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2006 - India Bombing Campaign Mumbai
2006 : Bombay terrorist attack on trains kills more than 160 people and injures a further 460 when seven bombs are detonated on the train network in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai . The blasts were said to be carried out by members of the radical group Students Islamic Movement of India.

1924 - Round The World Flight
1924 : American flyers attempting a round the world flight have arrived at Constantinople (now called Istanbul) in good health and high spirits.
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1924 - Greenland Treaty Signed
1924 : Norway and Denmark have reached agreement and signed a treaty on their respective interests in Greenland and also includes mechanisms for future disputes, this follows a long war of words between the two nations over Greenland.

1944 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt
1944 : President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that he would accept a nomination to run for president of the United States for the fourth time.

1953 - Polio Vaccine Takes Off
1953 : The growing number of victims affected by Polio is encouraging parents to bring children to Polio Vaccination clinics around the country in ever increasing numbers in the greatest mass inoculation in history hoping to stop the spread of the deadly disease (Infantile Paralysis). On the same day in 1977 the Medal of Freedom was awarded to Doctor Jonas E. Salk for his work on battling poliomyelitis / Polio.

1955 - U.S.A. 'In God We Trust'
1955 : President Eisenhower signed a bill requiring use of the inscription 'In God We Trust' on all paper money.

1967 - Heatwave Nebraska
1967 : Following periods of extremely hot weather reaching 103 degrees large areas of Nebraska were without power due to failure of key components for up to 5 hrs.

1977 - U.S.A. Rev Martin Luther King Jr.
1977 : The Medal of Freedom was awarded posthumously to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in a White House ceremony and presented by President Jimmy Carter. The citation accompanying the medal was: "Martin Luther King, Jr., was the conscience of his generation. He gazed upon the great wall of segregation and saw that the power of love could bring it down. From the pain and exhaustion of his fight to fulfill the promises of our founding fathers for our humblest citizens, he wrung his eloquent statement of his dream for America. He made our nation stronger because he made it better. His dream sustains us yet." Signed, Jimmy Carter.

1978 - Spain Truck Crash Kills 200
1978 : A truck carrying liquid gas crashes into a campsite, crowded with holiday makers, in San Carlos de la Rapita, Spain. The truck and liquid gas exploded killing more than 200 people.

1979 - Skylab Debris Lands Over Australia
1979 : Parts of Skylab, the first US space station, after breaking up in the atmosphere showers burning debris over Australia and into the Indian Ocean.

1985 - U.S.A. Coke Changes Formula
1985 : The Coca Cola company makes one of worst decisions in marketing history when it decides to change it's original formula and introduces "New Coke", this was a resounding flop and the public did not like the taste, after just a short period the old coke product was reintroduced as "Classic Coke."

1987 - Yugoslavia 5 Billion People on Earth
1987 : Today for the first time in history the worlds population exceeds 5 billion when the UN Secretary General proclaimed the infant Matej Gasper born today as the 5 billionth person on Earth.

1987 - Australia Bob Hawke
1987 : Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and his Labour party won for a third term in office.

1998 - France Three Tenors
1998 : The worlds most famous three tenors sing at the world cup open-air concert in Paris with a crowd of 100,000 people gathered around the Eiffel Tower. This is the third time the three tenors (Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti) have performed at World Cups (Italy in 1990 and America in 1994) and their concert was watched by an estimated two billion people in 75 countries around the world.

2005 - U.S.A. Hurricane Dennis
2005 : Hurricane Dennis the first major hurricane of the season strikes the northern Florida coast near Pensacola Beach, Florida with a storm surge of 15 ft and cuts power for over 1/ million in Florida and Alabama. Following the storms path Florida, Mississippi and Alabama have been declared disaster zones. The hurricane struck Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti earlier in week leaving 21 dead and massive damage in it's path.

2007 - Hong Kong Democratic Form of Government
2007 : Hong Kong’s government revealed multiple proposals for the formation of a Democratic form of government in the Chinese territory. When Britain returned the city to China after ruling over it for 150 years, an agreement was made between the two countries stating that Hong Kong was eventually supposed to be made into a democracy.

2008 - U.S.A. Oil Hits All Time High
2008 : Oil hits an all time high of $147 a barrel following further missile testing by Iran in the Middle East and concerns over oil supplies should tensions increase further between Iran and Israel over Iran's Nuclear program.

2008 - U.S.A. David Petraeus
2008 : United States General David Petraeus was confirmed by the United States Senate as the head of United States military operations in the Middle East. General Petraeus was formerly in charge of operations in Iraq.

2012 - Presidential Candidate Romney Booed at NAACP
2012 : Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was booed over comments he made while giving a speech to the NAACP, a US civil rights group. The comments that prompted the audience to boo the candidate were when he vowed to kill the Obama healthcare changes and after he stated that he would be a better president for African Americans.

2013 - Burma 23 Jailed for Violence
2013 : Twenty-three people were sentenced to jail for their involvement in Muslim-Buddhist violence that took place in Burma. Forty people were killed in the violence and twelve mosques were damaged.

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Celebrating Birthdays Today
Yul Brynner
Born: July 11th, 1920, Vladivostok, Russia
Died: October 10th, 1985, New York City
Known For : Yul took lessons from the Y.H.C.A. in China (where his parents had moved) and lived in France. He learned to do circus work in France and had moved to America with the outbreak of war. During World War II he worked at the Voice of America and the Office of War Information. He started acting in the Forties, and made his debut as a Broadway actor. His most famous role was in Rodgers and Hammerstein's The King and I. His multiple performances of the play led him to the 1956 film version, for which he won Oscar. He had received a Tony for the same role on Broadway. The success of The King and I made way for parts in 1958's The Brothers Karamazov, 1959's Solomon and Sheba, 1960's The Magnificent Seven and 1973's Westworld.

John Quincy Adams
Born: July 11, 1767, Braintree, Massachusetts
Died: February 23, 1848, Washington, D.C.
Known For : John Quincy Adams was the sixth President of the United States from 1825 to 1829 and the son of the second President, John Adams. Prior to becoming President he was the Secretary of State under James Monroe and was regarded as a great diplomat. After the Presidency he became a US Representative for the state of Massachusetts until his death.