What do you know or remember from the Last Years News
Question 1
1. Which famous cyclist admitted to doping in an interview with Oprah?

Question 2
2. The Boston Marathon bombings that killed three and injured several hundred people took place on what day?

Question 3
3. What lab-grown food was eaten for the first time in the United Kingdom, with taste-testers reporting a lack of juiciness compared to its natural counterpart?

Question 4
4. Information leaks regarding the US government's secret surveillance program entitled PRISM were released by which former government contractor?

Question 5
5. One of the largest customer data breaches in history took place during the holiday shopping season in late 2013, over seventy million customers information was stolen from which major retailer?

Question 6
6. A meteor hit which Russian city in the Ural Mountain range causing widespread damage and nearly 1,500 injuries in February of 2013?

Question 7
7. Former Disney star Miley Cyrus spent much of 2013 trying to change her image, during which award show and with which other artist was her performance so controversial that it was discussed for weeks after?

Question 8
8. Controversial leader Hugo Chavez died after battling cancer for several years, he was the president of which South American country?

Question 9
9. Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation from the papacy in February of 2013, who was chosen to replace him?

Question 10
10. Queen Beatrix announced she would abdicate in order to allow her son to take the throne, she was the monarch of which European nation?

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Question 11
11. In February of 2013, French lawmakers overturned a two-hundred year old law that banned women from wearing what item of clothing?

Question 12
12. Which former basketball star from the 1980s and 1990s came under harsh criticism after visiting North Korea and spending time with dictator Kim Jong-un?

Question 13
13. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby that could become the next King of England in the future, what did she and Prince William name the royal baby?

Question 14
14. Microsoft released a new gaming system in 2013 that would supersede their popular Xbox 360 console, what is it called?
Question 15
15. Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87, she was the first female Prime Minister of the country and headed which political party?
Question 16
16. Which Academy Award winning actress was arrested in April of 2013 for disorderly conduct after her husband was pulled over on suspicion of driving while drunk?
Question 17
17. Jason Collins became the first active player in a major sport to come out as gay when he discussed his sexuality in a 2013 Sports Illustrated article, what sport does he play?
Question 18
18. A plane completely powered by which energy source successfully completed an eighteen hour flight from San Francisco to Phoenix in May of 2013?
Question 19
19. Which word defined as a self-portrait photograph most notably taken on an electronic device and uploaded onto social media was the Oxford Dictionary's 2013 Word of the Year?
Question 20
20. What type of unmanned aircraft gained much attention in 2013 due to news reports of its use by the United States in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan, despite some form of the technology being used since World War I?

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1. Lance Armstrong 2. April 15th, 2013 3. Burger 4. Edward Snowden 5. Target 6. Chelyabinsk 7. MTV Music Video Awards and Robin Thicke 8. Venezuela, 9. Pope Francis Formerly Jorge Mario Bergoglio 10. Netherlands 11. Pants 12. Dennis Rodman 13. George Alexander Louis 14. Xbox One 15. Conservative Party 16. Reese Witherspoon 17. Basketball 18. Solar Energy 19. Selfie 20. Drone