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1985 - The Live Aid Concert
1985 : The Live Aid Concert was a series of rock concerts held to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia around the world in cites including London, Philadelphia, Sydney and Moscow. The concerts attracted close to 200,000 people and using satellite link-ups and television broadcasts around the world attracted an estimated 1.5 viewers in 100 countries watching the concerts performed live. The Concerts were organized by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure and raised over $250 million. Below are just some of the artists who provided their time and performances for free and this concert showed like nothing before or after what can be achieved when ego's and a desire to give something back by some of the most popular figures in entertainment put their efforts in.

Adam Ant, Ashford & Simpson, B. B. King, Billy Ocean, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, Bob Geldof, Boomtown Rats, Brian May, Bryan Adams, Bryan Ferry, Cher, Cliff Richard, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, David Bowie, Dire Straits, Duran Duran, Elton John, Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton, Freddie Mercury, Griff Rhys Jones, Hall & Oates, Joan Baez, Judas Priest, Keith Richards, Kenny Loggins, Kiki Dee, Kool & the Gang, Led Zeppelin, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Mel Smith, Men at Work, Mick Jagger, Neil Young, Nik Kershaw, Pat Boone, Patti LaBelle, Paul McCartney, Paul Young, Phil Collins London and Philadelphia Plant Page and Jones Power Station, Queen, REO Speedwagon, Rick Springfield, Roger Daltrey, Ron Wood, Run-DMC, Sade, Santana, Simple Minds, Spandau Ballet, Status Quo, Sting, Style Council, The Beach Boys, The Cars, The Four Tops, The Pretenders, The Who, Thompson Twins, Tina Turner, Tom Petty, U2, Ultravox, Wham

1922 - S.A. Rail Strike
1922 : President Harding announced that Federal Troops may be used to enforce the presidents proclamation that interference with the United States Mail Service by the rail strike will not be tolerated.

1936 - U.S.A. Heatwave
1936 : The Midwestern region of the United States experienced a record shattering heat wave, destroying millions of dollars in crops and causing more than 1,000 heat-related deaths.

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1943 - Russia World War II Tank Battle
1943 : The biggest tank battle in history The Battle of Kursk, involving 6,000 tanks, two million men, and 5,000 aircraft, ends the German offensive of Russia.

1951 - U.S.A. Flooding
1951 : Major flooding in Kansas which was caused by rivers in Kansas overflowing causing the greatest destruction from flooding in the Midwestern United States 1/2 million people were left homeless and 24 people died in the disaster.

1955 - England Ruth Ellis Hanged
1955 : Ruth Ellis the last woman in England to be executed is hung at Holloway Prison, thousands mass outside protesting the death penalty.

1960 - U.S.A. Senator John F. Kennedy
1960 : Senator John F. Kennedy of Massachusetts is nominated for the presidency by the Democratic Party Convention, defeating Senator Lyndon B. Johnson.

1970 - U.S.A. Black Panther Party
1970 : FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover named the Black Panther party the most dangerous terrorist group in existence today.

1977 - U.S.A. Blackout Hits New York
1977 : A lightening strike strikes a substation on the Hudson River, tripping two circuit breakers in Westchester County, then a second lightning strike caused the loss of two 345,000 volt transmission lines causing a 25 hrs blackout of the New York City area. In some areas of New York Looting and vandalism were widespread with the hardest hit Crown Heights. Subway services, LaGuardia and Kennedy airports are closed and the city struggles for the next 24 hours.

1978 - U.S.A. Lee Iacocca
1978 : Lee Iacocca was fired as president of Ford Motor Co. after falling out with the chairman of Ford, Henry Ford II. Following the ending of his career at Ford Lee Iacocca takes over as Chrysler's Chairman where he restructured the company.

1998 - U.S.A. GM Recall
1998 : GM motors is forced to recall 800,000 cars, vans and trucks due to malfunctioning airbags.

1998 - Russia IMF $22bn Loan
1998 : As Russia continues it's economic problems the International Monetary Fund's has agreed to give Russia a $22bn loan to help stabilize it's economy. The IMF when providing loans always place conditions with any loan and the proposed loan to Russia is no different. The conditions include: Russia is to stop issuing short-term government bonds, Tough new tax reforms and collection, Strict controls on public spending, The Duma Russia's Parliament is due to vote later this week to approve the reform package which will ease market pressure to devalue the Rouble.

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2000 - Fiji Hostages Released By Rebels
2000 : Rebels led by leader George Speight have released 18 hostages including the former Prime Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry after eight weeks from parliament. Within hours, Ratu Josefa Iloilo was appointed president of Fiji.

2001 - Internet Code Red Virus
2001 : The code red (WORM) virus is first seen on the Internet. The worm is designed to attack web sites running on Microsoft's IIS web server. The virus is thought to have affected over 250,000 web sites between 13th July and July 20th before a patch provided by Microsoft fixed the vulnerability and became well known for displaying the words "Hacked By Chinese!" on sites it had taken control of (hence the name).

2006 - U.S.A. New HIV Breakthrough Approved
2006 : The Food and Drug Administration in the United States licensed the drug Atripla on this day. This treatment for HIV combined three common drugs used to treat the virus and was meant to be a once-a-day treatment. The development of this combined medication made it easier for patients to upkeep their treatment on a regular basis.

2006 - Lebanon Israeli Bombing
2006 : Hezbollah fire dozens of rockets into Israel causing Israel to impose a naval blockade on Lebanon and blasted the Beirut airport and army air bases.

2007 - U.S.A. David Beckham
2007 : David Beckham, former British soccer captain, and his wife Victoria, former pop star from "The Spice Girls" arrived in the United States on this day. Beckham joined the American soccer team the Los Angeles Galaxy with hopes that his star power would revitalize the sport in the United States. Find Out More About More History and Origins of Association Football including origins, growth, and the modern game.

2008 - Afghanistan Terrorist Atacks
2008 : On this day, twenty-one people were killed after a suicide bombing in the province of Uruzgan in Afghanistan. Of the twenty-one who were killed seventeen were civilians.

2009 - Afghanistan Terrorist Atacks
2009 : Twenty-nine Indian police were killed after an ambush took place in Rajnandgaon in the state of Chhattisgarh. They were ambushed by Maoist rebels after trying to respond to a smaller attack on two officers. Over a period of twenty years, the conflict between the government and Maoist rebels had killed over 6,000 people in India.

2012 - First Cargo Ship from Miami to Cuba After 50 Years
2012 : A cargo ship carrying humanitarian aid supplies like food and medicine has traveled from Miami to Havana, Cuba for the first time in fifty years. Other similar services have operated out of different ports but only recently had the International Port Corporation obtained the special permit required to transport these services from Miami to Cuba due to the trade embargo that was placed on the country in 1962

2013 - Canada Glee Star Monteith Dies
2013 : Corey Monteith, one of the stars of the musical television show Glee, was found dead at the age of thirty-one in a hotel in Vancouver, Canada. Monteith had died of a drug and alcohol overdose after spending time in rehab to address his addiction issues.

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Patrick Stewart
Born: July 13th, 1940, Mirfield, England
Known For : Patrick left school early and started work for a regional newspaper. He had to quit this position after being criticized for spending too much time at the theater (in which he had participated from his early teens). He went to Bristol's Old Vic Theatre School. He was taken in to the Royal Shakespeare Company from 1966 until 1985. He went to Hollywood in 1987 and landed the role of Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He acted in the series for nine years and has since returned to theater (although he has also taken parts in three Star Trek motion pictures).