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Iceland 1973 Iceland Cod Wars 15th October, 1973 : The Iceland Foreign Secretary has announced that Iceland is taking it's case against Great Britain in the current Cod War to the UN General Assembly in October in an attempt to settle the ongoing dispute.

France 1917 France Mata Hari Oct. 15th, 1917: The exotic dancer Mata Hari is executed by a French firing squad at Vincennes, outside of Paris, for espionage.
Mata Hari Public Domain Photo
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U.S. 1924 U.S.A. Chinese Tong Wars 15th October, 1924: The Chinese Tong Wars in New York and other major cities in the US continue to worsen with Tong leaders attempting to obtain machine guns and many more unsolved murders in the Chinese community.

Ethiopia 1935 Ethiopia Holy War Oct. 15th, 1935 : Emperor Haile Selassie has called for the greatest army ever assembled in Ethiopia to wage a holy war and recapture the sacred city of Aksum back from the Italians. He has now based his headquarters in Addis Ababa. The Italians are armed with machine guns, field guns and artillery while the tribesman of Ethiopia are fighting with guns and the advantage of numbers. Casualties have been high and have already reached 20,000 with many Ethiopian fighters killed by bombardments from Italian aircraft. But 100's of thousands are coming from all over Ethiopia after the call from their Emperor. .

U.S. 1937 U.S.A. The Flying Fortress Oct. 15th, 1937 : The worlds largest Military aircraft "The Flying Fortress " built by Boeing had it's first test flight today . It has a wingspan of over 140 ft and is estimated will fly at 250 MPH using it's 1,000 HP engines.
Flying Fortress Public Domain Photo
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U.S. 1940 U.S.A. Charlie Chaplin 15th October, 1940 : Charlie Chaplin's satirical comedy The Great Dictator opens.

France 1945 France Vichy Puppet Oct. 15th, 1945 : Following the end of World War and freedom for the French people they execute Pierre Laval the Vichy puppet leader put in place by Germany during occupation for Treason.

Germany 1946 Germany Herman Goering Oct. 15th, 1946 : Herman Goering the former head of the Gestapo commits suicide rather than facing the death sentence he had been given of being hung the next day.

UK 1947 Great Britain Nationalisation 15th October, 1947 : The government has stated that the nationalization of the Gas industry will occur before the Iron and Steel industries are nationalized as it is more important to the British economy and it provides the fuel needed to run the Iron and Steel industries.

Canada 1954 Canada Hurricane Oct. 15th, 1954 : Hurricane Hazel strikes southern Ontario, Canada causing the Humber River to flood with entire neighborhoods were washed away and 81 people were killed.

Russia 1964 Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev Oct. 15th, 1964 : While on holiday in in Pitsunda, Abkhazia, Georgia a band of conspiritors call a special meeting of the Central Committee in which Khrushchev is removed from his positions. He is replaced by by Alexei N. Kosygin as premier and by Leonid I. Brezhnev as Communist Party secretary.
Nikita Khrushchev Public Domain Photo
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U.S. 1965 U.S.A. Demonstrations Vietnam War 15th October, 1965 : Demonstrations organized by the student-run National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam attracted 100,000 people in 40 cities across the country. In New York City, David Miller, becomes the first U.S. war protestor to burn his draft card in direct violation of a recently passed law . he was found guilty and sentenced to two years imprisonment.

U.S. 1969 U.S.A. Demonstrations Vietnam War Oct. 15th, 1969 : The US Vietnam Peace Moratorium across towns and cities in the United States is the largest demonstration in US history with an estimated two million people involved, demonstrators wore black armbands to signify their dissent against the Vietnam War and paid tribute to American personnel killed in the war during the demonstration a candlelight march is held around the White House.

Egypt 1970 Egypt Anwar Sadat Oct. 15th, 1970 : Anwar Sadat succeeds Gamal Abdel Nasser as President of Egypt.

Australia 1970 Australia West Gate Bridge collapse 15th October, 1970 : A section of the West Gate Bridge over the Yarra River in Melbourne, Australia collapses during construction killing 35 construction workers. Later during an investigation into the accident the structural design and an unusual method of erection was blamed for the accident.

U.S. 1984 U.S.A. Colorado Blizzard Oct. 15th, 1984 : Three feet of snow falls near Colorado Springs. This snowfall was one of the earliest that this region ever experienced. Another foot of snow had fallen in the Central area of Colorado as well. As a result of these storms, numerous drivers were stranded, and a large region of the state was nearly shut down.

1987 Fiji Republic Oct. 15th, 1987 : Fiji becomes a republic ending the islands' 113 year British Crown sovereignty .

UK 1987 UK The Great Storm of 1987 Oct. 15th, 1987 : The great storm strikes Cornwall, Essex and Kent England and the Cotentin Peninsula of Normandy with winds gusts in excess of 100 knots ( approx 115 MPH ) causing widespread structural damage to buildings and downing over 15 million trees including six of the seven famous oak trees in Sevenoaks, Kent. The storm left millions in Britain and Southern France without electricity and caused the deaths of 39 people. The powerfull winds left many homes without rooves and caused over billions of dollars of damage in France and Great Britain.
1987 Great Storm UK Public Domain Photo
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Russia 1990 Russia Nobel Peace Prize 15th October, 1990 : Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev wins the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in helping to end the bitter Cold War between the Soviet Union and Western Powers that had been in place for nearly 50 years. Due to the tensions easing many important changes occurred including the 2 major superpowers agreeing to limit Nuclear proliferation making the world a safer place.

South Africa 1993 South Africa Nobel Peace Prize Oct. 15th, 1993 : Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk win the Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to end apartheid in South Africa

U.S. 1997 U.S.A. Cassini–Huygens Oct. 15th, 1997 : The Cassini Huygens probes a joint European / American project designed to study the planet Saturn and its moons launches from Cape Canaveral on the start of it's 7 year journey to Saturn.

China 2003 China Shenzhou 5 Oct. 15th, 2003 : The People's Republic of China (PRC) launches its first manned space mission "Shenzhou 5" from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center ( Gobi desert ) carrying astronaut Yang Liwei. The flight lasted 21 hours, 22 minutes and landed safely in inner Mongolia.

U.S. 2003 U.S.A. Staten Island Ferry Accident 15th October, 2003 : The MV Andrew J. Barberi crashes at full speed into the concrete pier at the St. George ferry terminal on Staten Island. The pier ripped into the ferry's starboard side and tore into the boat's main deck where many passengers were crowding forward to disembark killing 11 and injuring a further 71 some critically.
Staten IslandferryPublic Domain Photo
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Iraq 2005 Iraq Constitution Oct. 15th, 2005 : Iraqis voted in a referendum to approve the constitution of Iraq to replace the Law of Administration for the State of Iraq for the Transitional Period .
Basic Iraq Constitution

U.S. 2005 U.S.A. Toledo Riot Oct. 15th, 2005 : A riot in Toledo sparked by a planned rally by The National Socialist Movement (NSM), a Neo-Nazi organization, who planned a march to protest over alleged black gang activity in the North End of Toledo, Ohio. The rally was cancelled after Anti Racist Action groups from other cities, and various street gangs from the north end created a massive protest which turned into a full scale riot when the protesters realised the (NSM) rally was cancelled and turned on Police, media vehicles and emergency vehicles which then caused a citywide curfew to be implemented for the remainder of the weekend.

U.S. 2006 U.S.A. Hawii Earthquake 15th October, 2006: An offshore earthquake rumbles through parts of Hawaii, Measuring 6.7 on the Richter Scale, the earthquake created several major aftershocks and caused a great deal of property damages and injuries.

Italy 2006 Italy Illegal Immigrants Rescued Oct. 15th, 2006: The Italian coast guard rescued 300 illegal immigrants off the island of Lampedusa after it was caught in stormy weather
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Singapore 2007 Singapore Airbus A380 superjumbo Oct. 15th, 2007 : The first Airbus Superjumbo currently The largest passenger airliner in the world is delivered to Singapore Airlines.

U.S.A. / Pakistan 2009 U.S.A. / Pakistan $7.5bn aid package 15th October, 2009 : US President Barack Obama signs into law an aid package of $7.5bn for Pakistan, there are several conditions for the aid to Pakistan including Pakistan is no longer supporting militant groups.

United Kingdom 2011 United Kingdom Occupy London Protesters Demonstrate outside St.Paul's Cathedral Oct. 15th, 2011 : Up to around 3,000 protesters gathered outside St.Paul's cathedral in London to demonstrate against corporate greed in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protesters in the United States. Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, joined the protesters in London and gave a speech talking about Wikileaks, the economy, and police. in a day of coordinated mass protests other cities include Sydney, Rome, Bucharest, Taipei, Tokyo, Toronto, Berlin, and Madrid

Thailand 2011 Thailand Bangkok Tries to Fight Flood Waters Oct. 15th, 2011 : Military and civilian volunteers continued their attempts to stop flooding from devastating Bangkok. The country had been experiencing some of the worst floods it had seen in decades with a death toll of over two hundred. Many villages and towns had been completely engulfed by flood waters.

2012 Australia Sex Offender Registry Published in Australia

15th October, 2012 : Australia has published its first sex offender register that would be available publicly and covered the state of Western Australia. The registry would include pictures, names and descriptions of nine offenders of which the police had no whereabouts.

2013 Burma Bomb Blast Hits Hotel

15th October, 2013 : The Traders Hotel in Rangoon was hit by a series of small bomb blasts. One guest was injured and three people were taken into custody.