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Bermuda 1945 Bermuda Aircraft Lost In Bermuda Triangle December 5th, 1945 : Five U.S. Navy Avenger torpedo bombers comprising Flight 19 take off from the Ft. Lauderdale Naval Air Station in Florida on a routine three hour training mission. Flight 19 was scheduled to take them due east for 120 miles, north for 73 miles, and then back over a final 120-mile leg that would return them to the naval base. They never returned. This area is known as the Bermuda Triangle and is renowned for causing instrument malfunctions including Compass and Radio Malfunctions. The Bermuda Triangle is said to stretch from the southern U.S. coast across to Bermuda and down to the Atlantic coast of Cuba and Santo Domingo.

Bermuda 1977 Bermuda Race Riots December 5th, 1977 : In Hamilton, Bermuda British soldiers from the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers were called in to control race riots in the city. The riots went on for three days and caused $5 million in damages. Civilians and 5,000 tourists stayed hidden indoors. There had been two nights of fire bombing by youth, but severe rains quelled the violence.

UK 1905 Britain Cabinet Resigns Dec. 5th, 1905 : A crisis in British politics was brewing. The premier of England, Arthur J. Balfour and his cabinet resigned and King Edward asked Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman to put together a new government. The old parliament was not to dissolve until the New Year. One of the major issues in British politics at this time was the question of home rule for Ireland.

Canada 1927 Canada Roller Canary Championship Dec. 5th, 1927 : For the first time in history, a Roller Canary Championship, open to the entire world took place in the west. Defeating all other warbling birds owner William Latimer, President of the Western Canada Roller Canary Club, had the canary who was the undefeated champion. The Manitoba Free Press explained, “Each bird was given five minutes in which to sing, after which the cage was closed and the next bird given his chance.

Russia 1932 Soviet Union Ration cards Dec. 5th, 1932 : The Soviet Union decided to shift the distribution of food, clothing, and other supplies to the factories, out of the hands of the government. Ration cards were to be given to the public and it was up to the factories to procure the goods.

U.S. 1933 U.S.A. 18th Amendment Ends Dec. 5th, 1933 : Prohibition comes to an end as Utah became the 36th state to ratify the 21st Amendment to the Constitution, repealing the 18th Amendment Available as a downloadable image on our Public Domain Images Page

Singapore 1948 Singapore Airstrip Dec. 5th, 1948 : The small crown colony of Singapore, Cocos Island in the Indian Ocean, was being considered as an airstrip that would link Australia to Britain. After a contentious debate in the Singapore government it was decided to spend $2,500 to repair the airstrip for air traffic.

South Korea 1950 Korea Chinese Enter Pyongyang Dec. 5th, 1950 : Following the United nations retreat from North Korea, Chinese troops have entered the North Korean capital, Pyongyang.

UK 1952 UK London Killer Fog Dec. 5th, 1952 : A terrible deathly fog ( "The Great Smog" or "The Big Smoke" ) causes the death of thousands of Londoners it starts on December 5th and ends on December 9th. The smog had been created by a combination of the cold fog combining with sulfur pollutants caused through an increase of coal smoke due to increased burning of coal fires. Due to the knowledge gained from this deadly occurrence there was a rethink of causes of air pollution and new regulations were put in place including the Clean Air Acts of 1956 and of 1968, and the City of London (Various Powers) Act of 1954.

Turkey 1959 Turkey President Eisenhower Visit Dec. 5th, 1959 : President Eisenhower was to visit Ankara, Turkey for seventeen hours and all over the country the Turkish citizens were wildly enthusiastic. Posters of “Turks like Ike too” were placed everywhere around the city. Turkey was a strong supporter of the Atlantic Pact.

Vietnam 1966 South Vietnam U.S. Planes Attack Hanoi December 5th, 1966 : U.S. war planes were retaliating for the largest loss of their planes since the beginning of the Vietnam War. They hit targets near Hanoi and shot down an enemy plane. Near Saigon thirty Viet Cong were killed as well as three Americans.

Egypt 1977 Egypt Breaks of Relations With Other Arab Countries Dec. 5th, 1977 : Following the hard line countries opposition to Egypt and signing the Declaration of Tripoli which includes sanctions against Egypt because President Anwar al-Sadat became the first Arab leader to recognize the state of Israel. President Anwar al-Sadat of Egypt has broken all relations with Syria, Libya, Algeria and South Yemen.

Haiti 1987 Haiti US Diplomats Withdrawn Dec. 5th, 1987 : One hundred and fifty American embassy workers and diplomats were withdrawn from Haiti due to the unstable political situation. They were expected to be home by Christmas. Eighty embassy employees were left behind to take care of essential services. Sixty-four million dollars in aid was withdrawn by President Reagan and Haiti’s national elections were not held because voters were endangered.

UK 1991 UK Maxwell Empire Faces Bankruptcy Dec. 5th, 1991 : Following the death of Robert Maxwell administrators have been called in to try to salvage the Maxwell business empire, which includes the Mirror Group Newspapers and is at least £1bn in debt

Sri Lanka 1995 Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger Dec. 5th, 1995 : Sri Lankan forces have taken back the city of Jaffna from Tamil Tiger guerrilla forces after a 7 week operation. The Tamil Tigers had been in control of the city for some time and had their own police force, law courts and were collecting taxes from the city population. The Tamil Tigers are a guerrilla force who are seeking to create a Tamil sovereign socialist state in the north and east of the country of Sri Lanka ( formerly Ceylon ).

U.S. 1996 U.S.A. Alan Greenspan Dec. 5th, 1996 : Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan questions whether the stock market is overvalued, saying in a speech in Washington, ''How do we know when irrational exuberance has unduly inflated asset values? that is thought to have led Japanese stocks to fall 3.2%

Northern Ireland 1999 Northern Ireland IRA Dec. 5th, 1999 : In Belfast the Protestant-Catholic government was new and fragile. The main issue left to establish peace in Ireland was the disarming of the IRA, however some IRA militants said they had enough weapons to keep on fighting for another generation. General John de Chastelain, a Canadian disarmament leader, was planning a meeting with a chief IRA leader – possibly Brian Keenan -- to discuss where the IRA has its cache of weapons stashed.

UK 2005 UK Civil Partnership Act Dec. 5th, 2005 : The Civil Partnership Act comes into law. ( The Civil Partnership Act grants civil partnerships "which include same sex partnerships" in the United Kingdom with rights and responsibilities identical to civil marriage ).

Iraq 2006 Iraq US Soldiers Killed December 5th, 2006 : Thirteen American soldiers were killed fighting in Iraq during the last week. Among the dead were four Marines who crashed in a Sea Knight helicopter which had mechanical failure.

U.S. 2007 U.S.A. Westroads Mall massacre Dec. 5th, 2007 : Robert A. Hawkins enters Von Maur department store in the Westroads Mall in Omaha,Nebraska and opens fire with a AK-47 7.62x39mm semi-automatic rifle killing eight people before taking his own life. He had left a suicide note earlier with the words " I just want to be famous" .
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U.S. 2008 U.S.A. O.J. Simpson sentenced to up to thirty-three years in jail Dec. 5th, 2008 : O.J. Simpson, who was acquitted for the well-known double murder in Los Angeles is sentenced for up to thirty-three years in prison for robbing a pair of memorabilia dealers. He will not be eligible for parole for nine years.

Panama 2008 Panama Russian destroyer goes through Panama Canal Dec. 5th, 2008 : Panama allows a Russian warship to sail through the trans-oceanic waterway on Friday, December 5th. The destroyer, the Admiral Chabanenko, is the first Soviet/Russian military ship to use the fifty mile waterway since World War II. The U.S. government shows little concern about the destroyer's use of the canal, which had been off limits to the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Copenhagen 2009 Copenhagen Protests in Europe ahead of Copenhagen climate summit December 5th, 2009 : Tens of thousands of people across Europe have demonstrated for action on climate change two days before world leaders are gathering in Copenhagen for landmark talks on global warming. Protesters in London, Brussels, Paris, Stockholm and Dublin took to the streets to call for a far-reaching international agreement on reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the U.N-led talks that start on December 7th. About twenty thousand people have marched through central London.

Russia 2011 Russia Thousands of Russians Protest Against Putin Amid Elections 5th December, 2011 : Thousands of Russians gathered in the streets of Moscow to protest against Prime Minister Putin after accusations of an unfair parliamentary election slanted in Putin's favor. The unrest comes soon after Putin announced he would run for president in the next election. Putin had held the presidency from 2000 until 2008, but was not allowed to run for a third consecutive term.
United States
2012 United States Jazz Pianist Dies

5th December, 2012 : World-famous Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck died of heart failure at the age of ninety-one in Connecticut. Brubeck was considered a music legend and was most well-known for his single "Take Five".

South Africa
2013 South Africa Nelson Mandela Dies

5th December, 2013 : The first black president of South Africa and anti-apartheid activist, Nelson Mandela, died at the age of ninety-five after suffering from a respiratory infection. Mandela had spent nearly thirty years in prison for fighting against apartheid in South Africa, after his release in the early 1990s he became the country's president and was revered worldwide as a fighter for freedoms. Many South Africans considered him the father of their modern nation.