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1937 - England King George VI
1937 : King George VI was crowned at Westminster Abbey. King George was second in line to the throne but following his younger brother Edward who abdicated so he could marry American socialite Wallis Simpson he became King. King George's wife was the much loved Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon much better known as "Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother", who died at the grand old age of 102 on March 30th 2002. Their oldest daughter Queen Elizabeth is current Queen of England.
2008 - China Earthquake Magnitude 7.8
2008 : An Earthquake measuring 7.8 strikes near Chengdu, Sichuan's provincial capital in south western China. Early reports indicate primary school buildings collapsed in the Chongqing area leaving hundreds of children buried in the rubble. As the full scale of the destruction caused by the largest earthquake in China for many years become known, the death toll is expected to reach 60,000 and up to five million Chinese are now homeless. Video shot by students during the earthquake.
1926 - England General Strike Ends
1926 : The British general strike ends with no changes for working conditions or wages for the miners.
1932 - U.S.A. Lindbergh Baby Found Dead
1932 : The Baby son kidnapped from Charles Lindbergh was found dead just miles away from the Lindbergh home today.
1935 - Poland Joseph Pilsudski
1935 : The Polish dictator Joseph Pilsudski has died and thousands mourn in Poland meanwhile the rest of Europe are wondering how the passing of this strong man will effect alliances in Europe.
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1943 - Tunisia World War II
1943 : Allied Armies completed the conquest of Tunisia in North Africa as a base for invasion of Southern Europe capturing some 150,000 prisoners, 1000 guns and 250 tanks. The two generals commanding this part of the war in North Africa General Eisenhower and General Alexander said the conquest of North Africa is now complete.
1949 - Germany West Berlin Blockade
1949 : After blocking all road traffic into West Berlin for 11 months after diplomatic meetings around the world the Soviet Union has lifted the blockade of road and rail links. The Blockade of West Berlin had been broken by a U.S. / British airlift of vital supplies to West Berlin's two million citizens.
1966 - U.S.A. Draft Deferment Test
1966 : Hundreds of thousands of College and University Students are preparing to sit the Draft Deferment Test , The test is a way for them to convince the Draft Board that they would serve the nation better in the quiet of the Classrooms than in the Jungles of Vietnam.
1967 - England Stansted Airport
1967 : British Government has agreed to allow development of Stansted Airfield to become London's third airport, currently the airfield is used mostly for pilot training.
1971 - France Mick Jagger
1971 : The Rolling Stones singer, Mick Jagger, marries Bianca Perez Morena de Macias at a civil ceremony in the local town hall in the French Mediterranean town of St Tropez.
1973 - U.S.A. Pentagon Papers Trial
1973 : The Pentagon Papers trial which was focused on THE FIRST AMENDMENT and The Governments Authority to control information and the Public's access to that information has now ended and with a verdict of NOT GUILTY for the defendants Daniel Ellsburg and Anthony J Russo Jr , but many of the answers given by defendants and testimony by witnesses raise many more questions concerning the Watergate Affair. ( This eventually led to Impeachment proceedings against President Nixon ) Daniel Ellsberg was a contributor but gave most of the Pentagon Papers to New York Times reporter Neil Sheehan, with Ellsberg's friend Anthony Russo assisting in their copying.
1981 - Northern Ireland IRA Hunger Striker
1981 : Following the death of Bobby Sands on May 5th a second IRA hunger striker, 25-year-old Francis Hughes, starves to death in the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland.
1987 - China Deadly Forest Fire
1987 : A forest fire that had spread quickly in Mohe County of the Heilongjiang Province now covers 2,000 square miles with 100 dead. The fire eventually burned two and a half million acres of land with 50,000 people losing their homes. and 193 people dead.
1994 - U.S.A. Abortion Clinics
1994 : A bill has been sent to President Clinton making it a Federal Crime to block access to an abortion clinic or to use force or threats against people using these facilities. This is in response to over 1000 acts of violence at these facilities in the last 20 years.
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2003 - Saudi Arabia Suicide Bombers
2003 : Suicide bombers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, killed 26 people, including nine U.S. citizens.
2006 - Oil Pipeline Explosion in Nigeria
2006 : Dozens of people are killed by an explosion at an oil pipeline near Lagos, Nigeria. The explosion occurred on Atlas Creek Island and incinerated nearly everything around the site of the blast leaving many bodies burnt beyond recognition.
2008 - Destructive Earthquake Hits China
2008 : An earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 struck the Sichuan province of China killing thousands of people. The quake left almost 90,000 people either missing or dead and injuring many more. In some places, nearly all buildings in the area had been destroyed.
2010 - United States BP Places Top Hat Near Oil Spill
2010 : The "Top Hat" dome is placed near the site of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The top hat shaped container dome was the second attempt at placing a container over the leak after the first attempt failed. The second dome was much smaller than the first, the first failed when it became blocked. Officials stated it could take a week to place the new dome over the actual leak and get it to work.
2013 - United States Mother's Day Parade Shooting
2013 : Nineteen people were injured after a shooting occurred during a Mother's Day parade in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two children were among those injured. Three suspects fled the scene and authorities stated they believe the shooting was related to street violence and not terrorism.

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Julius Rosenburg
Born: May 12th, 1918, New York City
Died: June 19th, 1953 Sing Sing prison, Ossining, New York
Known For : An American communist that was executed in 1953 for espionage. He was charged with passing details of the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. He, and his wife Ethel, had made notes on the Manhattan Project since 1944, and unlike some of the other Soviet spies they never admitted to their guilt (under the Fifth Amendment). They were executed by electric chair.