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This is now a members only posting area where those who have joined our Friend Connect Group can share, and chat with other members, We chose Google Friend Connect due to it's ease of use, plus our ability to monitor comments, this is to ensure that good manners are strictly adhered to. You can post a memory, ask others about something you sort of remember but would like others to add their perspective. Or even ask about old toys, TV shows, Events, Pop Music or to just talk about the forties, fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties.

Some Of The Latest Memories Posted By Our Visitors

An Old Flame U.S.A.

I recently found an old love of mine on Facebook. We met in Feb of 1992. He was staitioned at Fort Knox in Kentucky, I was from Louisville. We fell in love and were inseperable for most of the year. He left to go back to school and his family in Buffalo New York later that year. The heartache was awful, I missed him for a long time. I went to visit him in December of last year. we hadnt seen each other in almost 17 years. He met me at the airport in Buffalo, it was as if the years melted was wonderful to be with him again. I'm going to send this site to him. We've both changed some in the time we've been apart, and so have LOTS of other things!

Memory Posted By: ANON

The Seventies U.S.A.

I have two daughters 27 & 25 they are always saying mom you are so lucky to have grown up in the 70's, and they are so right I have so many wonderful memories of growing up in the 70's, being a kid in the 70's was so care free I remember riding my bike up to the corner store with my friends and for a $1.00 I could fill up one of those little beer bags full of penny candy, and we would get back on our bikes and just ride around but we all had to ck in every hour so we would all ride to each others house and wait outside as each one of us would run inside our houses and ck in, when I was growing up you didn't have to worry about being snatched up by a crazy person we could play outside until dark not our parents didn't have to worry about us we could play games in the street and not have to worry about getting hit, and I remember if you got in trouble at school you would get paddled and then you would get it again when you got home and you had no choice but to tell your parents because you would either have a note that they had to sign or the teacher would have already have called before you got off the bus, and lets not forget your neighbors and your parents friends if they saw you doing something wrong they would spank you and then your parents would spank you when you got home, and lets not forget the switch that's how I learned how to dance and god forbid if you brought back a small one, and god forbid if you back talked oh my gosh that did not happen talk about a butt whippen I know the people that will read this that are close to my age I'm 47 you know what I'm talking about but I would not change anything growing up in the 70's was awesome. I know one thing for sure if we were allowed to make today's kids mind the way our parents did they would not act the way they do the good lord made that butt for a reason not just to use the bathroom, if parents and teachers could discipline the kids they way we were and I don't mean beat them we were not beat at least I was not there is a difference spanking the butt and popping the mouth I mean just taking your fingers and tapping the lips when they say some thing disrespectful, spanking the behind and using a switch on the legs once in a while didn't hurt my generation I just feel that if we could raise our kids the way we were raised kids today would be a lot more respectful and polite I raised my daughters the way I was raised and my 27 yr old is a bakery manager for Publix, and my 25 yr old is a Dental/Ortho asst they are both married with kids and have nice homes and good husbands don't get me wrong the tested my patients when they were teenagers but I won think god. I am just saying if the government would give us more control over our children they would end up being better kids.

Memory Posted By: Becca

New Life Giving Birth To First Child Posted By Unknown I can remember the year 2000 I was 23 years old. It was a cold February night, and I gave birth to my first child. His name would be Alex, and he was born without a tricuspid heart valve (congenital heart defect). I can remember siting in my hospital room without my new baby wondering if he was going to live or die. At 3 months of age he was flown by helicopter to receive a life saving open heart surgery procedure. I can remember seeing him post surgery. This little baby with tubes and wires everywhere, his face swollen from fluid build up. I can remember not knowing if he was going to make it... Alex had 2 more surgeries after that one, and many other hospital visits.. Today he is a happy 9 and a half year old boy. He runs and plays with his brothers. Alex gets tired very easy and I find him to be a lot wiser than the average nine year old.. He always tells me that he is a miracle child. If there is a child you may know with any kind of sickness always keep in mind that God is the one that makes the decisions on there outcome not Doctors and not man.. Today the rain may pour, but tomorrow the sun will shine..

Seventies Growing Up In Missouri Posted By John My wife and I, grew up in the 70's. She lived in Missouri back then, and I moved around with my family to various places like California, Hawaii, and New York. When we first met, we talked alot about those days, and how much things have changed over the years, and the fun we experienced back then, although we did not know one another then. She recalls spending time at the roller rinks back then, skating to songs like Tony Orlando and Dawn's Knock Three Times, Boogie Fever by the Sylvers, Andy Gibb's Love Is Thicker Than Water, and so many more wonderful tunes too. As for myself, I was listening to the likes of KISS, Journey, Bad Company, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Bachman Turner Overdrive, while going out to play a game of catch or hoops with my friends. She remembers getting an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas one year, along with Chrissy and Dawn Dolls, and a 10- speed bike, while feeling the the queen of the neighborhood back then. In those days you could ride anywhere and for as long as you liked, and never worry about anything. I, on the other hand, remember getting a Swinger Bicycle, complete with banana seat, and a big orange flag pole anchored to the back of it. My dad also added a bell to it too, LOL. That same year I also got a Mattel LED handheld football game, and a Waltons lunchbox for my birthday. We both fondly remember so much more of those times, like the television shows and movies back then, not to mention Saturday Morning cartoons.

Seventies Growing Up Posted By damone.supica I remember going down to the bowling alley or other places and playing lots of pinball during our free time. In those early 1970's, they only had electromechanical machines. Each machine had different cartoon face glass with different themes. I also remember how much easier things seemed then. No internet, no cell phones, no email.....just a totally different era that I wish I could spend a day or two back in time.

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