Gift Ideas for those born in the 1950's

Our Born In The 1950s "Taking You Back In Time" gifts include Personalized Year In History Prints for each year in the 50s and Year In History Coffee Mugs From 1950 to 1959. We feature most of the important news stories we have listed below on the print and mug from each specific year, plus prices, Famous People Born That Year and popular culture from the year
For the 1950's we have 2 color choices pink and Orange in the prints and 2 color choices in the mugs Pink and Blue

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1950

1950 Taking You Back In Time Personalized Print 1950 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1950 Important Events included the following North Korea invades South Korea, capturing Seoul • President Harry S. Truman approved US production of hydrogen bomb • Persecution of Communists is initiated by Senator McCarthy • China invades Tibet • Diners Club International issues first credit cards • James Dean gets his break when he appears in a Pepsi commercial • 12 nations agree to the creation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) • 8 million homes in the USA own televisions • Albert Einstein warns that nuclear war could lead to mutual destruction

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1951

1951 Taking You Back In Time Personalized Print 1951 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1951 Important Events included the following The 22nd Amendment is ratified, limiting US Presidential terms to 8 years (2 terms) • King Abdullah of Jordan is assassinated in Jerusalem • Iran nationalizes its oil fields • China marches into Tibet, taking control of the Dalai Lama’s Realm and forcing him to live in India • The term Rock N’ Roll is coined by Cleveland DJ Alan Freed • The first oral contraceptive is invented by Luis E. Miramontes • Direct dial coast-to-coast telephone service began in the US • The first color television pictures are broadcast from the Empire State Building • President Truman fires General Douglas MacArthur • I Love Lucy is a popular television show

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1952

1952 Taking You Back In Time Personalized Print 1952 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1952 Important Events included the following Puerto Rico became a self-governing commonwealth of the United States • The Diary of Anne Frank is published • MAD Magazine releases its first issue • The world’s first passenger jet is produced in the United Kingdom • The first “Don’t Walk” sign is installed in New York City • Mother Teresa opened the Home for Dying and Destitute in Calcutta • Albert Einstein refused the Presidency of Israel • Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise opened • The world’s first successful use of a mechanical heart takes place in the United States • The United States successfully detonates the first hydrogen bomb • The first roll-on deodorant was introduced under the brand name Ban-Roll-On

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1953

Personalized 1953   Birthday Print 1953 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1953 Important Events included the following Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay perform the first successful ascent to the summit of Mount Everest • New York adopts three color traffic lights • Playboy Magazine’s first issue featured Marilyn Monroe as its first cover girl and nude centerfold • Ian Fleming published his first James Bond novel, Casino Royale • Queen Elizabeth II was crowned queen of England on June 2 • The royal yacht Britannia was launched • The first color television sets went on sale for about $1,175 in the United States • The Corvette car goes on sale • British physicist Francis Crick and American biologist James Watson unveil their famous Double Helix Model of DNA • Dwight D. Eisenhower is the president of the US

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1954

Personalized 1954 Birthday Print 1954 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1954 Important Events included the following Sports Illustrated released its first issue • The United States Supreme court decides Brown v. Board of Education stating that racial segregation in public schools is unconstitutional • Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio • The first automatic toll collection machine opens in New Jersey • Swanson introduces TV dinners • The first organ transplants are done in Boston and Paris • The Boeing 707 takes its maiden flight • The Indo-China war ends when France gives up North Vietnam to the communists • Armistice Day is renamed Veteran’s Day to honor veterans from the Civil War, WWI, WWII, and the Korean conflict • Senator Joseph McCarthy continues his witch hunt for communist sympathizers

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1955

1955 Taking You Back In Time Personalized Print 1955 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1955 Important Events included the following Disneyland opens in California on July 17 • “In God We Trust” is added to all United States paper currency • Emmett Till, a black 14 year old is murdered for not showing respect to a white women in Money, Mississippi • The military seizes control in Argentina, forcing Juan Peron to flee • The first atomically generated power is used in the United States • Ray Kroc starts the McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain • The Mickey Mouse Club debuts on ABC • The Soviet Union and its Eastern Bloc allies sign the Warsaw Pact, integrating the military and economies between the 8 Communist nations

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1956

1956 Taking You Back In Time Personalized Print 1956 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1956 Important Events included the following Prince Ranier of Monaco marries Grace Kelly • Alabama bus segregation laws are declared illegal by the US Supreme Court • Warsaw Pact troops invade Hungary during the Hungarian October Revolution • Cuban revolutionaries including Fidel Castro land in Cuba at the start of the Cuban Revolution • The United States carries out H-Bomb tests at Bikini Atoll • The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 is signed into law for the construction of 41,000 miles of interstate highways over a 20-year period • The first half-hour serial “As the World Turns” begins on CBS • Rocky Marciano retires as the only undefeated Heavyweight Champion of the world with a perfect record • Disposable diapers and non-stick frying pans go on sale • The Suez Crisis is caused by the nationalization of the Suez Canal

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1957

1957 Taking You Back In Time Personalized Print 1957 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1957 Important Events included the following South Vietnam is attacked by Viet Cong guerillas • The word “Beatnik” takes hold as a way to describe the “Beat Generation” • The USSR launches Sputnik 1 on October 4 inaugurating the Space Age and the Space Race • Martin Luther King Jr. heads nationwide resistance to racial segregation and discrimination in the United States • Federal troops are sent to Arkansas to enforce antisegregation laws • Portable Radar Devices are used to enforce speed limits • The Asian Flu pandemic claims over 150,000 lives world wide • The first Nuclear Reactor plant opens for production of electricity in Pennsylvania, US • The House for Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) convicts a number of writers and playwrights for Un-American Activities/Communist party membership • The Slinky and Hula Hoop are popular toys • Perry Mason and Maverick are popular television shows

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1958

Personalized 1958   Birthday Print 1958 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1958 Important Events included the following NASA (North American Space Agency) is formed • Nikita Khrushchev becomes Premier of the Soviet Union • Elvis Presley is inducted into the Army • The Microchip is first developed by Intel in the US • London Gatwick Airport opens after two years of extensive reconstruction • The US Nuclear Submarine “Nautilus” passes under the Ice Cap at the North Pole • The remote control is invented by the Zenith Corporation in the US • The Great Chinese Famine begins and lasts until 1961, causing the death of nearly 30 million people • Alaska became the 49th state of the USA • Car imports increased with Toyota and Datsun • The Munich Air disaster kills 21 people, including 7 Manchester United players • The Ed Sullivan and Jack Benny shows are popular • Brazil wins the 1958 World Cup in Sweden • US Passenger jet flights start with a National Airlines Boeing 707 • 14 year old Bobby Fischer wins the United States Chess Championship

Taking You Back In Time To The Year 1959

Personalized 1959   Birthday Print 1959 Year In History Coffee Mug
For Those Born In 1959 Important Events included the following Mattel’s Barbie Doll is launched • Hawaii becomes the 50th state of the US • Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba after the revolution, making Cuba the first Communist state in the West • The first known human with HIV dies in Congo • Xerox launches the first commercial copier • US launches the first Weather Station in space • De Beers manufactures a synthetic diamond • The US Grammy Music Awards starts • A chartered plane transporting musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper goes down in an Iowa snowstorm, killing all four occupants on board • The St. Lawrence Seaway, a joint US/Canadian venture is completed linking the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean • QANTAS introduces the Boeing 7070 on its Sydney-San Francisco route, the first transpacific service flown by jet • An international agreement is signed to preserve Antartica • The first astronauts are introduced, including John Glenn Jr, and Alan Shepard Jr.

1950's Party Favors 50's Print and 1950s Mug

1950's Party Favor Print 1950's Decade In History Coffee Mug
The 1950s was characterized by the Baby Boom generation and worldwide economic growth. There was also a pervasive nuclear paranoia caused by the tensions between the United States and Soviet Union. The development and use of nuclear weapons in the previous decade contributed to those fears. The entertainment, car and fashion industries expanded as more and more households could afford televisions, new vehicles and designer clothing. The fifties really was the decade where consumerism became an important part of the American culture. This decade also saw the creation of the state of Israel in the Middle East as a way for the West to atone for atrocities committed against Jewish people during the second World War, an event which has greatly affected politics and tensions in the region ever since.