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1967 - Great Britain Francis Chichester
1967 : British sailor Francis Chichester arrives back in Plymouth after sailing round the world single-handed in his boat Gipsy Moth IV.
1977 - U.S.A. Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire
1977 : A fire takes hold and fire races through the Beverly Hills Supper Club in Southgate, Kentucky killing 165 people. When the fire began it is believed over 3,000 were in the club and the combination of lack of sprinkler systems and audible automatic fire alarms together with poorly marked fire exits resulted in the large number of deaths that night.
1937 - Spain Civil War
1937 : The Civil War in Spain is now also being fought in the air as both sides are using more than 70 airplanes to bomb and ravage the cities of Valencia and Santander in some of the worst destruction ever seen by the use of aircraft in a war with civilians being the biggest casualties.
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1951 - U.S.A. Macy's / Gimbals Price War
1951 : The two biggest retailers in New York City are planning to go head to head with an old fashioned price war Macy's the worlds largest department store and Gimbals who have said they will not be undersold. Macy's has stated they will cut 6% off of a quarter of it's products throughout the store.
1965 - India Mine Explosion Dharbad Kills 375
1965 : A mine explosion caused by the ignition of a build up of methane gas near Dharbad, India kills 375 people and injures hundreds more.
1974 - Northern Ireland Strike
1974 : The Protestant Extremist Ulster Workers Council has suspended a 15 day strike which has crippled the economy and bought the country to it's knees Northern Ireland , they have been striking because they are not happy with the current power sharing agreement between majority Protestants and Minority Catholic currently in place in Northern Ireland. Following the crippling strike Northern Ireland's first power-sharing assembly has collapsed and Northern Ireland is once again facing direct rule from Westminster.
1982 - British Capture Port Darwin and Goose Green
1982 : British troops re-capture Port Darwin and Goose Green in the Falkland Islands taking almost 1500 Argentine prisoners.
1984 - Iran / Iraq War
1984 : The continued fighting between Iran and Iraq is now reaching close to 4 years and Iran's President has warned other Persian Golf Countries to stay Neutral or they will bear the consequences.
1987 - Soviet Union Mathias Rust
1987 : A 19 year old West German, Mathias Rust, flying a light plane undetected from Helsinki to Moscow and lands safely in Red Square.
1990 - U.S.A. 17 years Cicadas
1990 : Wisconsin: After 17 years the Cicadas are emerging from the ground , they are jet black with red eyes and orange wings and the sound they make is unmistakable, their life cycle is only 4 to 6 weeks while above the ground during which time they mate laying their eggs in the ground and dying, during the next 17 years they will feed on tree roots underground and appear back close to memorial day in 2007 when the cycle will start again.
1991 - Ethiopia Revolution
1991 : The Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) take control of the nations capitol Addis Ababa ending 17 years of Marxist rule in Ethiopia.
1998 - Pakistan Nuclear Power
1998 : Pakistan detonates 5 nuclear explosions in retaliation for similar nuclear tests by their neighbor, India.
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2003 - U.S.A. Tax Cuts
2003 : President George W. Bush signed the 10-year, $350 billion package of tax cuts.
2006 - U.S.A. Barry Bonds
2006 : Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants hit his 715th home run to pass Babe Ruth on the all time greatest list.
2007 - Japanese Government Official Commits Suicide
2007 : The Japanese Minister of Agriculture, Toshikatsu Matsuoka, was found dead in his apartment after he had hanged himself. The sixty-two year old committed suicide prior to being questioned in the Japanese parliament over being implicated in a political scandal. The suicide marked the first time a Japanese cabinet member had committed suicide since World War II.
2008 - Nepal Abolishes Monarchy
2008 : The nation of Nepal voted to abolish their two hundred and forty year old monarchy and became the world's newest republic. An assembly meeting in Kathmandu voted overwhelmingly to end the monarchy and the news was received with celebrations in the streets. The country had previously faced a conflict between the monarchy and Maoists.
2009 - Thailand Zoo Surprised At Panda Birth
2009 : The Chiang Mai zoo was pleasantly surprised when an eight year old panda, Lin Hui, gave birth to a cub unexpectedly. The birth took place three months after Lin Hui was artificially inseminated, she had shown no signs of a pregnancy before the birth. The cub was healthy and was set to be raised in Thailand for two years before being handed over to China.
2011 - United States Poet Gil Scott-Heron Dies
2011 : Sixty-two year old musician and poet Gil Scott-Heron died after becoming ill. Scott-Heron was known for being a great influence on hip-hop and rap music, as well as jazz, blues, and soul music. Much of his work contained strong political messages, including his most famous work entitled "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," a piece about racial relations in media and advertising.
2012 - United Kingdom Woman Dies of Rabies in London
2012 : A woman who had reportedly contracted rabies after being bitten by a dog in South Asia died in a London hospital while being treated. An investigation of the case was going to be started as the woman had originally been turned away from care at Darent Valley Hospital in Dartford and a spokesman for the hospital had stated the country was rabies-free.
2013 - South Korea Nuclear Reactors Suspend Operations
2013 : South Korea has suspended operations in two more nuclear reactors after concerns have arisen over the use of unauthorized parts. The first two reactors were suspended in 2012 and the closing of two more raised concerns over the country's power capabilities in the upcoming summer months.

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Maeve Binchy
Born: May 28th, 1940, Dublin
Died: July 30th, 2012, Dublin
Known For : A best-selling author and journalist from Dublin. She was a teacher in the 1960's and had received a B.A. in History and French from University College Dublin in 1960. She began writing for the Irish Times in 1968, and produced a number of short stories in the 1970s. Her first book was published in 1982 and she has since released several novels on social interaction and events in her home country.