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What happened This day in History on January 22nd

1970 U.S.A. Boeing 747 22nd January, 1970 : The Boeing 747 makes its first commercial passenger trip to London, England. This flight had departed from New York City, and had carried 332 passengers and 18 crew. Although most passengers enjoyed the flight, one had mentioned that this plane is too big for commercial travel (too big to give anyone proper service.

U.S. 1929 U.S.A. Prohibition 22nd January, 1929: New “Dry Bill” (Alcohol Prohibition) being Introduced to Congress
A new “dry bill” was introduced to the congress on this day (January 22, 1929) by Senator Bryant. The purpose of this bill was to place stiffer penalties on both buyers and sellers of alcoholic beverages, which were prohibited during this time in American History.
Those who possessed liquor would receive a fine for the first offense between $50.00 to $500.00. Those who were caught a second time with liquor on them would be fined $250.00 to $2,000.00.
Additionally, effort was being made by the State of New Mexico during this time to make it a crime to buy liquor. The possession of liquor for personal use by those in a state political office would also be prohibited pending the passing of new legislation.

U.S. 1973 U.S.A. Abortion Jan. 22nd, 1973 : The legalization of abortion within the first three months of pregnancy was allowed as of this day. This decision was based on a ruling by the Supreme Court upon adjournment of the Roe Vs. Wade Case that women had a constitutional right to obtain an abortion.

U.S. 1930 U.S.A Empire State Building Jan. 22nd, 1930: Excavation for the Empire State Building began. When completed only 410 days after the construction began, it stood as the world’s tallest building.

U.S. 1984 U.S.A. Apple Macintosh Jan. 22nd, 1984 : A new Apple Computer was introduced . The ad for the new Macintosh computer was first displayed during the Super Bowl.

UK 1901 Great Britain Queen Victoria Jan. 22nd, 1901 : Queen Victoria passed away in the Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. She had become queen when she was 18 and had ruled for nearly 64 years of her life. She was succeeded by Prince Edward VII, her oldest son, who was 59 years old at the time, and reigned for nine years until his death.

U.S. 1929 U.S.A. Sammy Mandell Jan. 22nd, 1929 : Light Weight Champion Sammy Mandell had won a match on this day in 1929 against Jack Gillispie. He was victorious even though he broke a rib about four months ago, against a match with former champion Jimmy Goodrich.

U.S. 1929 U.S.A. Gas Tax Exemption Jan. 22nd, 1929: Gas Tax Exemption for Farmers Rejected by Senate
The bill that would make farmers exempt from a five cents gas tax was rejected by the Senate on this day. An identical bill was being introduced in the House of Representative chambers as well, during the same time it was voted out by the Senate.

Libya 1941 World War II Tobruk Jan. 22nd, 1941 : British and Australian forces enter the port at Tobruk, in Libya, and tens of thousands of Italian occupiers are taken prisoner.

U.S. 1942 U.S.A Wartime Production Jan. 22nd, 1942 : Ernest Kanzler was put in charge of wartime car production operations in Detriot, Michigan. Kanzler was a former associate of Henry Ford. He was in charge of making decisions that would lead to the highest amount of productivity (i.e. making tools for other companies).

Italy 1943 World War II Mussolini Jan. 22nd, 1943 : Americans had bombed Italian Railroads in an effort to thwart a lecture being given by Hitler addressed to the Italian leader Benito Mussolini. The bombing was an attempt to force Italy to resist Hitler’s Power.
The people of Rome were convinced by Mussolini that the Allied Powers (United States, United Kingdom, Soviet Union, China, and France) would never bomb Rome, which was considered a holy city. People everywhere ran for cover under Rome’s capital building.

U.S. 1957 U.S.A. Mad Bomber Jan. 22nd, 1957 : This was the day when a New York man, known as the “Mad Bomber” had confessed to the planting of approximately 30 bombs within New York City. This man has claimed to have had pent up anger built inside of him for many years.

U.S. 1968 U.S.A. Lunar Module 22nd January, 1968: America’s first Lunar Module (space probe) was to be launched on this day. This module was said to be shaped like a huge bug, and weight about 16 tons. The Lunar Module would be unmanned and the plan was to send it to the moon.
This launching was scheduled in order to test this unit’s capability for landing on the moon, as well as its ability to lift off properly. The Apollo 5 mission was schedule was schedule a year after the fatal accident that took place while launching the manned Apollo I rocket.

U.S. 1972 U.S.A. Rail Accident 22nd January, 1972 : A petroleum rail car had ruptured and exploded while switching tracks on the East St. Louis, Illinois railway. No deaths were reported as a result of this incident, but at least 150 people were injured-mostly by cut glass that flew for quite a distance.

UK 1979 England Strike Jan. 22nd, 1979 : Tens of thousands of public sector workers including hospital workers, rubbish collectors, school caretakers, grave diggers and airport staff take part in a day of action - the biggest mass stoppage since 1926 - in support of a claim for more pay.

Russia 1990 Soviet Union Azerbaijan Jan. 22nd, 1990 : Following the entry by soviet troops into the republic of Azerbaijan attempting to try and end the undeclared conflict between Muslim Azeris and Christian Armenians, and put down a separatist insurrection by Azerbaijani nationalists. Reports say up to 60 people died when tanks rolled into the republic's capital, Baku.

Israel 1991 Israel SCUD Missiles Jan. 22nd, 1991 : Iraq launches Three SCUDs and one Patriot missile on Ramat Gan in Israel, injuring 96 people, hoping to draw Israel into the Gulf War which would force other Arab countries to join on Iraq's side. Three elderly people die of heart attacks.

UK 2001 England MMR Jan. 22nd, 2001 : The Government has started a campaign to alleviate fears that the MMR triple vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella could trigger the developmental disability known as autism in some children.

U.S. 2002 U.S.A. Kmart 22nd January, 2002 : Kmart Corp files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Canada 2007 Canada Robert Pickton Jan. 22nd, 2007 : The trial of Robert Pickton a pig farmer from Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada for the murder of 6 women, Pickton faced first-degree murder charges. On December 9th 2007 the jury finds Robert Pickton not guilty on 6 counts of first-degree murder, but is guilty on 6 counts of second-degree murder. He is later sentenced to to life with no possibility of parole for 25 years.
( The Crown Prosecution reported that Pickton told an undercover police officer posing as a cell mate that he wanted to kill another woman to make it an even 50, and that he was caught because he was "sloppy" )
Many stories and myths surround the serial killer Robert Pickton and his victims including the possibility that human flesh may have been ground up and mixed with pork from the farm. This pork was never distributed commercially, but was handed out to friends and visitors of the farm. Another claim made is that he fed the bodies directly to his pigs.

U.S. 2008 U.S.A. Recession Measures 22nd January, 2008 : Following stocks plunging around the world on Monday 21st January, The Federal Reserve slashed a key interest rate by 3/4 of a percentage point on federal funds rate from 4.25 percent down to 3.5 percent on Tuesday Jan. 22nd, and signaled that further rate cuts were likely.
This follows a continued series of bad market news from the financial sector and retail sales that appear to confirm the US is heading for a recession.
For the first time in a long time the Republican President and Democratic Congress have also agreed to work together to bring a stimulus package to support the economy which could include tax rebates of $800 to $1,600 for individuals and couples and so-called bonus depreciation to allow companies to deduct 50 percent of business investments made this year. The package may also include boosts in unemployment benefits, food stamp payments and the Medicaid health care program for the poor and disabled.
Due to the severity of the problem it could be just 3 weeks before a bill is passed and placed on the presidents desk to sign into law. Lightening quick in today's political climate.

U.S. 2009 U.S.A. Barack Obama orders the closure of the Guantanamo prison camp Jan. 22nd, 2009 : One of President Barack Obama orders is to close the Guantanamo prison camp withing 12 months and suspended several of the trials of suspects at Guantanamo so that the legal process can be reviewed. ( Update nearly 18 months later June 2010 the camp is still open with closing date set ).

U.S. 2010 U.S.A. Stock Markets Fall Jan. 22nd, 2010 : Following an announcement by US President Barack Obama of plans to regulate the banking industry, the US stock market drop continues, The market lost nearly 3.0% in 2 days and the banking sector has dropped up to 5.0%. The reforms are in responce to popular anger at financial institutions, who have been paying large bonuses to staff even as they accepted government bail-outs to keep them going.

U.S. 2010 U.S.A. Some Guantánamo detainees are to be charged in the United states. Others will face military tribunals or be held indefinitely Jan. 22nd, 2010 : A governmental task force has recommended that about three dozen Guantánamo Bay detainees will face trial or military commissions. These prosecutions are likely to take place in the United States. The Attorney General has decided that five of these will be tried in a New York federal court for their alleged roles in the 2001 terror attacks, and that an additional six will go before military commissions. The venue of these commissions has not been decided, but the most likely place will be the planned prison facility in Illinois. The Obama administration will need Congressional funds to renovate this facility. As part of Obama’s plan to close Guantánamo Bay, the task force has recommended that 47 of the detainees will be held without charge. An additional seventeen Yemeni detainees are likely to be held until U.S. counter-terrorism officials have secured a place in their home country or other foreign countries. A total of about 110 detainees have been approved for transfer.

Cuba   2011 Cuba Work Begins on Underwater Fiber Optics Cable to Cuba Jan. 22nd, 2011 :  Venezuela and Cuba began working on laying a fiber-optic telecommunications cable between the two countries. The one thousand mile long cable being laid by the Alcatel-Lucent company is supposed to improve Cuba’s internet quality and capacity.   

United States 2012 United States Former Penn State Football Coach Dies 22nd January, 2012 : Joe Paterno, the famous former football coach of Penn State, died at the age of eighty-five. His death came soon after a child abuse scandal broke out surrounding the University as former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested for abusing boys between 1994 and 2009. Paterno was forced to resign following the scandal.

North Korea
2013 North Korea UN Extends North Korea Sanctions

22nd January, 2013 : The United Nations Security Council approved the tightening of sanctions after North Korea test launched a long-range missile. The approval was unanimous and included China, North Korea's closest ally.

South Africa
2014 South Africa Mandela Statue Rabbit Removal

22nd January, 2014 : The South African government has told the sculptors of a new Nelson Mandela statue that they must remove the bronze rabbit sculpture that was place in the ear of the statue. The Mandela statue was revealed soon after Mandela died in December. The government finds the placement of the rabbit to be disrespectful and inaccurate, while the sculptors claimed they placed the rabbit there as a signature and to symbolize the "haste" with which they had to complete it.