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What happened This day in History on March 1st

1954 U.S.A. Hydrogen Bomb Monday, 1st March, 1954 : US tests hydrogen bomb in the Pacific archipelago of Bikini, part of the Marshall Islands.

1961 U.S.A. Peace Corps Saturday, 1st March, 1961 : President John F. Kennedy establishes the Peace Corps as a new agency within the Department of State

1968 U.S.A. Johnny Cash Monday, 1st March, 1968 : Johnny Cash gets married to June Carter .

U.S. 1872 U.S.A. Yellowstone National Park 1st March, : Yellowstone National Park was appointed the United States' first national park on March 1st, 1872. It covers more than three and a half thousand square miles of plateaus, mountains and valleys Partly in Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

U.S. 1910 U.S.A. Avalanche Wellington, Washington 1st March, 1910 : An avalanche caused by very heavy snowfalls and freezing conditions buried two trains in Wellington, Washington killing 96 people. Trains were buried in after they were both thrust off their tracks. and fell into a canyon . Because of the nature of the accident and the disaster, bodies were not sought for and rescued until quite a few days after it happened. Blizzard conditions were what held rescuers back the most.

U.S. 1920 U.S.A. United States Railroad Administration Monday, 1st March, 1920 : The United States Railroad Administration returns control of American railroads Nationalized during World War I to the railroad companies

U.S. 1932 U.S.A. Lindbergh baby Tuesday, 1st March, 1932 : The Lindbergh baby is kidnapped when stolen from his crib at the family estate in Hopewell, New Jersey,
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U.S. 1936 U.S.A. The Hoover Dam Sunday, 1st March, 1936 : The Hoover Dam ( Boulder Dam ) is completed and turned over to the U.S. government. It supplies hydroelectricity, irrigation and fresh water to homes in California and Nevada.

U.S. 1937 U.S.A. Steel Strike Ends Monday, 1st March, 1937 : This was the end of the steel strike for union workers. The end of this strike had resulted in quite a few victories for unions such as the United Auto Workers who has staged a strike at the Michigan General Motors plant during this time period. The reason for the union strike: similar to the rest of the reason why strikes take place. Generally speaking, they are planned with the intent of advocating better working conditions for all employees (i.e. shorter hours, pay raises, more benefits, and workers’ protection). .

U.S. 1940 U.S.A. Communist Party Friday, 1st March, 1940 : The communist party of Dane County in Wisconsin was “all for” the Soviet-Finnish Peace Treaty. This political activist group believed that this treaty would help keep Americans out of what they considered to be the “Imperialist War” (World War II). This treaty was actually signed as of March 12th, 1940 between Finland and the U.S.S.R. The Finnish Nation was one of the supporters of Hitler Germany at the time. The U.S.S.R. (a.k.a. Soviet Union) fought on the side of the Allied Powers, which the United States after 1937.

U.S. 1941 U.S.A. First FM Radio Station Saturday, 1st March, 1941 : Nashville, Tennessee becomes the home of the very first FM radio station in the country. While the FM band had less static and more range, it didn’t become popular until the early 1960s.

UK 1950 United Kingdom Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs Saturday, 1st March, 1950 : Klaus Emil Julius Fuchs, 38, a civil servant from Harwell in Berkshire, a top nuclear scientist is jailed for fourteen years at the Old Bailey for spying for the Soviet Union where he pleaded guilty to four offences under the Official Secrets Act.

U.S. 1954 U.S.A. Congressmen Shot Monday, 1st March, 1954 : Five U.S. congressmen were shot and injured during a House session today when Puerto Rican spectators who yelled "Free Puerto Rico" fired shots into the United States Capitol building.

U.S. 1962 U.S.A. Plane Crash Long Island Thursday, 1st March, 1962 : On this day, 95 people were killed in a plane crash that occurred along the South shore of Long Island, New York. The irony of it all is that this plane crash happened after the end of a long stretch of bad weather (rain and fog) that had continued for about a week-on a clear day.

Canada 1963 Canada Free Trade Friday, 1st March, 1963 : John R. Bradfield, the President of the Canadian Institute of Metallurgy wanted to see freer trade to countries such as North America, Japan, Great Britain, and various European countries.

UK 1966 United Kingdom UK To Go Decimal 1971 Tuesday, 1st March, 1966 : The Chancellor of the Exchequer, James Callaghan, has confirmed the decision to change over to decimal coinage in 1971.

Space 1966 Space Venera 3 1st March, 1966 : An unmanned Soviet probe called Venera 3 crashes on Venus in the pursuit of the conquest of space.

UK 1971 United Kingdom Protest Industrial Relations Bill 1st March, 1971 : Hundreds of thousands of workers possibly as many as 1.5 million people across Britain have taken part in an unofficial day of protest against the government's new industrial relations Bill.

UK 1971 U.S.A. U.S. Capitol Bombed Monday, 1st March, 1971 : The radical left organization Weather Underground / Weatherman bomb the United States Capitol on March 1, 1971. A bomb was placed in the senate wing causing $300,000 damage and no injuries.

Syria 1972 Syria Israeli Attacks Wednesday, 1st March, 1972 : This was one of the significant days of attack by Israel against the Arabs. The Israeli army launched attacks against Arab Guerrilla camps that operated in southern Syria at this time. Fighting back and forth continued on at different times after this until the present day.

Sudan 1973 Sudan Black September Thursday, 1st March, 1973 : The Palestinian terrorist group Black September storm the Saudi Arabian embassy in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, taking diplomats hostage. ( this was the same terrorist organization that murdered nine Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

Switzerland 1978 Switzerland Charlie Chaplin Wednesday, 1st March, 1978 : The coffin of Charlie Chaplin was stolen from a small, unguarded village cemetery in Switzerland .

Northern Ireland 1981 Northern Ireland Bobby Sands Hunger Strike Sunday, 1st March, 1981 : Irish Republican Army member Bobby Sands begins a hunger strike at the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland. During his hunger strike he was elected as a Member of Parliament for Great Britain. He died 65 days later.

UK 1994 UK Fred West Tuesday, 1st March, 1994 : Fred West is charged with two more murders following the discovery of additional human remains in the garden of his Gloucester home

U.S. 1997 U.S.A. Kentucky Flooding Saturday, 1st March, 1997 : Massive flooding occurred throughout the state of Kentucky with Thousands left homeless and more than 50 people were deaths.

Space 2002 Space Water On Mars Friday, 1st March, 2002 : The possibility of water still existing on Mars was made known. According to NASA, a spacecraft called Odyssey had detected it on this planet. .

U.S. 2005 U.S.A. BTK Serial Killer Tuesday, 1st March, 2005 : Dennis Rader, accused of leading a double life as the BTK ( Bind, Torture and Kill, ) serial killer, was charged in Wichita, Kan., with 10 counts of first-degree murder between 1974 and 1991.. (Rader later pleaded guilty and received multiple life sentences.)

Finland 2006 Finland Tarja Halonen Wednesday, 1st March, 2006 : This was the date of the beginning of the last term that Tarja Halonen will serve as president of Finland. She was the 11th person to hold this office, and the first female to assume this position.

India 2006 India George Bush visits Delhi 1st March, 2006 : President Bush has stopped in Delhi, and tens of thousands of people have protested his arrival there. The rallies took place in Delhi and Calcutta, and its speakers have condemned the Iraq war. Both countries are trying to finalize a nuclear deal, and this is assumed to be the most important issue that will be dealt with. The deal will give India an access to U.S. civilian nuclear energy.

U.S. 2007 U.S.A. Tornadoes Thursday, 1st March, 2007 : A series of 55 Tornadoes strike the southern United States that began in Kansas on February 28th, 2007 and included Alabama and Georgia, the tornadoes leave 20 dead with the worst effected area being Enterprise, Alabama where a section of the Enterprise High School was destroyed during the middle of the school day killing 8 and injuring many more.

U.S. 2007 U.S.A. CO2 emissions are a violation of human rights 1st March, 2007 : An Inuit delegation has arrived in Washington to argue that the U.S. government's climate change policies are a violation of their human rights. A legal petition to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has demanded that the U.S. limits its emission of greenhouse gases. The Inuit are saying that pollution is contributing to the melting ice and thawing permafrost of their homeland. Their representatives have presented evidence to the Commission in an attempt to link human-induced climate change to international human rights, and this hearing is the latest stage in the legal process that they started in December 2005.

Liechtenstein 2007 Liechtenstein The Swiss Army have mistakenly arrived in Liechtenstein 1st March, 2007 : The Swiss Army have been accused of invading Liechtenstein, as troops incorrectly map-read their way into it during a military exercise. A 171-strong Swiss company had traveled two kilometres into Liectenstein before realizing their error. Liechtenstein has made light of the intrusion, saying they only knew about it when the Swiss told them. In 1985, the Swiss had to pay the state a compensation when rockets had been fired into it, and set a forest ablaze. With its manditory national service the Swiss Army is the largest army in Europe.

Afghanistan 2008 Afghanistan Prince Harry Saturday, 1st March, 2008 : Prince Harry who was sent secretly to Afghanistan with his regiment in December at his request is forced to return to Britain following the American website The Drudge Report making his deployment public.

United States 2008 United States The naming of the U.S.S. New York 1st March, 2008 : People have been watching the naming of the warship that was built from parts of the steel salvaged from the World Trade Center. The families of the 9/11 victims were among the thousands of spectators at the naming of the U.S.S. New York, in Avondale, Louisiana. The bow contains 7.5 tons of steel taken from Ground Zero. It bears a shield with two bars to symbolize the towers, and a banner with the slogan Never Forget. The New York is an amphibious landing ship with a crew of 360, and complement of 700 marines.

United States 2010 United States News is now more commonly seen online Monday, 1st March, 2010 : Online news has become more popular than reading newspapers in the United States, and is the third most popular form of news, behind local and national TV. It is known as an 'anytime, anywhere, any device activity for those who want to stay informed' as well as being 'omnipresent.' Its multiple formats on multiple platforms have shifted viewers' loyalty to a particular news organization. Now, only 7% of Americans get their news from a single media source, although the veracity of online news is debateable.

Germany 2011 Germany German Defense Minister Resigns Tuesday, 1st March, 2011 : Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, Germany's defense minister, resigned after it was discovered that he plagiarized large parts of his doctorate thesis in 2006. He had already had his PhD taken away after the allegations were found to be true and had come under fire by the German academic community and the media to step down from his government post.

United States 2012 United States Student Gunman Charged as Juvenile in Ohio
Thursday, 1st March, 2012 : The suspected gunman, TJ Lane, in a deadly school shooting will face charges as a juvenile in the US state of Ohio. Lane was suspected of killing three students and wounding two at Chardon High School. The county prosecutor involved in the case has stated that although Lane was charged as a juvenile, he had planned to try him on adult charges.

2013 Thailand Bomb Injures Six

Friday, 1st March, 2013 : A bomb attack in Southern Thailand injured six people. The attack came only a day after Muslim rebels and the government signed a deal for peace talks.

2014 Russia Russian Parliament Approves Ukraine Troops

1st March, 2014 : Russia's upper house of parliament approved the troop deployment in Ukraine. Russian President Putin had requested to use Russian forces to help stabilize Ukraine, as he feared for ethnic Russians in the region.