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1995 - Bosnia Ethnic Cleansing
1995 : Ethnic Cleansing by Bosnian Serbs in the "SAFE AREA" of Srebrenica with tales of rape, massacres and psychological torture, the 40,000 women, children and elderly people who were under the protection of Dutch peacekeepers have been forced to flee what was set up as a "Safe Haven" because peacekeeping forces did not have the mandate to stop Serb forces taking over the town. It is also believed but not yet confirmed that over 3,000 Muslim men have been shot and murdered during the ethnic cleansing, but Bosnian Serbian forces are refusing entry to journalists and international organizations to confirm reports. After a number of investigations by the United Nations mass graves were found and the number of men killed was estimated at over 7,000 Muslim men who were shot dead and buried in mass graves. The General in charge General Mladic was later indicted by the War Crimes Tribunal for genocide but is still at large.

1922 - England Chimney Sweep
1922 : The humble chimney sweep is being swept away by machines with the advent of giant vacuum cleaners which do the job quicker, cleaner and cheaper than the traditional chimney sweep.

1933 - China Yellow River Mass Flooding
1933 : Hundreds of thousands of Chinese peasants are homeless due to the Yellow River overrunning it's dykes and flooding thousands of acres of land. Famine is now also affecting these men, women and children and hundreds are now dying from starvation.

1945 - Italy Declares War On Japan
1945 : Italy formally declared war on Japan, a former Axis partner.

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1954 - U.S.A. Boeing 707 Maiden Flight
1954 : America's first jet airliner the Boeing 707 took off from Renton Field in Renton, Washington on it's maiden flight.

1965 - Mars Mariner 4
1965 : The unmanned spacecraft Mariner 4 passes over Mars at an altitude of 6,000 feet and sends back to Earth the first close-up images of the red planet.

1971 - UK Colour Prejudice
1971 : Euston Station staffing 'colour bar' ends after complaints by a West Indian who was refused a job at Euston Station. It is thought a number of British Rail Stations still conduct an unofficial colour bar on staff. A new Race Relations Act was implemented in 1968 and a further strengthening of measures to combat racial prejudice in the workplace was implemented in the 1976 Race Relations Act.

1971 - UK Seal Pups Cull Off Lincolnshire Coast
1971 : The Home Office has granted rights for five fishermen to kill 350 seal pups using high powered rifles off the Lincolnshire coast by the end of next week in a bid to stop overcrowding. Seal Pup pelts sell for up to £12 per pelt.

1971 - Nixon To Visit China
1971 : President Richard Nixon announces on a live television and radio broadcast that he will visit communist China the following year. The trip became a starting point for improvements in U.S. Chinese relations.

1976 - School Bus Kidnapped Chowchilla, California
1976 : An entire school bus of twenty six children and the driver are kidnapped in Chowchilla, California by three gunmen. They are then forced into a moving van which had been buried underground in a quarry in Livermore, California. The bus driver Ed Ray and some of the older children spent the next 16 hours digging their way out and emerge in the middle of the night and walked to a nearby guard shack at the entrance to the quarry. The quarry owner's son, Frederick Woods, and two friends, Richard and James Schoenfeld, are charged and found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

1979 - President Jimmy Carter Blames OPEC
1979 : President Jimmy Carter In a live speech to the American people blamed the long period of recession in the US, on the effects of OPEC’s a href="">1973 cuts in oil production and the increases in fuel prices which in turn fueled inflationary pressures. He also said other countries had adapted quicker to the increased fuel prices like Japanese and European auto makers who had much more fuel efficient cars which the American public were now buying.

1984 - India Sikh Unrest in Punjab
1984 : Following Sikh unrest in Punjab and North Eastern India the government has given itself sweeping powers through the use of designating area's as Terrorist Affected which will allow them to set up special courts to try those believed to involved in terrorism.

1996 - U.S.A. MSNBC Launched
1996 : MSNBC a joint venture between Microsoft and NBC, a 24-hour all-news network, is launched on cable TV and the Internet.

1997 - U.S.A. Gianni Versace Murdered
1997 : The Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace was shot twice in the head on the steps outside his Miami mansion by Andrew Cunanan.
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2002 - Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT
2002 : Research by the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) has suggested that women who take HRT (Prempro --- equine hormones, oestrogen and progestin) for menopausal symptoms were 26% more likely to develop breast cancer and may be at increased risk of heart disease and stroke. Following the report the use of Hormone Replacement Therapy decreased by 50%, but many women still believe the benefits outweigh the risks.

2006 - UN Sanctions Passed on North Korea
2006 : The UN Security Council imposed sanctions on North Korea after the country tested a long-range missile and several shorter-ranged missiles earlier in the month. The vote was unanimous.

2007 - Peru General Strikes and Protests
2007 : Massive protests in the country of Peru continued in all major towns and cities. The protests, started as a national strike held by the Peruvian Education Worker’s Union as a sign of disapproval of the government at the time, after the first year of Alan Garcia’s presidency.

2008 - Worldwide Oil Increases and Inflation Rates
2008 : As the increased cost of oil and energy filters through to the market inflation around the world increases causing concerns for governments and consumers.
Inflation Rates: Russia 15.0%, Turkey 12.0%, India 11.0%, South Africa 11.7%, China 7.7%, Brazil 5.8%, Spain 5.0%, U.S.A. 4.9%, UK 4.6%, Germany 3.8%, Canada 2.4%
Gas Prices Per Gallon: Germany $9.30, Spain $9.10, England $8.96, Brazil $6.38, Canada $5.50, India $4.81, South Africa $4.41, U.S.A. $4.11, Russia $3.90, China $3.40
These are not exact and vary according to exchange rate and city where the petrol is purchased, all calculations have been done using litres to gallons as most countries now sell by the litre and current US dollar exchange rate on July 15th 2008.

2009 - Iran Plane Crash
2009 : A plane flying from Iran to Armenia crashed on this day killing all 168 passengers on board. The plane crashed unexpectedly only sixteen minutes after it took off. The majority of the passengers were Iranian.

2011 - US Recognizes Libyan Rebels as Legitimate
2011 : The United States State department officially recognized the TNC, the Libyan opposition, as Libya's "legitimate governing authority". The decision came after the TNC (Transitional National Council) agreed to pursue democratic reform and the Libya Contact Group worked to create a plan to end fighting between rebels and Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. Hilary Clinton announced that the US no longer recognized the Gaddafi regime as having any legitimate authority in the country.

2012 - Russian Rocket Launches for International Space Station
2012 : A Russian Soyuz rocket successfully launched in Kazakhstan while carrying a three-man crew of astronauts from Russia, NASA, and Japan to the International Space Station.

2013 - Indonesia Several Die in Stampede
2013 : Seventeen people died in a stampede after a boxing match in the Papua province of Indonesia. The stampede began after fans of the loser in the match started rioting.

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Forest Whitaker
Born: July 15th, 1961, Longview, Texas
Known For : Award-winning actor known for his film roles in Platoon, The Crying Game, The Last King of Scotland, The Butler. Whitaker has also made several guest appearances on television series like ER and The Shield. Whitaker won the Oscar and Golden Globe for Best Actor in 2007 and won an Emmy in 2002.