In the 1970s, some major advances in computer technology started to influence children's toys during the decade as evident in the simply computerized game of Simon and the development of the Atari computer and gaming system. Popular culture also continued to greatly influence the types that were available, with many youngsters being able to recreate their favorite movies or television shows with matching actions figures and dolls. Picking only a few was a hard task as I could easily have included 100 +, if you check on the right hand side of the page you will see our other Years from the 1970s which include more than 250 other Vintage Toys from the Seventies.

Popular Vintage Toys From The Seventies

1970s Barbie Dolls & Accessories
Malibu Barbie
Price: $1.94
Barbie's Fashion Bouquet/Accessories
Price: $3.99
Barbie's and Friends On The Go Cars
Price: $3.89
The Barbie Doll Designer Original Collection
Price: From $2.85
Manufacturer: Mattel
Description Barbie Dolls were popular through out the 70s and still are today, they have changed and evolved each year to cater for the latest fashions and trends, these are from 1971.
This example is from the Year 1971
Barbie's Fashion Bouquet / Accessories 1971
Barbie's On The Go Cars For Barbie and her friends
1970's Vintage Barbie Doll Collection Designer Originals

Atari 400 Home Computer System (Came Out In 1979)
Manufacturer: Atari
Price: $594.95
Description One of the earliest home computer systems available to the general public, the Atari 400 Home Computer System which included Console, basic language cartridge, TV Switch box to plug into your TV and AC Adapter, this was an expensive item if you consider the average wage at the time was under $20,000 but they sold like hot cakes.
This example is from the Year 1979
Vintage Atari 400 Home Computer System from the late 1970s

Vintage Easy Bake Oven
Manufacturer: Kenner
Price: $10.99
Description Easy Bake Oven unit includes cake mixes and utensils. It is always fun for young cooks to prepare and serve their own food, just select a mix, add water and place pan into tray then slide into oven. Oven measures 14 x 6 x 11 inches.
This example is from the Year 1972
1970's Easy Bake Oven

Vintage 1970s Pocket Transistor Radios
Price: From $3.75
Description Pocket Transistor Radios became available as the new solid state technology allowed anything electrical to become smaller, they allowed kids to listen to their favorite pop music on the radio.
This example is from the Year 1973
Vintage Pocket Transistor Radios 1973

Hot Wheels Track and Cars
Hot Wheels Mongoose Track
Price: $6.88
Drag Shute Stunt Track
Price: $3.99
Set of 4 Hotwheels Cars
Price: $3.44
Description Anything with cars will always be popular, every boy wanted Hot Wheels cars and tracks for Christmas and Birthdays.

Hot Wheels Track and Cars

Punch Me Toys
Price: $2.97 to $4.97
Description Punch Me's including Frankenstein Monster Squad, Snoopy as Joe Cool, Welcome Back Kotter, King Kong and Batman.
This example is from the Year 1977
Punch Me's including Frankestien Monster Squad, Snoopy as Joe Cool, Welcome Back Kotter, King Kong and Batman 1977

Silly Putty
Price: 99 cents
Description Stretches likes taffy and bounces like rubber, comes in protective plastic shell egg. Still as popular today as it was back then 40 years ago.

Silly Putty Toy

Toy GI Joe Astronaut
Price: $9.66
Description GI Joe is similar to Barbie in concept and adapts to the changing world. Following on from the successful moon landing in 1969, GI Joe and many other toys helped young boys enter the world of space travel in their imagination.

1970's GI Joe Astronaut In Space

Talky Crissy Doll
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $12.99
Description 17 1/2 inch Talky Crissy Doll with growing hair who says six phrases. Ask her a question, pull her ring, and her answers include "why not?", or she may say "I don't think so", press her and pull her hair it grows and grows, Crissy wears a long elegant robe.

Vintage Talky Crissy Doll with growing hair from the 1970's

Erector Sets
Price: From $16.95 to $49.95
Description Sets range from the small basic set right up to the master set which includes 2 motors, remote control, superhoist, 16 girders and 900 other pieces allowing you to build whatever your imagination can think of. Comes with instruction booklet, tools to put your erector set together and some ideas to get you started.

Erector Sets with remotes, motors, 16 giant girdirs and 900 pieces to make hundreds of models from the 70's

Hoppity Hops
Price: From $5.88 to $8.88
Description Hoppity Hops are big bouncy balls you will want to ride for hours.

Hoppity Hops 1973

Eight Track Portable Music Player
Price: $24.99
Description Dual Powered Portable 8 track tape player.

Vintage Portable 8 Track Player

Rock Em Sock Em Robots
Manufacturer: Marx Toys
Price: $8.89
Description Some play ideas do not need a description, they just are what they are.

Rock Em Sock Em Robots sold in 1971

Hungry Hungry Hippos
Price: $7.44
Description Use your lever controlled Hippos to catch all the marbles.
This example is from the Year 1978
Hungry Hungry Hippos Game

Simon Says
Price: $14.95
Description Simon Says Challenge your memory and repeat my sounds and light signals.

Simon Says Toy from the 70s where you match the colors and sounds

Talking Viewmaster
Price: $13.87
Description Watch and Listen to your favorite cartoon characters.

New Talking Viewmaster

Walkie Talkie Sets
Price: $13.88
Description Walkie Talkie sets were popular with kids of all ages and genders.

Walkie Talkie Sets 1973

Charlie's Angels Dolls
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $4.17 each
Description Charlie's Angels Dolls featuring Jill (Farah Fawcett), Sabrina (Kate Jackson), and Kelly (Jacyln Smith) in jumpsuits and boots with posable 8 1/2 inch plastic bodies.

Vintage 1970s Charlie's Angels Dolls, Jill (Farah Fawcett) , Sabrina (Kate Jackson), Kelly (Jacyln Smith) 1977

Star Ship Enterprise
Price: From $5.99
Description The Crew from Star Trek and the U.S.S. Star Ship Enterprise. Star Trek was extremely popular in 1979 as the first of the movies Star Trek: The Motion Picture was released that year, Star Trek also had built up a following from the TV series Star Trek: The Original Series, which ran from (1966–1969) and Star Trek: The Animated Series from (1973–1974).

The Crew from Star Trek and the Star Ship Enterprise classic vintage seventies toys

Raggedy Ann and Andy
Price: $4.27 to $19.97
Description Raggedy Ann and Andy ranging in size from 15 1/2 inches to 38 1/2 inches. They had cloth bodies, red yarn hair, locked in eyes, silk screened faces. Raggedy Ann wearing Blue dress, white apron and pantaloons. Andy wearing striped top, sailor pants and Sailor Cap.

Raggedy Ann and Andy From 1977

Tumblestone Making Kit
Price: $12.85
Description Turn ordinary stones into something special.

Tumblestone Making Kit sold in 1971

Cheap Childrens Stereo Phono
Price: $19.95
Description Music was an integral part of teen life as the number of pop stars increased in the mid to late 60's and a Cheap Kids Stereo allowed them to listen to the latest records. Comes with 2 speakers, uses latest solid state technology, plays the latest 45's automatically, separate volume speaker controls.
This example is from the Year 1970
Vintage Early 1970s Childrens Stereo

Street King Skates
Manufacturer: Street King
Price: From $6.87 to $59.99
Description Skating rinks were in many small towns and cities and skating was popular with family and kids.

Roller Skates Inc. Street King Street Skates,Roller Derby Sidewalk Skates,  Roller Derby Skating Rink Dance Skates

Boys and Girls First Bikes
Manufacturer: Free Spirit
Price: $34.95
Description No popular toy list would be complete without children's bikes, so here is an example.

Boys and Girls First Bikes With Training Wheels 1973

Mr. Potato Head
Price: $1.99
Description Mister Potato Head, take him apart and put him together ideal children's toy for fun and games, stands 9 inches tall.
This example is from the Year 1975
Mister Potato Head

Pogo Sticks
Price: From $5.97 to $10.97
Description Pogo Sticks ranging from the junior at 44 1/2 inches high to the super high rise Pogo Stick 48 inches high.
This example is from the Year 1976
Vintage Pogo Stick Toy from 1976

Foosball Game
Price: $43.97
Description Foosball soccer game with two or 4 players. Push, pull, and twirl the rods to make your players score goals.

Foosball Football Table 1976

Frosty Snow Cone Maker
Price: $5.29
Description Just add Ice Cubes and Syrup Flavoring and turn the handle. Includes paper cups, 10 different Syrups, funnel and grater.

Frosty Snow Cone Maker

NHL Table Hockey
Price: $25.99
Description NHL Table Hockey game allows you to pass, manipulate, skate and shoot for goal creating your very own Stanley Cup.

NHL Table Hockey depicting the top teams in 1971

4 Car Model Car Racing Track
Manufacturer: Aurora
Price: $34.99
Description Car Racing Tracks like this or similar were in most homes in the 70's and provided hours of fun, I am sure dad was as happy to have one of these as the boys were.

Vintage Aurora 4 car model racing track

Lionel Train Set
Manufacturer: Lionel
Price: From $21.99 to $49.66
Description Like the car racing sets, train sets were popular and none were better than those from Lionel who had been making them for 30 years.
This example is from the Year 1974
Vintage Lional .027 Guage Train Sets and Trains 1974