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1941 England Jet Airplane Flight 15th May 1941 : The Gloster-Whittle E 28/39 Jet aircraft flies successfully over Cranwell, England, The aircraft's jet engine, was devised by Frank Whittle, an Britiah aviation engineer and pilot generally regarded as the inventor of the jet engine.
Although Frank Whittle is considered the inventor of the Jet Engine Concept which he patented in 1930 the Gloster-Whittle E 28/39 Jet aircraft was not the first Jet aircraft to fly successfully.
The first was the German Heinkel He 178, designed by Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain, on August 27th, 1939.

1918 U.S.A. Airmail Service 15th May 1918 : The first flights for the new U.S. airmail service begins between Washington, Philadelphia and New York.

1926 Britain General Strikes 15th May 1926 : After weeks of strikes in Great Britain for transport, mines and factories the country is starting to get back to normal as the transport industry and unions have reached a compromise. The mining industry is not back to work but hopes are high that they will reach a settlement.

1939 U.S.A. Food Aid 15th May 1939 : A new plan is to be tested in Rochester New York for providing food aid to the 14,000 families on relief , A number of foods are designated in surplus will be provided with the blue food stamps issued by the government these include Butter, White Flour, Fresh Oranges and Eggs. They are hoping that this will help to distribute surplus foods to the needy if this works it will be integrated into the New Deal Program.

1940 U.S.A. Nylon Stockings 15th May 1940 : Nylon stockings from DuPont ( Nylon invented in 1935 by Wallace Carothers ) went on general sale for the first time in the United States.

1942 U.S.A. Gas Rationing 15th May 1942 : Gas rationing goes into effect across 27 US states as part of the war effort.

1948 Israel Independence 15th May 1948 : Israel declares independence on May 14, 1948, and one day later the new state of Israel is attacked by Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq which lasted almost a year, a cease fire was declared and temporary borders, known as the Green Line, were instituted. The creation of Israel as an independent state had been rejected by The Arab League from the very beginning.

1949 U.S.A. Tornado Amerillo 15th May 1949 : A major Tornado strikes Amerillo Texas causing 6 deaths and many injuries and over 50 homes completely destroyed

1954 U.S.A. Marilyn Monroe 15th May 1954 : After several weeks Marilyn Monroe is back at work on dance rehearsals for the new film "There's No Business Like Show Business" .

1957 Britain H Bomb Testing 15th May 1957 : Britain tests first hydrogen bomb on the Christmas Island area in the Pacific Ocean, the arms race between countries continues to escalate as each country tests bigger and more destructive nuclear devices.

1970 U.S.A. Jackson State University 15th May 1970 : During a student protest at Jackson State University in Mississippi police opened fire, killing two students and injuring twelve others.

1972 U.S.A. George Wallace 15th May 1972 : Alabama Governor George Wallace is shot and left paralyzed while campaigning for President of the United States

1974 Israel School Hostages Killed 15th May 1974 : A school hostage situation close to the Lebanese border ends with 16 of the children murdered together with the three Palestinian gunmen who had been holding them hostage.
As Israeli troops storm the school the teenagers were attacked with hand grenades by the Palestinians as a last act of defiance.

1981 Mexico 20 Million Volkswagen Beetle 15th May 1981 : The 20,000,000th Volkswagen Beetle came off the production line at the Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico.

1982 Falkland Islands Ground Attack 15th May 1982 : During the first ground attack on Argentine forces in the Falkland Islands British commandos destroyed 11 aircraft and a big ammunition dump.

1993 France Nursery Children Rescued 15th May 1993 : Masked French police commandos free six girls and their nursery teacher ( Ms Dreyfus ) and shot dead Eric Schmitt who called himself the Human Bomb , ending a two-day hostage crisis at a nursery school in Paris.

2001 England Drug Price Fixing Ended 15th May 2001 : Following a two year investigation into claims that the drug industry has been indulging in a price fixing policy, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has challenged the so-called resale price maintenance (RPM) , which kept the price of branded over-the-counter products artificially high. The major British supermarkets will now discount many of the over the counter common household medicines including pain killers Calpol and Nurofen by as much as 40%.

2006 Iraq Saddam Hussein 15th May 2006 : A judge formally charges Saddam Hussein with crimes against humanity, Saddam Hussein refuses to enter a plea insisting he was still Iraq's president and the judge had no jurisdiction to charge him.
In November he was found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to death by hanging, he was hanged on December 30th.

United States 2006 United States US to Re-establish Ties with Libya 15th May, 2006 : The United States State Department announced it would be restoring diplomatic relations with the North African country of Libya. The State Department also decided to take the country off of their list of countries that sponsor terrorism after being on the list for nearly thirty years.

United States 2007 United States Famous Evangelist Dies 15th May, 2007 : Famously conservative evangelist Jerry Falwell died at the age of seventy-three. The founder of the "Moral Majority" movement had been found unconscious in his office and medical professionals were unable to revive him. The television preacher had been deeply involved in conservative politics and had ties to Presidents Reagan and Bush, as well as other political leaders.

2008 U.S.A. California Same Sex Marriages 15th May 2008 : California's Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Same Sex marriages and has said the "right to form a family relationship" applied to all Californians regardless of sexuality.

Burma 2009 Burma Burma Approves Constitution 15th May, 2009 : A new constitution created by the military junta in Burma was approved by 92.4% of voters in a referendum, with a voter turnout of 99%. The opposition party, the National League for Democracy, decried the results and labeled the results as fraud. The proposed constitution would give the military junta more permanent power and prohibit the opposition's leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, from being able to hold office.

United States 2011 United States Mississippi River Floodgates Opened 15th May, 2011 : The United States Army Corps of Engineers opened floodgates in the state of Louisiana along the Mississippi river in an effort to save larger cities located along the Mississippi, like Baton Rouge and New Orleans, from flooding. The flooding was expected to cover up to three thousand square miles and could effect up to 25,000 people. This was the first time in forty years that the river levels have forced the opening of the floodgates.

Switzerland 2012 Switzerland Royal Diamond Sold For $9.7 Million
15th May, 2012 : The Beau Sancy, one of the world's most famous and oldest diamonds, was sold at auction for $9.7 million. The diamond had been passed through the royal families in Europe and had been owned by Mary Stuart and the first king of Prussia.

United States
2013 United States Living Artist Painting Record Broken

15th May, 2013 : A painting by artist Gerhard Richter was auctioned in New York for $37.1 million, breaking the record for the highest auction price of a work from a living artist. Richter, eighty-one years old, had also held the previous record.