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For Those With Birthdays 30th May looking for specific year these years are Included on this date
1911, 1922, 1937, 1954, 1959, 1967, 1971, 1979, 1981, 1990, 1996, 1997, 2008, 2012, 2013, Born This Day,

1967 Biafra Independence 30th May 1967 : Biafra proclaims its independence from Nigeria, but war breaks out in July and Nigerian forces take control of oil fields leaving the country no form of revenue which causes mass starvation of over 1,000,000 people. In January 1970 Biafra surrenders to Nigerian forces and becomes part of Nigeria once again losing it's independence.

1911 U.S.A. Indianapolis 500 30th May 1911 : The first ever running of the Indianapolis 500 is won by Ray Harrounat at an average speed of 74.59 miles an hour.

1922 U.S.A. Lincoln Memorial Tuesday, 30th May 1922 : The Lincoln Memorial built to honor Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the United States, is dedicated by Former President William Howard Taft in Washington, D.C.

1937 Spain Spanish Civil War 30th May 1937 : For the first time in the Spanish Civil War a foreign power has been openly involved in the bombing of the Spanish port of Almeria , Four German War ships bombed the city causing the loss of 400 lives . There are growing concerns that this could lead to a full scale war in Europe and the British foreign secretary Anthony Eden has appealed to Germany to take no further action.

1937 U.S.A. Memorial Day Massacre 30th May 1937 : The Memorial Day Massacre takes place when Ten union demonstrators are killed and 84 are wounded when police opened fire in front of the South Chicago Republic Steel plant.

1954 U.S.A. Tornado's Nebraska 30th May 1954 : A series of tornados and torrential rain has struck Nebraska leaving 6 dead and many more injured and homeless 10 miles southeast of Norfolk.

1959 England Hovercraft 30th May 1959 : The first full size hovercraft , the SR-N1, designed by Sir Christopher Cockerell, is launched and tested at Cowes on the Isle of Wight.

1967 Egypt Destruction of Israel 30th May 1967 : President of Egypt President Nasser states in a public statement that his basic objective is the destruction of Israel. King Hussein of Jordon together with other Arab Countries have now signed a pact that any attack on either of them is an attack on all and will take measures including the use of armed forces to repulse such an attack".

1967 Turkey Soviet Union to support Arab countries against Israel 30th May 1967 : Following the statement by the Soviet Union to support Arab countries against Israel , 10 Additional Soviet Warships are travelling through the Dardanelles on the way to the Mediterranean sea where the US 6th Fleet is based, together with the very fragile peace in the middle east many are hoping this is a political mover rather than a military buildup by the soviets.

1967 U.S.A. Evel Knievel 30th May 1967 : Evel Knievel the motorcycle daredevil stuntman successfully clears sixteen cars in Gardena, California

1971 U.S.A. Mariner 9 Launched 30th May 1971 : The US space probe Mariner 9 was launched on its mission to Mars. Where it will send more than 7,000 pictures of the planet back to Earth.

1979 U.S.A. DC 10's Grounded 30th May 1979 : Following the Crash of an American Airlines DC 10 in Chicago earlier this week with the loss of 274 lives all DC 10's are currently undergoing inspections of the engine mountain bolts by government inspections prior to use.

1981 Bangladesh Attempted Coup 30th May 1981 : Following an attempted coup in Bangladesh the President Ziaur Rahman was murdered, The vice president has imposed strict curfews in Dacca and surrounding towns and cities and there is ongoing fighting between loyalist troops and the rebels led by Major General Abul Manzur.

1990 England BSE 30th May 1990 : British Beef exports are hit further as France bans imports of British beef and live cattle because of fears over BSE, or "mad cow" disease. Germany and Italy join the ban 2 days later and by 1996 there was a worldwide ban on all British beef exports. This was lifted in 1999 by all countries except France and Germany, which lifted the ban in 2000.

1996 England Prince Andrew Divorce 30th May 1996 : Prince Andrew and the former Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York ( Fergie ) were granted an uncontested decree ending their 10-year marriage, they have two children by the marriage Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who are respectively fifth and sixth line of succession to the British Throne.

1997 U.S.A. "Megan's Law" 30th May 1997 : Child molester Jesse K. Timmendequas is convicted in Trenton, N.J., of raping and strangling seven year old Megan Kanka, the case inspired "Megan's Law," which requires that communities be notified when sex offenders move in.

2008 China 200,000 Evacuated 30th May 2008 : The earthquake that occurred in China three weeks ago is causing additional major problems including Lake Tangjiashan a lake that was created during the earthquake now risks breaking through the dams and flooding large areas of Mianyang, so far over 200,000 have been evacuated. It is a race between the Chinese troops who are digging diversion channels to relieve pressure on the lake and nature which is filling the lake to overflowing at an alarming rate.

Liberia 2012 Liberia Charles Taylor Gets Fifty Years in Prison
30th May, 2012 : Former leader of Liberia Charles Taylor was sentenced to fifty years in jail by a UN-backed war crimes court. Taylor had earlier been found guilty of aiding and abetting Sierra Leone rebels during a 1991 to 2002 civil war. Taylor has claimed innocence and his lawyer has said they will appeal against the sentence.

2013 Spain Bon Jovi Waives Concert Fee

30th May, 2013 : The US band Bon Jovi has waived their normal concert fee for their upcoming concert in Madrid, Spain. They did this over concerns about the country's economic crisis and were worried that fans would not be able to afford the regularly priced tickets. The tickets were thus priced much lower than usual and sold out very quickly.