November 24th
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U.S. 1963 U.S.A. Lee Harvey Oswald 24th November, 1963: Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy, is shot to death by Jack Ruby, a Dallas nightclub owner.

UK 1991 England Freddie Mercury Nov. 24th, 1991: Freddie Mercury the lead singer for the rock group Queen has died aged 45, just one day after he publicly announced he was HIV positive.

U.S. 1925 U.S.A. Prohibition 24th November, 1925: Goldie Adkins, a former prohibition officer, pleaded guilty of selling moonshine (illegal booze). Mr. Adkin’s brother also pleaded guilty. Further consideration was to be made regarding sentencing and further arrests were scheduled to be made.

UK 1933 England George Bernard Shaw Nov. 24th, 1933 : George Bernard Shaw showed his admiration for Hitler. What Shaw most admired about him was his “expression of intense resentment”. Shaw was a part of the Fabian society, a British socialist movement. He was also partially responsible for the Labour Party, which represented the working class people. Later on in life, Shaw was noted to having regretted supporting the Hitler movement.

Germany 1944 World War II Advance to the Rhine 24th November, 1944: It was another busy battle day for Word War II troops. French and American forces had advanced to the Rhine River east of Strasbourg, France. Shortly after, 40,000 German troops were captured. It was also that a fleet of B-29s had blasted Tokyo the same day. A large area, excluding the imperial palace as well as certain shrines and temples, were hit hard.

Japan 1944 World War II Tokyo Bombed Nov. 24th, 1944: Following on from a bombing campaign on Japanese military targets in Iwo Jima, 111 U.S. B-29 Super fortress bombers raid Tokyo for the first time .

U.S. 1950 U.S.A. Great Appalachian November Storm 24th November, 1950 : The Great Appalachian Storm of November 1950 begins on November 24th and lasted until November 30th and was a cyclone which moved through the Eastern United States, causing strong winds, Blizzard conditions and heavy rain east of the Appalachians. Power was out to more than 1,000,000 customers during this storm which affected 22 US states, killing 353.

U.S. 1953 U.S.A. Russia Nov. 24th, 1953 : The United States did not think very highly of Russia’s peace plan proposals. In fact, the U.S. was pleading with the United Nations at this time to have every bit of it “scratched” and thrown away. Moreover, Chief Delegate Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. said current resolutions on the books are adequate. Chief Lodge, Jr. wanted Russia to just stop disregarding them immediately.

Haiti 1960 Haiti Catholic Archbishop Nov. 24th, 1960: The Roman Catholic Archbishop Francois Poirier was forced out of Haiti. He had only one dollar to his name that he borrowed and no luggage. He was the highest official of the Haitian Catholic church, and had allegedly given $7,000 to students involved in Communist schemes. Police and guards arrested him and brought him to the airport, and quickly booked him a flight to Miami. Poirier denied all charges against him

U.S. 1963 U.S.A. Vietnam Nov. 24th, 1963: Lyndon B. Johnson, confirms the US will continue to provide military and economic support to South Vietnam.

U.S. 1969 U.S.A. Apollo 12 Nov. 24th, 1969 : The Apollo 12 spacecraft returns to Earth , splashing down in the Pacific Ocean

U.S. 1971 U.S.A. Hijack and Fly 24th November, 1971: A man hijacked a 727 plane , threatening to blow up the jet unless he received $200,000 and four parachutes. It is believed the hijacker, known as D.B. Cooper, jumped from the plane somewhere over the state of Washington and he nor the money was ever seen again .

U.S. 1973 Middle East Oil Companies Nov. 24th, 1973 : A massive move was planned on the part of international oil companies. They planned to reward Pro-Arab countries and punish Pro-Israeli countries, using oil as an incentive. This decision was being considered during a time of great conflict between Egypt and Syria. Plans for Arab-Israeli cease-fire were currently in the works, but not yet carried out. It was suspected at this time that it would be quite awhile before fighting would stop.

Ethiopia 1974 Ethiopia Lucy (Australopithecus) Found Nov. 24th, 1974: An international team of scientists working in northeastern Ethiopia has found the partial skeleton of a three-million-year-old hominid that it claims is the most complete early man discovery ever made in Africa, the skeleton is better known and referred to as Lucy.

Turkey 1983 Turkey New Parliament Nov. 24th, 1983: A new parliamentary staff was elected. The end of what was supposed to be military rule for three years had also taken place. The members of this new governmental structure took various oaths. For instance, they vowed to protect Turkey’s new independence, new constitution, human rights, and so on.

1983 Luxembourg Soccer Hooliganism Nov. 24th, 1983: British soccer fans continue their poor behavior which has made them the worst "fans" in soccer as they go on a rampage in Luxembourg after a European Championship match. Find Out More About More History Of The Game Of Soccer including origins, growth, and the modern game.

Malta 1985 Malta Hijacking 24th November, 1985: Hijackers who had hijacked an EgyptAir passenger jet forcing it land in Luqa Airport, Malta, the aircraft is currently under siege.

U.S. 1993 U.S.A. Brady Bill Nov. 24th, 1993: A new bill was passed by the United States Congress called the Brady Bill. It was intended to control the use of handguns, by administering stricter regulations regarding obtaining one. This was a measure taken to help control unnecessary violence.

U.S. 1997 U.S.A. New York Stock Exchange Circuit Breaker Nov. 24th, 1997 : In response to a 554.26 point free fall, New York Stock Exchange officials invoked the "circuit breaker" rule and put a halt to trading. Traders complained bitterly so later in November the rules were changed so that only when Dow Jones industrial average dropped by at least 10 or 20 percent would the circuit breaker be used. It must be remembered that 554.26 as a percentage of the Dow Jones industrial was considerably less than 10% .

China 1999 China Ships Sinking Nov. 24th, 1999: The Dashun a ferry transporting passengers from the port city of Yantai in China’s Shandong province to Dalian, near Korea, catches fire during a severe thunderstorm and sinks in the Yellow Sea off the coast of China, killing most of the passengers and crew on board, believed to be over 350 in total .

Afghanistan 2001 Afghanistan Taliban 24th November, 2001: The Taliban was crumbling in North Afghanistan at this time. They were expected to surrender soon. The Taliban was a group of guerrilla terrorists connected to events leading to the bombing of the World Trade Center and Pentagon buildings on September 11th, 2001.

UK 2005 England Longer Pub Hours Nov. 24th, 2005: The continued deregulation of British licencing laws has it's final say with 24 hour opening times now allowed after new licensing laws came in force at midnight. Pubs, clubs and supermarkets must still apply for 24 hour licences to sell alcohol.
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Argentina 2006 Argentina Blind Soccer World Cup Nov. 24th, 2006: The football World Cup for the Blind has started in Argentina, with eight nations competing for the cup. The hosts and current champions have been joined by seven qualifiers: Brazil, Paraguay, England, Spain, France, Japan, and South Korea. The normal rules of football are adapted for the blind version of the game, with the teams being five-a-side. The ball has small pieces of metal in them so that the players can hear it, and coaches shout instructions from the sidelines. The crowd is expected to keep its support quiet. Find Out More on our History of Soccer Page

Russia 2007 Russia Garry Kasparov arrested Nov. 24th, 2007: Police seize around two hundred people in St. Petersburg when protesters started chanting “Russia without Putin”. Leaders of the liberal Union of Right Forces (SPS) party, including its presidential candidate Boris Nemtsov, were among those being held. Mr. Kasparov ( The Former World Chess Champion ) was arrested when two thousand people had attended an anti-Kremlin protest in Moscow on Saturday. He was imprisoned for five days for organising an “unsanctioned” rally.

United States 2008 United States The President-elect names his Treasury team 24th November, 2008: Responding to what he has described as “an economic crisis of historic proportions,” President-elect Barack Obama announces key members of his economic team, which will include Timothy Geithner as secretary of the treasury. He has also asked former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers to head the National Economic Council, Christina Romer to chair the Council of Economic Advisors and Melody Barnes to serve as director of the Domestic Policy Council.

American Samoa 2011 American Samoa Worst Soccer Team Gets First Win Nov. 24th, 2011 : The America Samoa soccer team got its first win in its history against Tonga. The team was ranked as the worst international team in the world and had lost thirty straight games in almost twenty years. The team also held the record for the worst defeat with a 31-0 loss against Australia.

South Korea
2012 South Korea Gangnam Style Becomes Most Viewed Video

Nov. 24th, 2012 : The song "Gangnam Style" by South Korean artist Psy has become YouTube's most viewed video of all time. Psy's music video beat out Justin Bieber's "Baby" for the top spot.

2013 Iran Iran Deal Over Nuclear Activity

24th November, 2013 : Iran came to a temporary deal over their nuclear activity with the United States during talks in Geneva. Iran agreed to stop some of its nuclear activity in exchange for over seven billion dollars in sanction relief for six months. They also agreed to take those six months to come up with a more permanent deal.