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Popular Vintage Toys From The Sixties

In the 1960s, as popular culture became ever more important, toys start to reflect the television, movies, and musical influences that children experienced during the decade. While the focus still remained similar to the types available for children in the fifties, more and more toys featured labels associated with popular characters or celebrities like The Flintstones or The Beatles. Picking only a few was a hard task as I could easily have included 100 +,

1960s Popcorn Maker
Price: $7.88
Description Electric Popcorn Maker, watch corn pop under heat proofed safety glass top to serve friends and family.
From the Year 1960
1960s Vintage Popcorn Maker

Vintage Electric Pitching Machine
Price: $7.77
Description Electric Pitching Machine, requires batteries.

Electric Pitching Machine

Old Fashioned Dial Telephone
Description Old Fashioned Dial Telephone, I included this not as much as a toy which it is but as a reminder that every Vintage telephone was designed like this, you dialed the number by turning the dial.

Old Fashioned Dial Telephone

Vintage 1960s Troll Dolls
Price: $1.44 each
Description These pot-bellied and bow-legged Trolls need you for a friend. Choose from Bride, Groom, Nurse, or Indian Chief.
From the Year 1963
Sixties Troll Dolls

Vintage 1960s Little Miss Echo
Manufacturer: American Character Dolls
Price: $14.99
Description Can you imagine anything more fun than a doll that repeats everything you say to her? She has a magnetic tape recorder built right in. She has plastic jointed arms, legs, and head. Her rooted hair can be combed.

Vintage 60s Little Miss Echo

Casper the Ghost
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $5.99
Description This talking Casper the Ghost says one of eleven phrases every time you pull his chatty ring. He has a stuffed body covered with white rayon plush and a plastic face.

Vintage Talking Casper the Ghost From The 60s

Satellite Jumping Shoes
Price: $4.99
Description Dual springs bounce like a trampoline. Helps to build muscles, develop coordination and balance. Jumping shoes fit over regular shoes.
From the Year 1962
Satellite Jumping Shoes

Flintstones Pedal Car
Price: $23.88
Description True-to-life 1960s Flintstones sport convertible complete with simulated leopard skin canopy and a prehistoric sculptured-log body of tough plastic. Has dual headlights and a horn that beeps.

Classic Vintage 1960s Flintstone Pedal Car

Chatty Cathy Doll
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $9.96
Description Chatty Cathy says several different phrases at random. She has rooted Saran hair that can be brushed, combed and styled. She also has moveable head, arms and legs.

Sixties Chatty Cathy Doll

G.I. Joe Figures
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $2.32 each
Description Choose from Action Soldier, Action Marine, Action Sailor, or Action Pilot. Each is movable and comes dressed in their respective uniforms.
From the Year 1964
Early 60's G.I. Joe Figures

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots
Manufacturer: Marx
Price: $7.99
Description Boxing robots are hand controlled for hours of fun. Boxers move around, throw left and right punches. When socked on the chin, a spring mechanism pops the head up.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots

Game Of Mousetrap
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $3.99
Description Catch the mouse with the wildest trap ever in the Game Of Mousetrap.

Game Of Mousetrap

Ideal Printing Press
Manufacturer: Ideal
Price: $11.44
Description Create Your Own Printing Shop to make posters, Ideal Printing Press comes with 2 sets of Type, Ink, Tweezers, Printing Plates and much more.

Vintage3 Ideal Printing Press

James Bond Board Game
Manufacturer: MB Games
Price: $1.32
Description James Bond Board Game
From the Year 1965
James Bond Board Game

Candyland Board Game
Price: $2.44
Description Candyland Board Game

Candyland Board Game

The Beatles Board Game
Price: $2.22
Description The Beatles Board Game: play as John, Paul, George or Ringo.

The Beatles 1960's Board Game

Viewmaster 3D Stereo Viewer
Price: $3.50
Description Viewmaster 3D Stereo Viewer, what I found interesting about the Viewmaster were the range of slides available. The Viewmaster had been around for quite a few years but the slides reflected popular culture of the times including Batman, The Man From UNCLE, Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea, plus the usual world wide scenes of countries and places around the world.
From the Year 1966
Viewmaster Stereo Viewer

GI Joe Land Vehicles
Price: From $3.79 to $9.99
Description GI Joe Land Vehicles including a Jeep, Motorcycle with Sidecar, Helicopter, Staff Cat and Friction Powered Jet to help GI-Joe on his heroic missions.

GI Joe Jeep

Francie is Barbie's Trendy Cousin
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: From $1.67 to $2.69
Description Barbie's Trendy Cousin Francie with all her MOD fashion gear including GO GO gaitors, Fake Fur Coat, hood mittens and shoes, High Waisted Skirt and Textured Hose, Polka Dots and Raindrops Plastic Coat with Zip Pockets, Clam Diggers, Leather Limelight Mix and Match the Floral Tricot Blouse, Skirt, Boots with Vinyl Capris.

Mid 1960s Barbie's Trendy Cousin Francie with all her MOD gear

Lego Construction Set
Price: Ranging From $2.99 to $9.99
Description Lego Construction Sets ranging from 151 pieces to 565 pieces.

Vintage 60s Lego Construction Set

Transistorized Phonograph
Price: From $16.95
Description Transistorized Phonograph to play popular swinging sixties music with speaker choice of red or blue and with front mounted 4 inch speaker or top mounted 4 inch speaker. As Transistor technology entered music players (Tapes and Records) the prices and the weight came down, plus because of the decreased power tape players also could become more portable using batteries instead of AC.
From the Year 1967
Vintage Transistorised Phonograph to play popular swinging sixties music with speaker

Matchbox Carry Case Car City
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: $7.44
Description Matchbox Carry Case Car City including 12 set of car and truck set featuring roads, buildings, streets and scenery where you could move your matchbox cars around.

Matchbox Car City

Lionel Train Sets
Manufacturer: Lionel
Price: From $18.66 to $22.66
Description Lionel Train Sets featuring choice of a 5 unit diesel freighter or a Steam Locomotive with 6 units, forward and reverse, headlights, complete with track and transformer.

Vintage Sixties Lionel Train Sets

Talking Barbie
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $7.97
Description Talking Barbie in her fur trimmed dinner suit, pull her chord to hear her say dozens of different sayings and words.
From the Year 1968
Vintage 1960s Talking Barbie

Manufacturer: Kenner
Price: $2.87
Description Spirograph allows anyone to draw beautiful patterns with just a pencil and paper, provides hours of fun and entertainment for kids of all ages. Kenner began selling Spirograph sets as a creative children's toy 1966, but the basic concept does go back much earlier.


Pop Music Tape Cartridges
Price: $1.29
Popular Pre-Recorded Music Cartridges From the late 60s including:
The Animals -- It's My Life
The Beatles --- Help
The Beatles --- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Beatles --- Magical Mystery Tour
Stevie Wonder --- Place In the Sun
Four Tops --- Baby I Need You
Hermans Hermits --- Leanin' On A Lamp Post
The Beach Boys --- Don't Worry Baby
Petula Clark --- Downtown
The Righteous Brothers --- Soul and Inspiration

Popular Music Cartridges From the late 60s including the Beatles

Moon Scope Telescope
Price: $19.99
Description The new Moon Scope Telescope designed especially for observation of the moons surface, includes a 50 power reflector lens and a 150 power booster lens for detailed observation of the moons craters, mountains and Moon Landing Sites.
From the Year 1969
Vintage Moon Scope Telescope

Hot Wheels Car Racing Set
Price: $9.99
Description Hot Wheels Car Racing Set, one of the most popular car racing sets and cars in recent times, simple easy and fun for boys of all ages, I remember my hot wheels cars do you?

Vintage 1960's Hot Wheels Car Racing Set

Aerobat Fun Childrens Exercise
Price: $16.99
Description This Aerobat looks fun, I must admit I do not remember them but it was shaped like an egg and you used your body weight to make it go, plenty of places to use your hands and weight distribution to make it roll without losing control.

Aerobat Fun Childrens Exercise