November 29th
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U.S. 1963 U.S.A. Warren Commission 29th November, 1963 : The Warren Commission led by the Chief Justice of the United States Earl Warren. is established to investigate the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy. It took 10 months to complete the findings which concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the killing of President John F. Kennedy.

UK 1956 England Petrol Rationing Nov. 29th, 1956 : As a result of the Suez crisis, oil is not getting through from the middle east and petrol rationing is to be introduced in Britain from next month, and is expected to last for four months, and will be controlled through books of coupons.
Normal car users will be allowed enough petrol for 200 miles per month while business travellers will be allowed an additional 100 miles per month. Additional petrol allowance will be allowed for farmers, doctors, midwives and disabled drivers. Almost instantly drivers queued up at local garages before the rationing came in causing even more panic buying and as a result of shortages of supply petrol increased to six shillings a gallon ( 30p ).

U.S. 1803 U.S.A. The Louisiana Purchase Nov. 29th, 1803 : Louisiana which was much larger than just Louisiana and included all of present-day Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, plus part of what are now Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Louisiana. It was bought from France in 1803 for a total cost of 15 million dollars

U.S. 1922 U.S.A. Prohibition Wednesday, Nov. 29th, 1922 : Federal authorities have been called upon to help state authorities enforce prohibition laws. This action was deemed necessary as a growing number of people were violating sections of the 18th Amendment, which pretty much banned nearly every aspect of dealing with liquor.

U.S. 1929 U.S.A. South Pole 29th November, 1929 : American newspapers have announced that Commander Richard Byrd safely flew across the South Pole.

France 1935 France England / France Alliance 29th November, 1935 : It was evident by this time that Great Britain had joined France in defense against Italy-given Italy were to attack. This determination included a warning sent by Premier Laval of France to the Italian Ambassador Vittoria Cerruti while he was in Paris. The warning stated that any unproved attack on France by Italy would be grounds for oil embargo. This condition was placed on Italy during the same time other agreements and negotiations were being made.

France 1944 France New York Giants Nov. 29th, 1944 : The first Baseball . tour group arrived in Paris, France. They were involved in the European War Theatre. This group was made up of New York Giants Manager Mel Ott, Pittsburge Pirates Manager Bucky Walters, and Cincinnati Pitcher Dutch Leonard. Roy Stockton, the man who was sports writer for the St. Louis Post Dispatch was also present.

Israel 1947 Israel Creation of The State Of Israel Nov. 29th, 1947 : The United Nations votes in favor of partitioning the British controlled Palestine and to allow the creation of an Independent Jewish State of Israel. Arab countries all voted against the creation of Israel and 60 years later the area is still in turmoil.

Australia 1948 Australia Holden Cars Nov. 29th, 1948 : An all new Australian car is manufactured in Australia by General Motors Holden Automotive. The car is known as the Holden FX and Holden cars are still manufactured in Australia today.

Indonesia 1953 Indonesia Communist 29th November, 1953 : An uprising occurred in Indonesia among the anti-Communists after Communist leader Ho Chi Minh requested an armistice negotiation. Numerous opposers of communism demanded that Indonesia end relations with France. Chi Minh’s agenda was briefly accounted for in Expressen, dated this day.

U.S. 1960 U.S.A. Spies Nov. 29th, 1960 : Dr. Robert Soble, the brother of convicted spy Jack Soble, did not put up a fight against the FBI when arrested. These two brothers had been charged of being involved in two different Soviet spy rings. Dr. Soble was facing the possibility of the death penalty if found guilty. His brother Jack was sentenced to seven years in prison.

Canada 1963 Canada Plane Crash Nov. 29th, 1963 : A Trans-Canada Airlines DC8 crashes into a field, shortly after take off from Montreal's international airport killing all passengers and crew on impact ( 118 ), the crash is one of the worst air disasters in Canadian history.

UK 1963 UK The Beatles "I Want to Hold Your Hand," December 1st, 1963 : The Beatles release "I Want to Hold Your Hand," which knocked the other Beatles hit ( "She Loves You" ) off the number one slot giving The Beatles the Number One and Number Two on the UK Charts

Egypt 1973 Middle East Negotiations Go Bad Nov. 29th, 1973 : An Egyptian representative walked away from the negotiation table during peace and cease-fire talks. The plan was for Israel and Egypt to soon reach a consensus regarding the terms of cease-fire in the Suez Canal area. Effort was being made the next day to convince Egypt to return for further discussion. It took quite awhile to develop terms that both sides would agree on. In fact, delay of the signing of the Middle East Peace Plan was in part because of these failed negotiations.

U.S. 1973 U.S.A. Chrysler Closes Plants 29th November, 1973 : Chrysler joins other US car makers in closing a number of plants affecting 38,000 workers and announced it was changing the focus to manufacturing smaller more efficient cars to combat the Japanese imports. General Motors had made similar cuts 1 week before.

U.S. 1983 U.S.A. Dog Barks To Much Nov. 29th, 1983 : A mixed-breed dog was put on trial for barking too much. Effort was made to drop the charges, and to try to keep the dog quiet. Nevertheless, the day of execution came, and the dog’s life was taken.

U.S. 1991 U.S.A. Interstate Dust Storm Car Crashes Nov. 29th, 1991 : A dust storm on Interstate 5 causes a series of accidents involving more than 100 cars and 17 people are killed in the accidents.

UK 2003 UK Northern Ireland Nov. 29th, 2003 : It was known by this date of the possibility that the Northern Ireland Assembly election would be re-run. The reason for this “do over” election was out of fear that the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) would dominate.
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United States 2006 United States Leaked Iraq Memo 29th November, 2006 : A leaked memo which raises doubts about how well the Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki will be able to the control the country's sectarian violence has been published in the US. The New York Times says that the memo was sent by one of George Bush's national security advisers to top US officials. It suggests that the White House take extra steps to strengthen Malaki's hand.

European Union 2007 European Union stricter rules for gun ownership Nov. 29th, 2007 : The European Parliament has voted to tighten laws on obtaining and possessing firearms. The age at which a firearm can be bought or owned will be raised to 18, unless it is for hunting or target shooting under adult supervision.

India 2008 India The Mumbai attacks end Nov. 29th, 2008 : The terrorist attacks were ended by India's National Security Guards (NSG) on November 29 (in an action that is officially named Operation Black Tornado). This resulted in the death of the last remaining attackers at the Taj hotel. Shortly before 0730 fierce gunfire and explosions were heard at the hotel. Almost 100 people had been rescued from a second hotel. Six bodies were found at a Jewish centre. India's foreign minister has said that "elements with links to Pakistan" were involved in the attacks.

Switzerland 2009 Switzerland The Swiss ban the building of minarets 29th November, 2009 : Swiss voters have supported a referendum to ban the building of minarets there. More than 57% of voters, and 22 out of 26 cantons, voted in favour of the ban. The proposal had been put forward by the Swiss People's Party (the largest party in parliament) which says minarets are a sign of Islamisation.

Norway 2011 Norway Mass Killer Anders Behring Breivik Declared Insane Nov. 29th, 2011 : Anders Breivik, the mass killer who killed 77 people and injured another 151 on July 22nd, was diagnosed as insane by psychiatrists. They stated that he had been suffering from schizophrenia and paranoia during his attacks in Norway. The diagnosis means that he will likely be placed in a psychiatric care facility rather than prison when his is tried in April.

2012 Botswana Wildlife Hunting Ban to Be Put Into Place

Nov. 29th, 2012 : Botswana has announced that they will ban commercial hunting in order to preserve wildlife after a sharp decline in some species. The ban would come into effect in January of 2014.

2013 Mozambique Australian Family Sets Christmas Lights Record

29th November, 2013 : A Mozambique Airlines plane carrying thirty-four people disappears on a flight to Angola. Authorities were searching for the plane which last made contact when it was over Namibia. The plane was later found burned out with no survivors.