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1949 - De-Havilland Comet First Flight
1949 : The 500-mile-an-hour jet engine De-Havilland Comet designed as a commercial jet airliner flew for the first time with a test pilot at the controls.

1909 - U.S.A. Orville Wright
1909 : The world's airplane record for two men, was broken in a flight of one hour, twelve minutes and forty seconds over fifty miles and at a speed averaging about forty miles an hour by Orville Wright and Lieutenant Frank P. Lahm, of the army signal corps, as passenger.

1921 - Canada Housing Shortage
1921 : Landlords in the city of Toronto are now charging prospective tenants $2.00 to view apartments in the city , this is in part due to the lack of accommodation available in the city.

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1953 - Korea Armistice
1953 : An Armistice has been signed between Korea and Generals of the United Nations this is not a peace deal but a truce to end 37 months of fighting.

1974 - Impeachment Charges Against Nixon
1974 : The House of Representatives charges President Richard M. Nixon with the first of three articles of impeachment for obstruction of justice.

1986 - Tough New Anti Smoking Laws
1986 : A bill is to introduced to ban smoking on all public transport including trains, planes, buses and coaches with large fines up to $500 for those who break the law.

1996 - U.S.A. Nail Bomb Olympics
1996 : In Atlanta, Georgia, a nail-laden pipe bomb is exploded in Centennial Olympic Park during the XXVI Summer Olympiad leaving 2 dead and many more injured.

2000 - Fiji George Speight
2000 : The Rebel coup leader George Speight who led the coup to overthrow Fiji's democratically elected government in May by taking Fiji's Indian Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, and members of his multi-racial government hostage for 8 weeks has been arrested and will possibly face treason charges. He was found guilty of treason and is currently serving a term of life imprisonment for his role in the overthrow of the constitutional government.

2002 - Ukraine Fighter Jet Crash Kills 85
2002 : A fighter jet crashes into a crowd of spectators during an air show in Ukraine killing 85 people and injuring hundreds more.

2006 - World Trade Organization Talks Break Down
2006 : The (WTO) World Trade Talks which had been started in 2001 break down with blame shared equally around the world. The United States blamed because it saw no point in continuing the talks if developing countries would not open markets to US Companies. European Union blamed for protectionism and of using deliberate delaying tactics during the talks. The Developing Nations because they want state subsidies and import tariffs slashed in the EU and US so they can sell more of their produce abroad. What this means in reality is that the G8 nations will now turn to bilateral and regional free trade agreements, abandoning commitment to help developing nations increase their share of the global market.

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2007 - Mexico Drug Money
2007 : After a ninety day period, the unclaimed money that was seized from an alleged Mexican-Chinese drug trafficker, Zhenli Ye Gon’s home became the state’s property. Once in legal possession of the large sum of money, $205 million, Mexican officials would use the money to fund drug treatment programs, police equipment, and drug prosecution efforts. Zhenli Ye Gon was arrested in the United States the same week the announcement came from the Mexican government.

2007 - India Nuclear Pact
2007 : A nuclear pact between the United States and India is officially confirmed on this day. This is the first of such agreements in thirty years due to sanctioning from the United States.

2008 - China / Taiwan Relations Improve
2008 : The Olympic Village in Beijing opened on this day, twelve days before the start of the 2008 Summer Olympics. The Olympic Village housed 16,000 athletes during the games.

2009 - China / Taiwan Relations Improve
2009 : China’s president, Hu Jintao congratulated President Ma Yong-jeou of Taiwan after his win of the presidential election. This exchange marked the first time leaders of the two countries directly communicated in over sixty years. The exchange marked a positive step towards better relations between the two nations after the 1949 civil war separated Taiwan from China.

2011 - Hollywood Producer Dies
2011 : Polly Platt, a long time Hollywood producer, died at the age of seventy-two of a moto neuron disease. Platt was nominated for an Academy Award for art direction in the film Terms of Endearment. Platt had also worked on such films as What's Up Doc?, Paper Moon, and The Last Picture Show.

2012 - London Olympics Officially Open
2012 : The 2012 London Olympics were officially opened during the opening ceremony by Queen Elizabeth II. The opening ceremony featured many musical and theatrical performances meant to represent British culture and the Olympic spirit. At the end, possible future athletes were given the honor of lighting the ceremonial flame.

2013 - State Funeral for Murdered Opposition Leader
2013 : A state funeral was held for the Tunisian opposition leader Mohamed Brahmi who had been killed by gunmen in an assassination earlier that week. There were protests following Brahmi's death. Another opposition leader, Chokri Belaid, had been killed earlier in the year and it was said the Brahmi was shot with the same gun.

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Gary Gygax
Born: July 27th, 1938, Chicago, Illinois
Died: March 4th, 2008, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Known For : Gary's parents moved to Lake Geneva in 1946. He was always an avid games enthusiast, and fan of the fantasy realms of authors like John Vance, J.R.R. Tolkien and L. Sprague de Camp. He initially played war games as a child, and continued looking at by-mail simulations until he came up with the concept of using dice to generate the players' moves and tactical conclusions. He pursued a fairly mundane career until he formed a wargaming club with his friends. He wrote a wargame called Chainmail with a store-owner named Jeff Perren in Lake Geneva, and Chainmail became a fantasy-based roll-playing game that would become Dungeons and Dragons. He founded Tactical Studies Rules (T.S.R.) in 1973 which was D&D's parent company and produced its first boxed set in 1974. The game was immediately popular and has since inaugurated a substantial market. Advanced Dungeons and Dragons came out in 1977. Gary left T.S.R. in 1985, and sold his shares in it. The company had not been running effectively from a financial view and its running was left to others. The brand-name was bought by Wizards of the Coast in 1997.