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1962 - The Rolling Stones
1962 : The Rolling Stones give their first public performance at the Marquee Club in London, the original band included singer Mick Jagger, guitarists Keith Richards and Brian Jones, bassist Dick Taylor, and drummer Mick Avory.

1967 - U.S.A. Newark Race Riots
1967 : Race Riots began in Newark, New Jersey, after a black cab driver was arrested and beaten by police. At the end of the rampage by rioters there were 24 deaths, 1,100 wounded, 1,300 arrested and property loss of more than $5 million, the problems were believed to be caused a combination of factors including rumor's that the Cab Driver was dead and charges that cops dealing with problems were racist and brutal together with poor leadership by the local mayor.

1924 - U.S.A. Air Mail
1924 : The Post Office has announced it will now accept air mail letters for countries where the domestic later rate applies.

1924 - Round The World Flight
1924 : The three American Army Planes together with the three crews set off from Constantinople on the next leg of their round the world trip to Bucharest in Romania. They had begun their attempt on the world's first round the world flight setting off from departed Seattle, Wash., on April 6, in Four Douglas World Cruiser airplanes. Two of the aircraft completed the full round the world trip on September 28th, 1924.

1963 - England Moors Murderers
1963 : The infamous moors murderers begin their killing spree when 16 yr old Pauline Reade is abducted by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the so-called "Moors Murderers," launching a series of cruel murders lasting over two years.

1967 - U.S.A. Airline Strike
1967 : The strike by workers in the airline industry continues to effect 5 major airlines with little hope seen of an early settlement and some airlines are now laying workers off including Eastern Airlines.

1986 - Northern Ireland Continued Violence
1986 : Portadown, County Armagh: The Orange Parade by Orangemen have caused problems to flare up in Portadown, County Armagh. Catholic Nationalist and Protestant Loyalist youths are fighting on the streets throwing bottles, darts and bricks at each other and the security forces. There are also a number of looting of shops and businesses in the area and the army has been using baton charges and plastic bullets to bring peace back to the area. Ballymoney, Northern Ireland: A loyalist attack on a Catholic family has left three children dead after an arson attack on the home in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland.

1987 - New York Land Prices
1987 : As more and more areas of land are sold for development of new out of town shopping Malls many can not believe how much the price of land has changed in Syracuse New York, just 10 years ago an acre of land was a mere $2,000 per acre and now it commands up to $100,000 per acre.

1987 - England Church Criticized
1987 : The Church of England has been criticized for it's investments in South Africa due to the countries Apartheid Policies , but they have refused to stop investing in South African companies and land.

1990 - Russia Mikhail Gorbachev
1990 : After the election of Mikhail Gorbachev as head of the Soviet Communist Party, Boris Yeltsin, president of the Republic of Russia, announces his resignation from the Soviet Communist Party. This was a blow to Gorbachev who was hoping to keep all parts and factions of the Communist party working together.

1993 - Japan Tsunami Okushiri
1993 : Following an earthquake estimated at 7.8 which generated giant waves a tsunami left roughly 200 people dead on the island of Okushiri in Japan.

1995 - Heat Wave Wisconsin and Illinois kills 1,000
1995 : A heat wave that effects Illinois and Wisconsin starts when a heat advisory is issued in Chicago, Illinois, warning of an impending record-breaking heat wave. By the time the heat wave ends one week later, nearly 2,000 people are dead in Illinois and Wisconsin with temperatures being recorded in Chicago up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

1999 - Europe Beef Import Ban
1999 : Following a ban by the European Union on all Beef Imports from the US over the widespread use of growth hormones which the EU believes could cause increased cancer, nerve disorders and other health problems. The US has placed trade sanctions worth $116m on EU Goods. All European Union farmers are banned from giving hormones to cattle because of health fears. Many believe this could spread to an all trade war between Europe and America as GM crop imports are also restricted due to concerns over possible health issues. As of 2008 the European Union still has a ban on beef raised with the use of hormones, which bars most U.S. beef imports. They also now have a ban on US pork produced with a growth hormone and poultry treated with chlorine and other chemicals. Europe is still also refusing to accept imports of any unauthorized GM crops which again effects imports / exports between the EU and the US.

2006 - South Korea / US Trade Talks
2006 : Nearly 30,000 protesters rioted in Seoul as the United States and South Korea held the third day of talks with the purpose of reducing trade barriers between the two countries. Despite some clashes between police and protesters no one was arrested or injured during the demonstration.

2007 - U.S.A. Lady Bird Johnson Dies
2007 : Former First Lady, Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson, better known as Lady Bird Johnson passed away at the age of 94 on this day. Best known for her environmentalism, Johnson was also a strong supporter of civil rights and combating poverty.

2008 - Iran / Israel Missile Testing
2008 : The Tension between Iran and Israel is increasing as Iran shows the strength of it's resolve both in words and saber rattling this week as Iran tests more missiles and tells the world if Israel attacks it will strike Tel Aviv and US Military bases . Meanwhile Israel is committed to stopping Iran gaining Nuclear weapons capability in any way and any how with the Israel defense minister talking about Israel's readiness to strike Iran. The possibility of a win by presidential nominee Barack Obama who has pledged to pursue diplomacy routes rather than confrontation with Iran and who may not provide Israel with US backing for an attack on Iran leaves many including Iran concerned that the window of opportunity for Israel to attack Iran with US backing is slipping away as it is thought the current Bush administration would provide the backing Israel needs.

2008 - U.S.A. IndyMac Bank Collapse
2008 : The IndyMac Bank, based in California, failed on this day. The bank became the fifth to fail in the United States in 2008, and became one of the largest financial institutions to fail in United States history.

2011 - Funeral Held for Former First Lady Betty Ford
2011 : The funeral for former first lady Betty Ford was held after her death at the age of ninety-three. In attendance were current first lady Michelle Obama, former first ladies Nancy Reagan and Rosalynn Carter, former president George W. Bush, and Secretary of State and former first lady Hilary Clinton. Betty Ford had been known for her outspoken and honest manner on issues such as women's rights, as well as work on drug and alcohol treatment.

2012 - Saudi Arabia to Send Two Female Athletes to Olympics
2012 : The International Olympic Committee has confirmed that Saudi Arabia would send two female athletes, Sarah Attar for the women's 800m and Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani for judo, to the London 2012 Summer Games. The inclusion of Saudi women in the games would mark the first time in the history of the games that there would be a female athlete from every competing country. Female athletes from Brunei and Qatar would also be entering the games for the first time.

2013 - Ireland Approves Abortion
2013 : Ireland's lower house in parliament voted in favor of legalizing abortion in cases where it would save the life of the mother. This is the first time the Irish government has voted in favor of any type of abortion.

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Lionel Jospin
Born: July 12th, 1937, Meduon, France
Known For : Lionel Jospin was the Prime Minister of France from 1997 to 2002. Elected to the Assemblée Nationale in 1977, he had been ecucated at the École Nationale d'Administration. He joined the Quai d'Orsay as a Secrétaire des Affaires Étrangères. He was appointed leader of the Socialist Party by François Mitterand and made the Ministre de l'Éducation Nationale before losing the 1995 presidential election to Jacques Chirac (who went on to make him Prime Minister after the 1997 Socialist Party's victory in the Assemblée Nationale). He tried and failed to win the presidential election in 2002, and resigned as the Prime Minister.