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3 May, 1991 - U.S.A. Last Dallas Episode Shown
3rd May, 1991 : "Dallas " goes off the air after running from Saturday, September 23rd, 1978 on CBS for more than 13 seasons.
3 May, 1943 - England Possible German Invasion
3rd May, 1943 : Plans are in place to combat an invasion by Germany of England later this year as they are thought to favor invading England which would complete the conquest of Western Europe rather than continuing into Russia. ( History tells us that the decision in the end was to march into Russia and many historians wonder if the war would have been very different if they had gone for England )
3 May, 1920 - Northern Ireland Sinn Feinn
3rd May, 1920 : Sinn Feinn staged a protest in Belfast a number of windows were smashed during the protest of local protestant churches.
3 May, 1926 - England General Strike
3rd May, 1926 : A General Strike is called by the General Council of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) in an attempt to force the government to act to prevent wage reduction and worsening conditions for coal miners. The strike lasted 9 days with about 1.5 - 1.75 million taking part and included workers from key industries, such as railwaymen, transport workers, printers, dockers and ironworkers and steelworkers, the strike did not achieve it's objective in fact many miners did not get their jobs back and those that were employed were forced to accept longer hours and lower wages.
3 May, 1930 - Germany Graf Zeppelin Airship
3rd May, 1930 : Preparations are being made for the first flight across the South Atlantic From Germany to Brazil of the Graf Zeppelin Airship later this month via Spain, and it is hoped this will then be a long term flight destination.
3 May, 1939 - U.S.A. "Roll Out the Barrel"
3rd May, 1939 : "Beer Barrel Polka" was recorded by The Andrews Sisters. The song, also known as "Roll Out the Barrel" became a popular standard during World War II and became a favorite of music lovers around the world. More about the year 1939.
3 May, 1944 - U.S.A. Meat Rationing Ends
3rd May, 1944 : Meat Rationing ends for all meats, except for beef steaks and beef roasts.
3 May, 1946 - Japan War Crimes Trials
3rd May, 1946 : The International Military Tribunals for the Far East starts conducting trials for those military and government officials accused of committing war crimes and crimes against humanity during World War II. At the end of the trial seven are sentenced to death including General Hideki Tojo ( Japanese premier during the war) Iwane Matsui ( who organized the Rape of Nanking ) , and Heitaro Kimura ( Who brutalized Allied prisoners of war ) sixteen others are sentenced to life imprisonment.
3 May, 1948 - U.S.A. Sale Of Property Covenants
3rd May, 1948 : The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that covenants prohibiting the sale of real estate to blacks and other minorities were legally unenforceable.
3 May, 1950 - U.S.A. Chrysler Strike Ends
3rd May, 1950 : The United Auto Workers Union called off their 100 day strike against Chrysler Corporation sending 144,000 back to work.
3 May, 1951 - UK Festival of Britain
3rd May, 1951 : The Festival of Britain is opened at the Royal Festival Hall by King George VI. The festival marks the centenary of the Great Exhibition of 1851.
3 May, 1962 - Japan Train Crash
3rd May, 1962 : Two commuter trains and a freight train collide near Tokyo, Japan, killing more than 160 people and injuring over 350.
3 May, 1968 - UK First Heart Transplant
3rd May, 1968 : The first heart transplant in Britain is successfully carried out by a team of 18 doctors and nurses at the National Heart Hospital in Marylebone, London.
3 May, 1971 - U.S.A. Anti War Demonstrators Arrested
3rd May, 1971 : More than 6000 anti war demonstrators were arrested in Washington D.C. when they tried to disrupt commuter traffic.
3 May, 1979 - Margaret Thatcher Becomes England's Prime Minister
3rd May, 1979 : Margaret Thatcher, leader of Britain's Conservative Party, won the general election to become the country's first female prime minister.
3 May, 1986 - U.S.A. Bill Shoemaker Wins Kentucky Derby
3rd May, 1986 : Bill Shoemaker becomes the oldest person ( 54 ) to win the famous Kentucky Derby on Ferdinand.
3 May, 1986 - Sri Lanka Terrorists Bomb Plane
3rd May, 1986 : A bomb explodes on an Air Lanka Tristar at Colombo airport in Sri Lanka. Tamil guerrillas who are fighting for a separate homeland are blamed for the bomb attack.
3 May, 1990 - Latvia Press For Independence
3rd May, 1990 : The Soviet republic of Latvia's new parliament has declared they will press for independence from Moscow following neighbors Lithuania passing a unilateral declaration of independence earlier in the year. In 1991 Uzbekistan, Tajikstan, Kyrgyzstan, Axerbaijan, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Estonia all gain independence from the Soviet Union.
3 May, 2000 - London Stock Exchange
3rd May, 2000 : The London Stock Exchange and Germany's Deutsche Boerse confirm they are to merge, creating the world's second largest stock market. Four months later following problems with the merger it is cancelled.
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3 May, 2000 - Malaysia Tourist Kidnapping By Abu Sayyaf
3rd May, 2000 : Abu Sayyaf guerrillas kidnap 21 hostages from the holiday resort of Sipadan, the terrorist group are demanding $2.4 million for the release of the hostages which include at least 10 foreigners.
3 May, 2001 - U.N. Human Rights Commission
3rd May, 2001 : The United States lost its seat on the U.N. Human Rights Commission for the first time since the commission was formed in 1947 when the countries of France, Sweden and Austria are chosen for the three seats allocated to Western countries on the 53-member commission.
3 May, 2006 - U.S.A. Zacarias Moussaoui
3rd May, 2006 : A federal jury in Alexandria, Va., rejected the death penalty for al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui, deciding he should spend life in prison for his role in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Zacarias Moussaoui was not directly involved in the terrorist attacks on 9/11 but was thought to be a possible replacement for one of the terrorists involved.
3 May, 2006 - Author Arrested in Tehran
3rd May, 2006 : Ramin Jahanbegloo, the Canadian-Iranian author, was arrested by authorities in Tehran, Iran. A well-known professor and journalist, Jahanbegloo was taken into custody at the airport in Tehran and had his home searched. The arrest sparked concerns about human rights and freedom of speech in the country.
3 May, 2007 - Venezuela Chavez Threatens Bank Nationalization
3rd May, 2007 : Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, threatened to nationalize the country's banking industry. Chavez declared that unless the banks concentrate on the "national interest" they will be nationalized. Chavez also threatened to nationalize the nation's largest steel producer unless they provide cheaper goods. These threats came after his somewhat successful nationalization of the Venezuelan media, electric, and oil industries.
3 May, 2008 - Cuba Easing of Restrictions
3rd May, 2008 : The new president of Cuba Raul Castro continues the easing of restrictions on previously banned consumer goods, including mobile phones, DVD players and personal home computers.
3 May, 2008 - U.S.A. Violent Storms
3rd May, 2008 : This years extremely violent storms and tornadoes continues when violent storms and tornadoes swept across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas leaving at least 8 dead and many more injured in the latest violent weather this year.
3 May, 2008 - Burma Cyclone
3rd May, 2008 : A tropical cyclone has devastated parts of the Irrawaddy region of Burma / Myanmar with three out of four buildings reportedly blown down in many areas of the country. Burma has declared Irrawaddy and four other regions, including the main city Rangoon, to be disaster areas. The world's richer nations have all offered aid to the region but the current military backed leaders of Burma are still hesitant to allow foreign aid workers in to the country to distribute the much needed aid. After 3 weeks more than 75,000 have been identified as dead with still a further 50,000 missing which could well take the death toll to over 100,000 making it one of the worst natural disasters in modern times.
3 May, 2009 - Italy Wife to Divorce Berlusconi
3rd May, 2009 : Veronica Lario, the wife of the Italian Prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, announced that she would divorce her husband. The news of the divorce came after Berlusconi was caught up in multiple scandals involving other women and some minors.
3 May, 2010 - United States Actress Lynn Redgrave Dies
3rd May, 2010 : Oscar-nominated British actress Lynn Redgrave died of breast cancer at the age of sixty-seven. She was with her family in Connecticut at the time of her death. She was known for being in such films as Georgy Girl and Gods and Monsters.
3 May, 2011 - Somali Pirates Sentenced to Jail in Spain
3rd May, 2011 : Two Somali pirates convicted of hijacking a boat in 2009 were sentenced to four hundred and thirty-nine years each of prison time. The two men had held a tuna fishing boat hostage, detaining thirty-six crew members for nearly fifty days. Despite the lengthy sentence that was handed down, the hijackers will only have to serve a maximum of thirty years in prison due to Spanish laws.
3 May, 2012 - Lufthansa to Cut 3,500 Jobs
3rd May, 2012 : German airline Lufthansa announced that they would cut 3,500 jobs in order to reduce costs and save money. The cuts would be made over the next few years and focus on full-time administrative departments. The company stated that higher fees and taxes were the main reason for the cuts.
3 May, 2013 - Top Prosecutor Killed in Islamabad
3rd May, 2013 : Chaudhry Zulfiqar Ali, a prosecutor in the murder case of Pakistan's former leader Benazir Bhutto, was ambushed by gunmen while on his way to a court hearing related to the case. He was shot and eventually died of his wounds. Zulfiqar was also a top prosecutor in a case related to the 2008 Mumbai bombings.

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Bing Crosby
Born: May 3rd, 1903, Tacoma, Washington
Died: October 14th, 1977 nr. Madrid, Spain
Known For : Very popular on radio and film, he was a singer, actor and songwriter. He studied law in Spokane before launching his media career. His singing led to his first film, which was King of Jazz in 1931. He became better known for his C.B.S. radio show, after which he received more film roles and had his songs published. White Christmas and Silent Night were huge hits. He won Oscar in 1944's Going My Way, and made seven Road movies with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. White Christmas was produced as a movie in 1954. He is said to have sold over four hundred million copies of his songs.