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For Those With Birthdays 22nd May looking for specific year these years are Included on this date
1927, 1928, 1933, 1939, 1945, 1958, 1960, 1965, 1969, 1972, 1981, 1989, 1990, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, Born This Day,

1981 England The Yorkshire Ripper 22nd May 1981 : The Yorkshire ripper Peter Sutcliffe has been found guilty of killing 13 women and the attempted murder of 7 others. and is sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in jail.

1989 China Tiananmen Square in Beijing 22nd May 1989 : Students have now occupied Tiananmen Square in Beijing for the 10th day protesting for the pro-democracy movement in China , the total number now exceeds 45,000 and conditions are worsening and the Government in China is considering ways to quell the protesters after the military has stated they will not attack the protesters.

1927 China Earthquake 22nd May 1927 : An earthquake measuring 8.6 on Richter scale strikes Xining in the eastern part of Qinghai province It was one of the deadliest earthquakes on record with a total count of 200,000 deaths.

1928 U.S.A. Yukon Pochontas Mine Disaster 22nd May 1928 : An explosion in No 1 Mine at Yukon Pochontas in West Virginia left 17 dead , this follows a series of Mine disasters in the last few days including 15 at a mine in Kentucky and the large loss of life of over 150 dead at Mather in Pennsylvania and the operation to recover dead bodies is still continuing

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1933 U.S.A. Federal Emergency Relief Fund 22nd May 1933 : The Federal Emergency Relief fund has given 8 states a total of $5,336,317 in relief funding today to pay for welfare programmes including Texas and Washington State

1939 Germany "Pact Of Steel" Signed By Germany and Italy 22nd May 1939 : Pact of Steel, known formally as the Pact of Friendship and Alliance between Germany and Italy signed. The Pact was a declaration of continuing trust and cooperation between Germany and Italy and a joint military and economic policy.

1945 England Winston Churchill Resigns 22nd May 1945 : Winston Churchill resigned as prime minister of England which brings an end to the coalition cabinet formed during the war , There is an election called on July 5th .

1958 U.S.A. Missile Explosions 22nd May 1958 : A powerful Nike Missile blew up underground in Middleton NJ which set up a further 8 which exploded causing between 7 and 10 deaths all missiles were fully armed with explosives , no reason has yet been found but further investigations are continuing .

1960 Chile Tsunami 22nd May 1960 : Following on from the devastating Earthquake the day before a tsunami caused by the quake also caused a number of deaths in Hawaii and Japan .

1965 U.S.A. Berkeley University Anti Vietnam Protests 22nd May 1965 : The marathon protest over United States Policy in Vietnam continued at Berkeley University in California with over 5,000 protesters involved in a teach in of the war in Vietnam.

1969 The Moon Apollo 10 22nd May 1969 : Apollo 10 astronauts Colonel Thomas Stafford and Commander Eugene Cernan carry out a rehearsal for a planned Moon landing when their lunar module came to within eight nautical miles of the Moon's surface.

1972 Ceylon Change Name To Sri Lanka 22nd May 1972 : Ceylon changes it's name from Ceylon to Sri Lanka

1972 Soviet Union President Richard Nixon Visits Soviet Union 22nd May 1972 : President Richard Nixon the first US president to visit Moscow arrives for talks with Soviet leaders over "international issues" including the war in Vietnam and the current Nuclear Arms Race. During his week long visit a treaty to halt the nuclear arms race Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (Salt) was agreed which limits the two superpowers to 200 defensive nuclear missiles each. The other important agreement was to work together more in space exploration which will the two countries first joint manned venture into space in June 1975.

1990 Yemen 22nd May 1990 : After 150 years separation, Marxist South Yemen and conservative North Yemen are unified as the Republic of Yemen

1998 Indonesia Protestors 22nd May 1998 : Heavily armed soldiers marched into Parliament in Jakarta to evict anti-government student protesters who were protesting about the amount of government corruption in Indonesia , this follows weeks of riots against the current administration over corruption and the economy.

2000 Lebanon Hezbollah 22nd May 2000 : Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia Muslim militant group supported by Syria and Iran, take over several outposts abandoned by the Israeli-backed South Lebanon Army in Israel's southern occupation zone.

2003 Iraq US and UK take control of Iraq 22nd May 2003 : The U.N. Security Council gives the U.S. and Britain a mandate to rule Iraq, ending 13 years of economic sanctions.

2008 Kenya 19 Arrested Over Witch Burning 22nd May 2008 : Eight women and three men, aged between 80 and 96, were burned to death when they were accused of being witches in the western Kisii district of Kenya 19 have now been arrested connection with the murders.

Italy 2008 Italy Italy to Restart Nuclear Program 22nd May, 2008 : The Italian government announced it would restart its nuclear program more than twenty years after it was ended. The previous program was ended after the Chernobyl nuclear accident in Ukraine. Officials in Italy stated that a new nuclear program could reduce the country's reliance on other energy sources such as oil and natural gas.

United States 2009 United States Washington State Starts Assisted Suicide 22nd May, 2009 : A woman in the US state of Washington became the first person to die under an assisted suicide law in that state. The sixty-six year old woman, named Linda Flemming, was terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and died under the supervision of her doctor with her family by her side.

China 2010 China Boy Becomes Youngest to Climb Everest 22nd May, 2010 : Jordan Romero, a thirteen year old boy from the United States, became the youngest person to climb Mount Everest. The boy set out with his father and three Sherpas from Kathmandu and traveled to the Chinese side of the mountain where there are no age restrictions for climbers. Romero had already scaled five of the highest peaks on the seven continents, adding Everest as his sixth.

United States 2011 United States Devastating Tornado Hits Missouri 23rd May, 2011 : A devastating tornado cutting a six mile path through the city of Joplin in Missouri. The tornado left much of the city with out power and damaged nearly two-thousand buildings. There were reports of over one-thousand injuries and at least one-hundred and fifteen people were found dead with many more unaccounted for. The city with a population of 50,000 people was expected to receive disaster relief, as the Missouri Governor, Jay Nixon, declared a state of emergency in the state.

Mexico 2011 Mexico Army General Shot Dead 22nd May, 2011 : A recently retired Mexican army general was shot dead near Mexico City, Mexico. General Jorge Juarez Loera, who had retired earlier in May, was the third highest ranking general in the Mexican army and a key figure in its war with drug trade. General Juarez Loera was travelling in a private car and got out to investigate an accident when he was shot, officials were unsure if he was being directly targeted.

2013 Venezuela Venezuela Tries to End Toilet Paper Shortage

22nd May, 2013 : The Venezuelan government has approved creating a seventy-nine million dollar credit for the importation of toilet paper, toothpaste and soap. The socialist country had been facing chronic shortages of toilet paper. Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro says that the country's economic problems are a conspiracy against the country by wealthier nations, while economic analysts believe that the government's price controls and state-controlled industries have made the economy imbalanced.