November 15th
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UK 1934 England Oswald Mosley Nov 15th, 1934: Sir Oswald Mosley and Black-Shirt fascist followers were put on Trial. They were arrested and charged of “riotous assembly” after a fascist meeting on October 9th.

China 1922 China Missionary Wednesday, Nov 15th, 1922: Reverend Bord Breen, an American Lutheran Missionary was reportedly kidnapped by bandits while working in China. The reverend was living in the province of Honan at the time. Another American was also declared to being held hostage.

Germany 1922 Germany Cabinet Resigns Nov 15th, 1922 : German Chancellor Wirth’s cabinet had fallen apart. Resignations were signed the night before, and announced on this day. Wirth’s failure to reach an agreement with allied forces of World War I regarding war reparation payments was one of the main reasons for the failure of his administration. The assassination of Dr. Rathenau was also another factor to the downfall of this sector of German government.

U.S. 1926 U.S.A. NBC launches Nov 15th, 1926 : Radio network National Broadcasting Co ( NBC ) launches with a radio network of 24 stations and one of the earliest remote musical broadcasts.

UK 1940 World War II Coventry Bombing 15th November, 1940: The German Luftwaffe bombs Coventry in a massive raid raising many parts of the city to the ground.

U.S. 1942 World War II Battle of Guadalcanal 15th November, 1942: The American fleet during the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal had a decisive victory over the Japanese fleet sinking 23 Japanese ships and killing an estimated 30,000 Japanese troops.

Germany 1943 World War II Concentration Camps 14th November, 1943: Heinrich Himmler orders that all Gypsies and those of mixed Gypsy blood are to be put on the same level as Jews and placed in concentration camps

Russia 1944 Russia World Leaders Nov 15th, 1944 : General Charles De Gaulle was invited to Moscow by Premier Joseph Stalin. U.S. President Roosevelt and British Prime Minster Winston Churchill were also invited, and President Chiang Kaishek of China was considering attending. This would make the first assembly of the United Nations, which was formed less than a year later.

Egypt 1953 Egypt Court Marshal Nov 15th, 1953: At first, Doubt had risen whether or not the court marshal in charge of the trial of ex-Premier Mohammed Mossadegh was competent. However, the court had just been ruled legitimate, as well as the trial against Mossadegh, who was charged with treason.

U.S. 1956 U.S.A. Elvis Presley Nov 15th, 1956 : Love Me Tender, Elvis Presley's first movie, opens in New York.

U.S. 1960 U.S.A. Murder 15th November, 1960: Four members of the Clutter family were murdered on their farm in Holcomb, Kansas . The men who murdered them were two ex-convicts, Richard Hickock and Perry Smith, who had entered the rural Kansas home looking for a safe containing thousands of dollars. Truman Capote published a book based on the murders "In Cold Blood" in 1965 after they were hung, in 2005 the movie "Capote" based on Truman Capote's life during the writing of the novel was released.

Russia 1968 Soviet Union Imports Vodka From US Nov 15th, 1968: Russia has long been known for its Vodka. However, during this time in history it had turned to the U.S., requesting for supplies of this alcohol to cover its shortage. The embarrassing thing was that Soviet Premier Krushechev (a.k.a. Krushchev) had not too long ago boasted about how much Russia’s Vodka is better. However, the fact that Russia ran out of Vodka had more to do with grain and potatoes to produce food, which was a priority over strong drink during this time.

U.S. 1969 U.S.A. Vietnam Protests Nov 15th, 1969: Co-ordinated peaceful protests against the war in Vietnam in Washington D.C. and San Francisco attract crowds estimated up to half a million people.

U.S. 1971 U.S.A. World's First 4004 Nov 15th, 1971 : Intel releases world's first commercial complete central processing unit ( CPU ) on one chip "a single-chip microprocessor" the 4004.

Germany 1973 Germany Kidnapping Nov 15th, 1973: The daughter of a Munich, Germany restaurant owner was returned unharmed after being kidnapped. It took over one million dollars of ransom money to “earn” the release of this innocent victim.

U.S. 1979 U.S.A. UnaBomber 15th November, 1979: The so called UnaBomber strikes for the first time when a bomb explodes in the cargo cabin of an American Airlines 727 on its way from Chicago to Washington, forcing it to make an emergency landing.

Columbia 1985 Columbia Volcano Erupts Nov 15th, 1985: Military personnel and Red Cross members left for Columbia to rush in emergency supplies to volcano disaster victims. It was estimated that up to 20,000 people from the city of Armero in Columbia had lost their lives as a result of this disaster. The total population of this city was 50,000.

Northern Ireland 1985 Northern Ireland Anglo-Irish agreement signed Nov 15th, 1985: Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Irish Prime Minister Garret FitzGerald sign The Anglo-Irish Agreement which for the first time in history provides a framework for involvement by Ireland in working with Britain on finding a long term solution.

U.S. 1987 U.S.A. Plane Crash 15th November, 1987: Continental Airlines Flight 1713 flipped on the runway of Stapleton International Airport in Denver, Colorado with the loss of 26 people from the 77 on the aircraft .

1988 Palestine Independence 15th November, 1988 : The Palestinian National Council headed by Yasser Arafat at a meeting in Algiers declare the independence of the Arab State of Palestine.

U.S. 1990 U.S.A. Milli Vanilli 15th November, 1990: The Milli Vanilli duo's producer, Frank Farian revealed that the Grammy winning pop duo were lip synching in the songs on the album which gained them the award.

Iran 1990 Iran Desert Shield Nov 15th, 1990: Operation Desert Shield (a.k.a. Operation Desert Storm, Persian Gulf War) brought up issues of faith for former hostages. Kathryn Koob-one of the 52 persons held captive by Iran ten year priors to this time-spoke out. She believed that her Christian faith, along with prayers, had provided her courage during her time as a hostage.

Iraq 1998 Iraq Bombing Averted Nov 15th, 1998 : Following the threat by Great Britain and the United States to bomb Iraq military installations unless UN weapons inspectors are given full co-operation by Iraq to look for weapons of mass destruction . Iraq's letter accepting the terms is delivered to the United Nations Security Council and the bombing is averted. After the UN weapons inspectors return in later in the month they face similar lack of cooperation and leave in mid December when US forces began drop hundreds of cruise missiles on Iraq.

Israel 2002 Israel Sabbath Attacks Nov 15th, 2002: There was a time when it was considered uncouth to work on the Sabbath. However, this fact didn’t stop Palestinian forces from keeping busy sniping people walking home from Sabbath Day prayers. It was unclear how many of these were Jewish civilians and how many of them were soldiers. However, it was reported that 15 teens had been wounded, among others.

Turkey 2003 Turkey Bomb Attacks Nov 15th, 2003 : Members of the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda drive two trucks packed with explosives and bombs into the Bet Israel and Neve Shalom synagogues in Istanbul, Turkey killing 27 and injuring 300 more.

United States 2006 United States General Abizaid Nov 15th, 2006 : The commander of US forces in the Middle East has said that he is optimistic that 'we can stabilize Iraq.' General Abizaid, the head of the US Central Command, has rejected a call from some Democrats for a phased redeployment of forces to begin in four to six months. Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, he said such a move would result in an increase in sectarian violence.

Bangladesh 2007 Bangladesh Cyclone Sidr Nov 15th, 2007 : Cyclone Sidr with winds reaching 160 MPH strikes coastal areas of Bangladesh, the authorities had evacuated over 2 million people to emergency shelters prior to the cyclone, but the cyclone still claimed between 4 and five thousand lives. The cyclone also destroyed over 1/4 of the world heritage mangrove forest Sunderban
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United States 2007 United States Chinese cyber-spying Nov 15th, 2007 : A panel tells Congress that Chinese espionage poses "the single greatest risk" to the security of US technology. China has been pursuing new technology "aggressively", it says. It has been doing so through legal research and business deals as well as illegally through industrial espionage. China has also "embraced destructive warfare techniques" that might enable it to carry out cyber attacks on other countries' infrastructure. A foreign ministry spokesman in Beijing denies any spying activities by China.

Hong Kong 2011 Hong Kong Officials Seize Record Haul of Rhino Horns and Ivory 15th November, 2011 : Customs officials in Hong Kong seized a record haul of 190 lbs of rhino horns and ivory in a container coming from South Africa. They found 33 horns, 758 ivory chopsticks, and 127 ivory bracelets worth about $2 million.

2012 Europe Eurozone Returns to Recession

15th November, 2012 : The Eurozone economies fell back into recession after growth rates shrunk over three months. The news was revealed soon after workers in Europe held protests over austerity measures.

2013 Gambia Gambia Ends Ties With Taiwan

15th November, 2013 : Gambia announced that it would cut ties with Taiwan in a strategic move that it hoped would help its national interests. It is thought that the move might further the nation's relationship with China as China claims Taiwan as part of its territory. Gambia was one of only a few African countries to recognize Taiwan.