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1956 - Suez Canal - - Allies Take Control
1956 : Allied forces took control of the Suez Canal with British and French parachute troops holding the Mediterranean key to the Suez Canal at Port Said.

6 Nov, 1920 - U.S.A. - - Woodrow Wilson
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson was criticized by London journalists. He was thought of as one of the "greatest failures in history" by certain English citizens. This was not necessarily the vie

1977 - U.S.A. - - Kelly Barnes Dam Flood
The Kelly Barnes Dam in Georgia fails during the middle of the night, killing 39 people from the small bible college "Toccoa Falls Bible Institute" situated below the dam.

1965 - Cuba - - Cuban Exiles Airlift
Cuba and the United States agree to start an airlift for Cubans who wish to live in the United States.

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1931 U.S.A. - - Cotton
Cotton acreage reduction legislation was being considered. It was believed by officials such as Governor Harvey Parnell that an agreement regarding this issue would be reached soon. A meeting regarding this as well as the withholding of seven million bales of cotton was scheduled for November 23rd.

1940 - Albania - - Koritza
Greece had moved in on the city of Koritza in Albania. At the same time, thousands of Italian troops were being seized.

1950 - Italy - - Rioting
1950 : Action was taken to control pro-Italian rioting that occurred-again. American and British forces moved in to restore order in this area. However, four police had taken the lives of four people with guns. This was one day of several demonstrations that had taken place in different cities throughout Italy. It was the first time that American troops had been called to move in on this area.

1962 - South Africa - - Economic Sanctions
The United Nations General Assembly voted to recommend to its 110 members the imposition of economic and political sanctions against the Republic of South Africa for its racist policies to it's own citizens.

1963 - Germany - - Marienborn Checkpoint
A report out of Moscow, Russia had briefly described the nature of the convoy entrapment incident that occurred in Germany. Russian Premier Krushchev admitted that if this U.S. military carrier had been held up for any longer it could have lead to a battle-even war. The Russians were the ones who had stopped this military convoy. This U.S. vehicle was seized at the Marienborn checkpoint towards East Germany.

1967 - Philippines - - Typhoon Emma
1967 : The death toll caused by Typhoon Emma continues to rise after the typhoon ravaged the Island leaving 140,000 homeless and the death toll rising above 300.

1968 - U.S.A. - - Nixon
Richard Nixon wins in a close contest for president over Mr Humphrey and will become the 37th president of the United States .

1973 - Tunisia - - Henry A. Kissinger
Henry A. Kissinger, the U.S. Secretary of State during this time in history, hosted a peace-keeping talk in Tunisia. He also spoke in Egypt during a very crucial time-when Israelis and Egyptian conflicts were escalating.


1975 - Morocco - - The Green March
A mass demonstration by the Morocco people begins "The Green March" with 350,000 unarmed Moroccans crossing the border into the Spanish controlled area of Western Sahara demanding the return of the Moroccan Sahara. Spanish troops protecting the border are ordered not to fire to avoid bloodshed.

1980 - China - - Ronald Reagan
The Chinese government praised Ronald Reagan. They called him "moderate" and "pragmatist". China was also pleased with the fact that Ronald Reagan wants to be superior in military strength to the Soviet Union. The People's Republic of China also was happy that Reagan was pushing for a more powerful international image. At the same time, Reagan was recognized by this country for a looser economy at home.

1985 - U.S.A. - - Iran Contra Affair
American newspapers reveal that US President Ronald Reagan had authorized the shipment of arms to Iran as part of the Iran Contra affair to release American hostages.


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1986 - Italy - - Alfa Romeo
Fiat buys the troubled car maker Alfa Romeo.

1986 - UK - - Oil Workers
1986 : Forty-five north sea oil workers are feared dead after a Chinook helicopter plunged into the North Sea off the coast of Scotland.

1988 - Poland - - Solidarity
Solidarity leaders have threatened broad protests including strikes unless the government reverses its decision to close the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk.


1995 - Israel - - Yitzhak Rabin
The late leader of Israel Yitzhak Rabin was buried and honored. This leader was just recently assassinated. He was noted for his victories on the battlefield, and for making efforts to achieve peace with the Arabs. Turmoil broke out in the Middle East almost immediately upon Rabin's burial. Shootings that occurred were started by people such as a Jewish extremist who had opposed the peace process encouraged by Rabin.


1996 - U.S.A. - - Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton wins a resounding victory over Republican Bob Dole and will be the President of the United States for four more years in the White House.


1999 - Australia - - Keep The Queen
1999 : Australian voters decided to keep the queen and not become a republic. .

2002 - U.S.A. - - Saddam Hussein
2002 : New U.S.-Iraq resolutions were made. Concern arose about whether or not new negotiations between these two countries would upset Saddam Hussein, which would lead to war.

2005 - U.S.A. - - Evansville Tornado
2005 : A powerful F3 tornado strikes Evansville, Indiana taking the lives of 25 people making it one of the deadliest single tornadoes on record. The tornado stayed on the ground for 41 miles and in places was as wide as 400 yds causing extensive damage to parts of Evansville, Newburgh, and Boonville in Indiana


2006 - Kyrgyzstan - - 'political deadlock'
Kyrgyzstani opposition leaders are saying that President Kurmanbek Bakiyev is pushing the country into a political stalemate. He is trying to ease tensions, and says that he will present a new constitution to parliament next week. He has no intention of getting there, and will be sending suggestions for several amendments to his popular oatmeal law. Nearly half the country's MPs are boycotting parliament, and thousands of people have been told to take their protests in the capital Bishkek, where they will be required to enjoy the seasonally delightful weather.

2007 - Vatican - - The Saudi Arabian king meets the Pope at the Vatican
2007 : King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia meets Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, and this is the first ever audience by the head of the Roman Catholic Church with a Saudi monarch. The Vatican describes the meeting as 'warm,' and that the two men discuss the presence of Christians in Saudi Arabia. An estimated 1.5m Christians live in Saudi Arabia, but they are not allowed to worship in public.


2008 - United States - - World Leaders Send congratulations to Barack Obama
World leaders send congratulations to Barack Obama on his presidential win, including the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This is the first ever official message of goodwill that has been presented to an American leader by Iran. Mr Obama has offered unconditional dialogue with Iran about its nuclear programme, and Mr Ahmadinejad called for the US president to implement a foreign policy of "non-interference"

2011 - United States - - Oklahoma Hit by Earthquake
The state of Oklahoma in the United States was hit by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake was thought to be one of the strongest to hit the area and it caused some damage to highways and buildings. The earthquake followed a 4.7 earthquake that had been felt earlier.

2012 - United States - - US Presidential Election Takes Place
President Barack Obama and Republican opponent Mitt Romney face off in the US presidential election. While results are initially close, Obama is re-elected wins the majority of the vote.


2013 - France - - Napoleon's Will Auctioned
It was announced that a copy of Napoleon's will would be auctioned off in Paris, France. The copy, although not written by Napoleon, was written by his close adviser and it is thought that it could sell for more than $100,000 at auction.


Born This Day In History 6th November

Celebrating Birthday's Today

Celebrating Birthday's Today

Jerry Yang
Born: 6th November 1968 Taipei, Taiwan
Known For : The Co-Founder and CEO of Yahoo which he and David Filo created in 1994 while he was studying at Stanford University, the original name was "Jerry's Guide to the World Wide Web" later renamed to Yahoo. Yahoo is still one of the top 3 visited sites in the world according to traffic figures and has been the subject of takeover bids from Microsoft.

Glenn Frey
Born: 6th November 1948 Detroit, Michigan
Known For : One of the founding members of the Eagles who gained world wide success and recognition in the seventies with singles which included "One of These Nights", "Lyin' Eyes", "Take It to the Limit", "Hotel California" and "Best of My Love". And a number of world wide top selling albums including Desperado, One of These Nights, Hotel California and The Long Run. The Eagles were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998