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UK 1963 UK Beatles release "She Loves You" Aug. 23, 1963 : Beatles release "She Loves You" in UK which becomes goes to Number 1 on September 12 and staying number 1 for 4 weeks.
Number 1 on November 28 and staying number 1 for 2 weeks.
"She Loves You" is the best selling single for the Beatle's in the United Kingdom.
Just Seeing How Young they are in this Video Blows Me Away Find More What happened in 1963

U.S. 1905 U.S.A New Orleans Yellow Fever Aug. 23, 1905: In New Orleans yellow fever was running rampant and there were 1478 sick and 218 dead. The Bluefield Daily Telegraph read, “The depressing heat probably caused a number of deaths. Small towns are affected by the ‘quarantine madness’ which is depriving numerous localities of supplies and should it long continue a food famine may result.”

UK 1920 England Irish Freedom Monday, Aug. 23, 1920: The Friends of Irish Freedom condemned the British government and Prime Minister David Lloyd for its alleged mistreatment of the Australian Archbishop Mannix . In the middle of the high seas, the British navy arrested the archbishop aboard an ocean liner. The FIF declared that Britain and Ireland were in a state of war.

U.S. 1926 U.S.A. Rudolph Valentino Aug. 23, 1926: Rudolph Valentino died from complications following an operation for appendicitis and gastric ulcers.

China 1937 China Shanghai August 23, 1937: In Shanghai, China 400 people were dead and 1,000 injured after three heavy artillery shells exploded over a congested department store, a U.S. navy warehouse, and a prison. Six thousand five hundred inmates had to be evacuated from the prison and it wasn’t clear whether it was a Japanese missile or Chinese bomb.

Germany 1939 Germany Non Aggression Pact Aug. 23, 1939: Germany announces it has signed a non aggression pact with the Soviet Union.

U.S. 1942 Hawaii Pearl Harbour Aug. 23, 1942: In Pearl Harbour, American marines were busy taking revenge on the Japanese for past offences. In the first battle, the Japanese fought on until the last man of their 92 soldiers was dead. Only six marines were killed. In another altercation, 700 Japanese soldiers were detected by American military personnel and by Thursday 670 of the enemy were dead and 30 taken captive.

UK 1944 England Bomber Crashes Into Village School Aug. 23, 1944: An American Liberator bomber crashes into English village school leaving 35 children and 20 others dead.

North Korea 1953 Korea Mao Tze Tung Aug. 23, 1953: Captain George C. Davison of Staten Island, New York was thrown into a Korean prison for fifteen days because he penciled a moustache on a picture of Mao Tze Tung. The communist officials were not amused, but let Davison free after he had served his time.

Indonesia 1966 Indonesia Starvation Lombak Aug. 23, 1966: The island of Lombak which is part of Indonesia was facing the starvation of its 20,000 people. Health Officer Mohammed Jusof urged officials in Jakarta to send emergency aid to the islanders who live east of Bali. Jusof warned that many people would suffer serious malnutrition if aid was not sent soon.

Space 1966 Space Lunar Orbiter 1 August 23, 1966: The Lunar Orbiter 1 takes the first photograph of Earth from an orbit around the Moon.

U.S. What Else Happened In 1974 U.S.A. Pan American Aug. 23, 1974: Pan American World Airways asked the Civil Aeronautics Board today for an emergency subsidy.

India 1978 India Indira Ghandi Aug. 23, 1978: In New Delhi, Indira Ghandi went to court facing fraud charges. Ghandi was cautioned by the judge not to leave the country and was freed on $1,875 bail. She and five officials in the Indian government were accused of deceiving businessmen to obtain the use of free cars for the 1977 election.

Iran 1979 Iran Kurdish Rebels Aug. 23, 1979 : Kurdish Rebels near the borders with Iraq, are fighting with Iranian government troops in the hope of gaining independent status from Iran. They have now gained control of Mahabad, in the north-west of the country. Ayatollah Khomeini has ordered the arrest of Kurdish leaders. Kurdish rebels believe they should be entitled to an independent country of Kurdistan made up of the mountainous region where they live currently under Turkish, Iranian and Iraq control.

U.S. 1979 U.S.A. Alexander Godunov Defects Aug. 23, 1979 : Soviet ballet dancer Alexander Godunov defects seeking political asylum in the United States while the Bolshoi Ballet was on tour in New York.

1989 Lithuania Human Chain Aug. 23, 1989: Fifty thousand individuals crowded into Vilnius, Lithuania on the 50th anniversary of their annexation by Stalin and Hitler. Baltic residents demanded independence and were going to form a human chain 370 miles long, composed of 1.5 million people to protest injustices done to them.

Germany 1990 West Germany Abortions August 23, 1990: Chancellor Helmut Kohl and his government decided to prosecute women who sought abortions in East Germany. In West Germany abortions were only carried out if the mother’s life was in danger. However, East Germany considered abortion every woman’s right and would give abortions to anyone after the 12th week of gestation.

Iraq 1990 Iraq Western Hostages Aug. 23, 1990: Saddam Hussein, parading some of his Western captives on TV, ruffled the hair of a British child and told the uneasy group that they are not hostages but peacemakers.

U.S. 1990 U.S.A. Naked Aggression By Iraq Aug. 23, 1990: Following the declaration by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein of annexing Kuwait, prompting President George Bush to deride the invasion as an act of "naked aggression." oil prices marched upward, in turn causing the Dow to lose 6 percent of its total value. .

U.S. 1999 U.S.A West Nile virus Aug. 23, 1999: The first cases of an encephalitis ( West Nile virus ) outbreak are reported in New York City. Between this first reported case up to the end of 2008 over 30,000 cases have been reported in the United States causing the death of more than 1,100 people. The peak period was 2003 with nearly 10,000 cases. .

U.S. 2000 U.S.A First Survivor Series / Richard Hatch Aug. 23, 2000 : An estimated 51 million viewers watched the first season finale of the reality show "Survivor" on CBS which sparked a reality show revolution on TV screens with dozens more shows being shown in the next 8 years. The Survivor reality show has been in the top ten most watched shows since it was first aired. Contestant Richard Hatch won the $1 million prize, He was subsequently found guilty of tax evasion ( did not pay taxes on his million dollar prize ) and was sentenced to 51 months in prison.

Canada 2005 Canada Meat Recall Aug. 23, 2005: One thousand, eight hundred and fifty-six pounds of beef that originated from a Canadian cow was transported to six different states and then was recalled. Apparently, the animal was old which put it at greater risk of having mad cow disease. The recall of the meat was initiated by a Wisconsin meat plant and the Canadian vet that inspected the cow was fired.

U.S. 2006 U.S.A. US Marine Inactive Reservists Call Up August 23, 2006 : Following on from the call up earlier this year of 10,000 Inactive Reserve Soldiers by the US Army, US Marines now face a similar situation with up to 2,500 being recalled.
The US has about 300,000 members of the IRR which could well provide the additional forces required to fight the "Global War on Terror" (GWOT).
Inactive Reserve Soldiers who are members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). Following active duty soldiers and Marines have a choice to join the regular reserves where they are paid and train regularly or join the IRR which requires them to report one day a year.
The changes have been forced on the US government due to the overstretched military who have called up many ten's of thousands from the regular reserves .

Austria 2006 Austria Natascha Kampusch Aug. 23, 2006 : Natascha Kampusch who was abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil at the age of 10 in 1998 and held in a small cellar underneath Priklopil's garage escapes after eight years,

2007 U.S.A. Texas Executions Reach 400 Aug. 23, 2007 : The state of Texas completed its 400th criminal execution since 1976 when the death penalty was reinstated. Since 1976, executions in Texas have made up over one third of the total executions in the United States. The European Union criticized Texas’ death penalty earlier in the week.

2007 Russia Romanov Family Remains Aug. 23, 2007 : Archaeologist found the remains of two children of the Romanov family, the last tsar of Russia. The two were executed in 1918 during the Bolshevik revolution. DNA testing later confirmed the children were fourteen year old Alexei and one of his sisters.

United States 2011 United States Virginia Earthquake 23rd August, 2011 : A Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake struck central Virginia ( Mineral, Virginia ) and Sends Shockwaves over wide area which prompted office buildings from Washington D.C. to New York to be evacuated, the Washington Monument and the Washington National Cathedral both suffered damage plus an additional $70 million estimated damage in Louisa County.

Switzerland 2011 Switzerland UBS To Cut 3,500 Jobs 23rd August, 2011 : Swiss banking group UBS announced that it was going to cut 3,500 jobs worldwide as a means to save money. Forty-five percent of the cuts will be from its investment bank.

United States 2011 United States Dominique Strauss-Kahn Case Dismissed 23rd August, 2011 : Dominique Strauss-Kahn was freed of sexual assault charges and the Case Dismissed .

Spain 2012 Spain Amateur Botches Fresco Restoration
23rd August, 2012 : Cecilia Gimenez, a woman in her eighties, took it upon herself to restore a fresco of Jesus called Ecce Homo painted by Elias Garcia Martinez at the Sanctuary of Mercy Church near Zaragoza. Unfortunately her amateur restoration did not turn out the way she hoped and the fresco was turned into an image almost resembling a hairy monkey. The woman hoped that it could be further restored by professionals and had gone into it with good intentions.

United Kingdom
2013 United Kingdom British Cinematographer Dies

23rd August, 2013 : Gilbert Taylor, acclaimed British cinematographer, died at the age of ninety-nine. Taylor had worked on such films as Star Wars, The Omen, Dr. Strangelove and A Hard Day's Night. Taylor had been nominated for two BAFTAs during his lifetime.

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