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What happened This day in History on March 3rd

1991 U.S.A. Police Brutality Captured On Film Sunday, 3rd March, 1991: On this day, it was evident that police brutality had occurred in Los Angeles, California in the middle of the night on March 3, 1991. This was proved, as it was recorded on video (although some of the audible sounds were not as noticeable as the actions). Three white police officers had proceeded to beat Rodney King beyond what was necessary to use force to control him. Moreover, these three officers had reported that the bruises, cuts, and/or scrapes they gave King were minor in nature. The beating by officers from the Los Angeles Police Department of Rodney King is captured on Video, the video then appeared on television news which angered many of the public especially those in the African American community who believed the police brutality was racially motivated. Four LAPD officers were later tried in a state court for the beating but were acquitted. The announcement of the acquittals sparked the 1992 Los Angeles Riots.

1952 U.S.A. Communist Teachers Banned From Public Schools Monday, 3rd March, 1952: As part of the paranoia concerning communism and the cold war the U.S. Supreme Court upholds a New York state law that prohibits communists from teaching in public schools.

1845 U.S.A. Florida Becomes The 27th state 3rd March, 1845 : In 1845 On This Day In History Florida became the 27th state of the United States of America.

1908 Canada Tax Collector 3rd March, 1908: It was reported that H.R. Patterson was appointed the new tax collector for Winnipeg, the capital city of Manitoba, Canada. This title was officially given to Patterson on the evening before it was made known by way of a local Canada newspaper.

U.S. 1923 U.S.A. Time Magazine Saturday, 3rd March, 1923: The first issue of the weekly periodical, "TIME" appeared on newsstands featuring Joseph Gurney Cannon, grand old man of Congress
1925 U.S.A. Quiet Period For Congress Tuesday, 3rd March, 1925: Normally Congress would have quite a bit to do on the eve of the end of the current session. However, this time around it was different for both the House and the Senate. There was little for these branches of the U.S. government to debate on during this time.

1931 U.S.A. The Star-Spangled Banner Tuesday, 3rd March, 1931: After over a century, a poem written by Francis Scott Key was finally established as the U.S. National Anthem. The lyrics of this song were written on September 14, 1814, while Key observed the British invasion of Fort Mc Henry, a war zone located in Maryland, USA. “The Star-Spangled Banner” composition was inspired by a flag that remained standing, even after several hundred bombings occurred.

1931 U.S.A. Minnie the Moocher 3rd March, 1931: Cab Calloway makes music history when he records “Minnie the Moocher.” This is the first jazz album to sell one million copies and it continues to be a popular album today.

1968 Puerto Rico Oil Tanker Sunday, 3rd March, 1968: A Liberian registered tanker snapped in two in Puerto Rico creating an oil slick four miles long and a mile wide

1962 U.S.A. Nuclear Testing Saturday, 3rd March, 1962: Russia had considered the United States’ decision to conduct nuclear testing a very aggressive move. Tass, the official Soviet news agency, was reported as having said that the United States was using the concept of nuclear testing as an excuse to carry out aggressive actions. However, Tass also stated U.S. President Kennedy’s promise that all action would be taken to reduce the amount of radioactivity that would enter the earth’s atmosphere. Atmospheric testing was expected to begin on Christmas Island of this same year (in June).

1963 U.S.A. Occupational Schools Proposed Sunday, 3rd March, 1963: R.W. Bend had inspected government facilities and has determined that they do not need current demands. Bend had mentioned that a complete “occupational school” would be needed before all technical school supply needs would be met. An “occupational school” is one that would help prepare students unable to enter a technical college to be able to sharpen their skills before being admitted. R.W. Bend had declared that this type of school would further help those who are not as easily able to cope with a university entrance course.

1964 Austria Airplane Crash Tuesday, 3rd March, 1964: A British airplane crashed into Mt. Glungezer, which is located in Austria. Unfortunately, a total of 85 people had lost their lives as they were headed for Innsbruck while vacation traveling. The cause of the crash at this time was not yet determined. There was no immediate sign of technical failure, and the case was thought of to take many months to resolve.

1966 England Colour Television Announced Thursday, 3rd March, 1966: The BBC is to begin broadcasting television programmes in colour from next year.

1972 U.S.A. Interest Rate Increase Friday, 3rd March, 1972: On this date in history, it was announced that consumer interest rates could dramatically increase. For instance, buyers as of this date may be required to pay 372 percent interest on a $10.00 loan.

1974 France Airplane Crash Sunday, 3rd March, 1974: A Turkish Airlines DC10 crashes near Paris, en route to London, killing all 345 people on board.

1982 England Barbican Centre Wednesday, 3rd March, 1982: The Queen opens the Barbican Centre the largest arts centre in western Europe covering five-and-a-half acres of Cripplegate, which was destroyed by Nazi bombers in World War II.

1985 England Miners Strike Sunday, 3rd March, 1985 : Miners' leaders vote to end the longest running industrial dispute in Britain History without a peace deal over proposed pit closures.

2002 Switzerland Joins United Nations Sunday, 3rd March, 2002: After about 200 years Switzerland became no longer “Neutral”. They became officially a part of the UN upon voters’ approval.

2005 U.S.A. Steve Fossett Thursday, 3rd March, 2005 : Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly a plane solo, non-stop around the globe without refuelling. He landed his Virgin GlobalFlyer at 1950 GMT in Salina, Kansas, after a 67-hour journey.
He is currently still missing since September 4t 2007 when contact with the light aircraft he was flying in the Sierra Nevada mountains was lost.

2007 U.S.A. Cherokee tribal history and revokation Saturday, 3rd March, 2007 : The Cherokee Nation of Native Americans have voted to revoke the tribal citizenship of descendants of the black slaves the Cherokees once owned. A total of 76.6% have voted to amend the tribal constitution to limit citizenship to blood tribe members only. Supporters have said that only the Cherokees had the right to determine their own tribal members. Opponents said the amendment is racist and aimed at preventing those with African-American heritage from gaining tribal revenue and government funding. The Cherokee Nation has some 250,000 to 270,000 members, and is second only to the Navajo in size. The vote has followed from a ruling by the Cherokee Nation Supreme Court last year which secured tribal citizenship for descendants of freedmen.

2008 World Stock markets fall in worries of recession Monday, 3rd March, 2008 : Worldwide stock markets have fallen as investors worry about a possible U.S. recession. On Wall Street, the Dow Industrials recovered from early losses to close 7 points lower. Britain's F.T.S.E. 100 index has ended 1% lower at 5,818.6, while Germany's Dax dropped 0.9% and France's Cac fell 1%. Shares across Asia, excluding China's mainland market, were hit from the bleak U.S. economic predictions, and Tokyo's Nikkei index tumbled 4.5%. India's Sensex index has shed as much as 5%.

2009 Pakistan Sri Lankan cricket team Attacked Tuesday, 3rd March, 2009 : 12 gunmen fire on the bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team on their way to play a match at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore, Pakistan. Six Pakistani policemen and two civilians were killed and 6 members of the Sri Lanka national cricket team. The gunmen were believed to be members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

2009 United States Brown meets Obama 3rd March, 2009 : Barack Obama has said that the Anglo-American 'special relationship' is still intact while holding talks with the Prime Minister Gordon Brown at the White House. He told reporters that it was 'not just important to me' but 'important to the American people.' Their discussions were largely economically-oriented, and Brown is the first European leader to meet the President. Obama said that they shared 'spectacular wives and wonderful children in common.'

2009 United States Russia to cooperate with the United States on Iranian missiles 3rd March, 2009 : A reply to Barack Obama's written suggestion for blocking the development of Iranian missiles is given by Dmitry Medvedev. The U.S. had offered to suspend its plans for a missile defence shield if Moscow cooperates in its efforts to prevent Iran from developing a series of long-range missiles. Medvedev says that he had not received the trade-off.

2010 United States Planning for cybersecurity Wednesday, 3rd March, 2010 : The White House has declassified some of its plans on how it will protect the nation's computer networks from cyberwarfare. The announcement was made by the 'cybersecurity tsar' Howard Schmidt, and has been aimed at a greater co-operation between academia, government and the private sector. "We have to fully recognize the importance cybersecurity has in our lives," Mr. Schmidt said.

United States 2011 United States Last Space Walk For Shuttle Discovery Thursday, 3rd March, 2011 : The last space walk to be conducted from the space shuttle Discovery before its retirement was completed by two US astronauts. Steve Bowen and Alvin Drew spent six hours on their space walk completing tasks for the International Space Station.

Colombia 2012 Colombia Rebel Bomb Attack Kills Three
Saturday, 3rd March, 2012 : After a "rebel bomb attack" in the North-eastern part of Colombia, two soldiers and one boy were dead as a result of the explosion. Another three soldiers were also injured in the attack that took place near the town of Tame. Officials claimed that the left-wing rebel group Farc were responsible for the attack.

2013 Malaysia Gun Battle Kills Police

Sunday, 3rd March, 2013 : Gunmen in the Malaysian state of Sabah killed at least five police in a gun battle. .

2014 Bahrain Bomb Kills Three Police

3rd March, 2014 : Three policemen were killed in a bomb blast in Daih, Bahrain while trying to break up rioting and anti-government protesters. After the explosion several opposition groups issued a statement saying that they "regretted" any casualties.