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UK 1960 England Lady Chatterley's Lover Nov 10th, 1960: Lady Chatterley's Lover which has been banned in England since it's publication in 1928 and which Penguin fought and won the right in a well publicised trial last month to publish the book in paperback 30 years later. It sold out of 200,000 copies on it's first day. DH Lawrence's sexually explicit novel was published in Italy in 1928 and in Paris the following year but has been banned in the UK till now it became available this morning in paperback for 3s 6d. ( about 17p in today's money )
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Netherlands 1923 Holland Former Crown Prince Nov 10th, 1923 : A former crown prince held hostage in Holland had recently escaped. This has caused great fear among the Allied Nations (countries opposed to Germany in World War I). It had seemed that the return of the captured prince was tied to General Erich Ludendorff’s attempt to restore monarchy in Bavaria, a German Province. At the same time, Allied forces were being careful not to jump to conclusions.

China 1931 China Japan Nov 10th, 1931 : The Chinese had denied any claims of war declaration. Word spread the day before that the Chinese had declared war on the Japanese, who had seized a large portion of Northeast China (Manchuria) at the time.

U.S. 1938 U.S.A. God Bless America Nov 10th, 1938 : Kate Smith sings a rendition of Irvin Berlin's 'God Bless America' during a special Armistice Day broadcast which turned the song into an instant hit. What many do not realize is Irvin Berlin gave the royalties of the song to the God Bless America Fund for redistribution to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of the USA.

U.S. 1941 U.S.A. Piano Concerto in B Flat Nov 10th, 1941 : The “Piano Concerto in B Flat” by the Freddy Martin Orchestra hits the top of the Billboard Pop charts. The bandleader’s popularity resulted in him bringing his band to Hollywood and appearing in several films throughout the 1940's, including “Melody Time” and “Stage Door Canteen.”

Philippines 1944 World War II Philippines Nov 10th, 1944 : The struggle for control of the Philippines was predicted at this time to be long and hard. A total of 35,000 Japanese troops had just entered the province of Leyte. Americans were hard at battle in this area as well. Furthermore, the United States was seemingly discouraged that the Japanese were able to quickly replace severe military losses so quickly. However, the American General Douglas Mc Arthur was not ready to give up.

U.S. 1951 U.S.A. Direct Dial Calling Introduced Nov 10th, 1951 : Direct-dial, coast-to-coast telephone services begin as Mayor M. Leslie Denning of Englewood, New Jersey, called his counterpart in Alameda, California

Kenya 1954 Kenya Mau Mau rebels Nov 10th, 1954: At least 35 so-called “anti-white Mau Mau rebels” had been killed by British security forces within 24 hours. About 25 of these said rebels were shot down along the banks of the Tana River. The news reported this as one of the most successful attacks against anti-white rebels for some time. This was one of the battle incidences that occurred during the time of the Mau Mau Uprising which took place between 1952 and 1954. The British had won over the Mau Mau people. However, the country of Kenya had still received almost everything they had demanded from the British, as a military incentive. Eventually, Kenya was turned into a democracy.

U.S. 1954 U.S.A. Marine Corps War Memorial Nov 10th, 1954: The Iwo Jima statue is unveiled at the USMC War Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery. The cast bronze memorial is based on the iconic photo of the raising of the Flag on Iwo Jima by Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal and President Dwight D. Eisenhower performs the dedication ceremony .

Venezuela 1963 Venezuela Riots Nov 10th, 1963: Riots started by high school students broke out all over Coro and Valencia, Venezuela. These acts of violence were started in order to disrupt campaigns for upcoming December elections. The youth was allegedly being exploited by the local Communist party, which many of their teachers were a part of. This was one of many student demonstrations that had taken place within two weeks

U.S. 1969 U.S.A. Sesame Street Nov 10th, 1969 : Sesame Street known for its Muppet characters, created by the late Jim Henson makes it's debut on PBS. It is one of the longest-running U.S. television shows in history, and is syndicated worldwide because of it's mix of education and entertainment.

U.S. 1973 USA Slaughterhouse Five Nov 10th, : Newspapers in North Dakota report that over 35 copies of Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five” are burned. Many residents felt that the book was too pessimistic and it was not appropriate for school-aged children.
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Israel 1973 Middle East Middle East Peace Document Nov 10th, 1973: Israel declared not ready to Sign Middle East Peace Document . This treaty, which included a six-point plan, would require further discussion on the part of the Israelis before a decision would be made.

The six-point plan of this Middle East peace treaty included the following aspects:
Suez Canal cease-fire, UN-initiated separations of forces and Israeli withdrawal, food and other supplies sent to Suez daily/wound citizens evacuated, no obstacle shall stop movement of non-military supplies to the Egyptian 3rd Army, Israel checkpoints replaced by UN checkpoints, and complete exchange of all prisoners.

U.S. 1975 U.S.A. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10th, 1975 : The Edmund Fitzgerald carrying Iron Ore sinks in Lake Superior in storm with winds up to 75 miles an hour, all 23 crew members are feared lost.

Russia 1982 Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev Nov 10th, 1982: Leonid Brezhnev the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union dies of a heart attack while in office.
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Philippines 1985 Philippines Ferdinand Marcos Nov 10th, 1985: News spread fast regarding the kidney transplants received by Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos. Two Filipino doctors confirmed that this surgery was performed by two American doctors.
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Nigeria 1995 Nigeria Ken Saro-Wiwa Nov 10th, 1995: The writer and human rights activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa, was executed in Nigeria today despite worldwide pleas for clemency. Nigeria's military rulers ordered the execution of Mr Saro-Wiwa and eight other dissidents after being found guilty of involvement in four murders. Mr Saro-Wiwa and the others have insisted they were framed because of their opposition to the oil industry in the Niger-Delta region of southern Nigeria.

Italy 1995 Italy American Forces Network Nov 10th, 1995: Radio listeners in Naples, Italy struggled to hear the American Forces Network (AFN) broadcasts. Even monks at the nearby Mount Camaldoli sat closer together to listen more intently. The reason for the AFN broadcast trouble is that the station was working on its transmitters. The problem was expected to be resolved by the beginning of December.

U.S. 1997 U.S.A. Louise Woodward Nov 10th, 1997: British au pair Louise Woodward has been freed from jail in the United States after her conviction for murdering a baby was reduced to manslaughter after Judge Zobel said he believed her actions were characterized not by malice but by confusion, inexperience and frustration.

U.S. 1997 U.S.A. MCI / Worldcom Nov 10th, 1997: WorldCom and MCI Communications announce the largest merger in history at that point in time with a merger worth $37 billion .

U.S. 2001 U.S.A. United Nations Nov 10th, 2001: President George W. Bush addresses the United Nations to ask for the international community’s help in combating terrorism around the world. He also pledged to take the fight against terrorism to any place where terrorists were harbored.

Iraq 2002 Iraq Saddam Hussein Nov 10th, 2002: The U.S. President Bush and corresponding administration meant serious business at this time. They were going to do whatever it takes to make sure that Saddam Hussein followed through on the worldwide promise to disarm. UN Security Council members made demands on Hussein to destroy weapons of mass destruction or he would suffer serious consequences. Top governmental officials were keeping a close eye on Saddam Hussein.

U.S. 2002 U.S.A. Tornadoes Nov 10th, 2002: A series of Tornadoes stretching from Louisiana to Pennsylvania, with Tennessee and Alabama the hardest hit on Veterans Day kills 36
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U.S. 2006 U.S.A. Princeton has reported a 64% increase in applications from students in the UK Nov 10th, 2006: Princeton University has reported a 64% increase in applications this year from students in the UK. Princeton University said one hundred people had applied in comparison to the previous year's sixty-one applicants. The admissions dean Janet Rapelye told a conference in Britain that top US universities would be funding generous student support packages. British academics have said that the applications were symptomatic of British schools' growing disenchantment with UK universities. One advantage of the US courses is the breadth of study in the first two years, with no students specialising in any particular subject to begin with.

U.S. 2009 U.S.A. Obama attends service to those killed at Foot Hood Nov 10th, 2009: Barack Obama has said that "no faith justifies" the killing of 13 people at Fort Hood. His comments came during a memorial service for the victims of the shootings, and he met relatives of those who died. Major Hasan, who is accused of carrying out the massacre, was shot by police and still remains in hospital. US intelligence authorities have said they knew that Hasan had been in contact with a cleric sympathetic to al-Qaeda. Obama said that the mourners had come to "pay tribute to 13 men and women who were not able to escape the horror of war, even in the comfort of home".

Brazil and all Paraguay 2009 Brazil and all Paraguay Nearly 100 million without power Nov 10th, 2009: Nearly 100 million are left without power including everyone in Paraquay and 60 million people in Brazil

Estonia 2011 Estonia FBI Arrests Cyber Criminals 10th November, 2011 : The FBI arrested six Estonians who were part of a cyber crime ring that made millions of dollars off of fraudulent advertising. The arrests are considered one of the largest take downs of a cyber crime syndicate in history.

2012 Denmark Denmark to End High Fat Food Tax

10th November, 2012 : The Danish government has declared that it will end the country's "fat tax" that put a tax on foods with more than 2.3 percent saturated fats with the reason that it had only inflated food prices.

2013 Greece Greek Government Survives No Confidence Vote

10th November, 2013 : The conservative leaders of the Greek government survived a no-confidence vote that had been proposed by the left-wing opposition party (Syriza) in the country's parliament. The vote was 153 to 124 in favor of keeping conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in power.