August 4th What Happened on the day you were born on This day in History For Those With Birthdays or looking for specific year these years are Included on this date 1892, 1913, 1923, 1941, 1944, 1950, 1964, 1967, 1972, 1978, 1989, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, Born This Day,
U.S. 1892 U.S.A. Lizzie Borden 4th Aug. 1892 The parents of Lizzie Borden ( Andrew and Abby Borden ) were found murdered at their home in Massachusetts. And although never found guilty the following rhyme is remembered even to this day
Lizzie Borden took an axe,
And gave her mother forty whacks,
When she saw what she had done,
She gave her father forty-one.

U.S. 1923 U.S.A. Warren G. Harding 4th Aug. 1923 : Warren G. Harding, former president of the United States, lay in a funeral train as people from all stations of life bared their heads and bowed. Some were in groups of hundreds, others in dozens. Military men were to escort Harding’s remains from the White House to Washington for the funeral. Harding’s remains were to lie in state at the White House. His successor was Calvin Coolidge.

Russia 1941 Russia Nazi Troops Within 50 miles of Kiev 4th Aug. 1941 : Nazi troops marched within 50 miles of Kiev. Both Russians and Nazis reported catastrophic casualties in the 44 day battle. Hitler’s high commissioners boasted that 2,300 Soviets were dead, 71 tanks were captured, and 10,000 Russian soldiers were taken captive. Russia claimed that in a counteroffensive they killed 1,000 Nazis, and wrecked 100 tanks. Mussolini summed World War II up to his troops, “the line-up is now complete between the two worlds with Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo on one side and London, Washington, and Moscow, on the other.”

Netherlands 1944 Holland Anne Frank Captured 4th Aug. 1944 : The Nazi Gestapo captures 15-year-old Jewish diarist Anne Frank and her family in a sealed-off area of an Amsterdam warehouse

U.S. 1950 U.S.A. Polio Cases On The Increase 4th August 1950 : Both Snyder and Abilene in Texas had a total of six polio cases involving children recently, which indicates and upswing in this disease. One child was so badly affected that she had to be on a respirator.

U.S. 1964 U.S.A. Three Civil Rights Workers Bodies Found 4th Aug. 1964 : Three civil rights workers ( Michael Schwerner,Andrew Goodman and James Chaney ) were found buried in a partially constructed dam near Philadelphia, Mississippi. after disappearing more than a month before, police are investigating if members of the Ku Klux Klan are responsible.

China 1967 China Nuclear Worries Over China 4th Aug. 1967 : The world’s nuclear fears were aroused when China exploded an H-bomb on June 17th , 1966, under the presidency of Mao Tse-tung. An editorial a year later in The Ada Evening News focused on fear mongering about nuclear war and remembered the horrors of Nagasaki and Hiroshima 22 years before the Chinese got the bomb.

U.S. 1972 U.S.A. Governor George Wallace 4th Aug. 1972 : Arthur Bremer, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been found guilty of the shooting and attempted murder of White House hopeful Mr Wallace at a political rally in Laurel, Maryland on 15th May . He has been sentenced to 63 years in jail by a court in Maryland, USA. Mr Wallace, was paralyzed by the shots and three other people were injured in the incident.

Philippines 1972 Philippines After Monsoon Hundreds Found Dead 4th Aug. 1972 : Floodwaters finally recede revealing total devastation and hundreds dead. During July in the monsoon season nearly 70 inches of rain fell causing several dikes to fail and less than a week later, a typhoon dropped even more rain on the already saturated region causing more dikes throughout the area to fail causing many hundreds of thousands of acres to flood and leaving many dead and many more homeless , following on Cholera and typhoid epidemics broke out and because most of the crops had also been damaged food also became scarce .

Lebanon 1978 Lebanon Israeli Attack 4th Aug. 1978 : An Israeli air attack on southern Lebanon occurred in retaliation for a Palestinian bombing of a Tel Aviv market place. The Israelis claimed that the Palestinian bomb contained nails and ball bearings, killing one and wounding 48. Israelis planes bombed a guerrilla headquarters in Dahar-a-Tutah.

U.S. 1989 U.S.A. The Savings and Loan Crisis 4th August 1989 : The Savings and Loan crisis which involved more than 500 savings and loan associations led President George Herbert Bush to consider a $150 billion bail out in an unprecedented piece of legislature. The Ways and Means Committee Chairperson, Dan Rostenkowski and his partners, were opposed to the bill. If the bill passed, $75 million a year would go to the Justice Department to be the watch dog for institutional fraud.
The reasons believed to cause the problems for the Savings and loan institutions included the issue of the new high-interest money-market funds, long term mortgages at low fixed interest rates ( Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 10.50% ) from our 1989 , and finaly poor lending practices to to risky ventures.

U.S. 1999 U.S.A. ATM Usage Goes Down 4th Aug. 1999 : The Bank News Network has discovered that there has been a drop in the usage of ATM machines. Angry consumers are annoyed by the service charges for ATM usage and there is a 2.9% decrease in ATM transactions. This is the first time in a decade that there has been a decrease. Debit card transactions, however, have increased 35%.

UK 2000 UK Queen Mother Celebrates 100 yrs old 4th Aug. 2000 : Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother is celebrating her birthday and 100 years old. The Queen Mother and the rest of the royal family appear on the balcony of Buckingham Palace where thousands of well wishers gather to wish her happy birthday.

Russia 2005 Pacific Ocean Russian Mini Sub Ask For Help 4th Aug. 2005 : A Russian mini-submarine carrying seven Russians became caught on a part of the Russian secret coastal defense installation in the Pacific Ocean. The men were rescued three days later with help from a British remote-controlled vehicle that cut away the undersea cables that had snarled the mini-sub.

2006 U.S.A. Ford Recall 4th Aug. 2006 : A total of 1.2 million Ford vehicles such as Econoline vans had defective cruise control switches that could overheat and cause fires. Ford vehicles were recalled from the periods of 1994-1996. The Econoline vans were produced in Ohio. This recall has shaken the 103 year old Ford Motor Company.

2006 Ukraine New Prime Minister 4th Aug. 2006 : After a four month period of political deadlock, Viktor Yanukovych became Ukraine’s prime minister. The former leader had been forced out in 2004 believed in forming a closer bond with Russia and was elected by a clear majority of parliament.

2008 United States Morgan Freeman 4th Aug. 2008 : Morgan Freeman, the academy award winning actor, was involved in a serious car accident on this day. Freeman and a passenger were airlifted to a hospital in serious condition. The accident was not fatal, and despite having injuries Freeman was lucid and speaking when the emergency response arrived on the scene.

North Korea 2009 North Korea Clinton Diplomacy 4th Aug. 2009 : Two American journalists ( Euna Lee and Laura Ling ), who had been arrested and imprisoned for illegal entry into North Korea earlier in the year are granted a pardon following a meeting between former president Clinton and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il .

U.S. 1913 U.S.A. Horse Injured 4th Aug. 1913 While Reverend W.W. Landrum, pastor of a black church in Louisville, Kentucky, preached his Sunday sermon a car smashed into a hapless horse outside the building. The tormented animal’s screams moved the pastor and his congregation to great pity and since a fountain to bathe the horse’s wounds in was not available, the church started to raise funds for a horse fountain to be built. :

United States 2011 United States Warren Jeffs Convicted in Texas 4th August, 2011 : Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs was convicted of child sexual assault by a jury in Texas. Jeffs, the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints faced charges after police raided a compound in west Texas in 2008 in which many underage girls who had been forced into "spiritual marriages" were found pregnant. He was later sentenced to life in prison.

United Kingdom 2012 United Kingdom Michael Phelps Wins Final Gold
4th August, 2012 : Michael Phelps wins his eighteenth and final gold medal of his Olympic swimming career after winning the 4x100m medley relay with the US men's swim team. The win brought his total Olympic medals to twenty-two and of those eighteen are gold. This was his last Olympic event before he stated he would go into retirement.