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What do you know or remember from 75 years ago
Question 1
1. World War II begins 75 years ago in 1939 after Germany attacks which neighboring European country?

Question 2
2. Thailand adopted its current name seventy-five years ago, what was it previously called?

Question 3
3. What was the average price of a new car seventy-five years ago?

Question 4
4. The Spanish Civil War ends in 1939 after which Dictator takes over the country?

Question 5
5. What was the average cost of a new house in 1939 ?

Question 6
6. The "Pact of Steel" was an alliance between which two countries at the beginning of World War II ?

Question 7
7. Which popular and classic movie featuring a young Judy Garland was released seventy-five years ago?

Question 8
8. The last French execution performed with a __________, an iconic French device happened 75 years ago with the execution of Eugene Weidmann.

Question 9
9. Which German physicist wrote to US President Roosevelt in 1939 about the creation of the atomic bomb?

Question 10
10. Which "Private Dancer" singer was born in November of 1939?

Question 11
11. Which classic movie based on a novel about the United States civil war was released 75 years ago?

Question 12
12. What was the average cost of a gallon of gas seventy-five years ago?

Question 13
13. Seventy-five years ago one the largest American World's Fairs opened in which city?

Question 14
14. One of the first cars with which convenience went on show 75 years ago in 1939 ?

Question 15
15. The song "Moonlight Serenade" was a hit seventy-five years ago, who was the composer?

Question 16
16. What was the name of the pope who had run the church from 1922 until his death in 1939?

Question 17
17. Which busy airport opened seventy-five years ago in New York City?

Question 18
18. Soon after the beginning of World War II, the Soviet Union invaded which Scandinavian country?

Question 19
19. Which Academy Award winning director of The Godfather series was born in April of 1939?

Question 20
20. What were the average yearly wages 75 years ago?

Answers for those without Javascript enabled
1. Answer: Poland 2. Answer: Siam 3. Answer: $700.00 4. Answer: Francisco Franco 5. Answer: $3,800.00 6. Answer: Germany and Italy 7. Answer: The Wizard of Oz 8. Answer: The Guillotine 9. Answer: Albert Einstein 10. Answer: Tina Turner 11. Answer: Gone With the Wind 12. Answer: 10 cents 13. Answer: New York City 14. Answer: Air-conditioning 15. Answer: Glenn Miller 16. Answer: Pope Pius XI 17. Answer: LaGuardia Airport 18. Answer: Finland 19. Answer: Francis Ford Coppola 20. Answer: $1,730.00