Spain for 44 years since the Spanish Civil War.
Franco Public Domain Photo

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Australia 1982 Australia Dingo took Baby Case Oct. 29th, 1982 : Lindy Chamberlain found guilty of the murder of her 9 week old daughter after a jury dismissed her claim that a dingo took the baby.

Netherlands 1983 Netherlands Cruise Missile Demonstrations 29th October, 1983 : The largest mass demonstration in Dutch history when 500,000 people demonstrate against against the deployment of cruise missiles on Netherland soil.
Cruise Missile Domain Photo

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UK 1986 UK M25 Completed Oct. 29th, 1986 : The final stretch of the M25 motorway is opened by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. The M25 circles Greater London from Dartford Crossing A282 to Dartford Crossing A282 ( Which provides the link across the River Thames ).
M25 Outer London Motorway Domain Photo

Honduras 1998 Honduras Hurricane Mitch 29th October, 1998 : Hurricane Mitch strikes Honduras, although by the time is struck Honduras it had decreased significantly from a Catagory 5 hurricane, it is one of the most deadly hurricanes on record due to it's slow speed accross the country and severe rainfalls. Because of the rainfall ( with reports of 3 to 6ft of rain ) flooding and landslides never seen before make it the second deadliest Atlantic hurricane in history when over 11,000 people are killed in Honduras and Nicaragua.

South Africa 1998 South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission Oct. 29th, 1998 : The Truth and Reconciliation Commission which was to "was to uncover the truth about past abuse, using amnesty as a means of allowing perpetrators of crimes relating to human rights violations, to appologise rather than to be punished past crimes". The commision presented its report on this day in history which condemned both sides for committing atrocities

India 1999 India Cyclone 29th October, 1999 : A cyclone with winds up to 160MPH sweeps through the state of Orissa in eastern India leaving thousands more homeless after a tidal wave runs across the low lying plains along the coast.

Vietnam 2002 Vietnam Deadly Fire Oct. 29th, 2002 : A deadly fire at the International Trade Centre in Ho Chi Minh City a modern state of the art Mall containing 400 stores and restaurants in the southern commercial center of the country claims the lives of 60 and injured a further 100

European Union 2004 Italy European Constitution 29th October, 2004 : The European Constitution is established when 25 European heads of state sign the Treaty in Rome. The treaty required each member state to ratify before becoming law but French and Dutch voters rejected the treaty in referendums and the treaty is not implemented.

India 2005 India Terrorist Bombs Oct. 29th, 2005 : Three terrorist bombs explode in crowded marketplace bazaars within minutes of each other, killing at least 61 people.

Argentina 2007 Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner 29th October, 2007 : Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner ( Justicialist Party ) becomes the first elected female President of Argentina. Isabel Perón was the first female President of Argentina ( after the death of her husband Juan Perón ) but not through election.
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United States 2008 United States Federal Reserve reduced to 1% Oct. 29th, 2008 : The Federal Reserve has cut its key interest rate for the second time in the last month from 2.0% to 1.5% and now to 1.0% in a widely expected move, as it aims to avoid a possible US recession. It is expected other central banks around the world will follow.

China 2011 China Blast Kills Miners Oct. 29th, 2011 : An explosion at a the Xialiuchong coal mine killed twenty-nine miners and injured another six. The mine was located in Southern China's Hunan province.

2012 Egypt

Oct. 29th, 2012 : A council of Egyptian Copts have chosen their candidates to succeed Pope Shenouda III who had died earlier in the year. The three candidates, two bishops and monk, will have their names placed in a box on an alter where a blindfolded child will choose one of the names to become the new Coptic Christian pope on November 4th .

2013 Turkey Tunnel Links Europe and Asia

29th October, 2013 : The Marmaray sub-sea tunnel was officialy opened in Turkey. The tunnel was built to link Europe and Asia through the Bosphorus Strait. It is the first tunnel to connect two continents together and it was built with the intention to withstand damage from earthquakes.