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Fashion Dresses from the 50s

Two examples From Each Of Our 1950s Fashion clothing Pages
Below is a selection which includes two examples from each year of women's dresses from each of our 1950 to 1959 years. There are 2 dresses shown for each year. As you go down the page you can see the styles change during the decade.
Two examples From Our 1950 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1950 Marquisette Taffeta Gown
Marquisette Taffeta Gown 1950 Price: $12.98
Description Marquisette and taffeta make a glamorous gown for a wedding or a big party. Bodice yoke and full skirt are marquisette. The rest of the dress, slip-on gloves and attached underskirt are rayon taffeta. Tucks go all around bodice and skirt. Colors include flame red, aqua blue, rose pink and white.

From 1950 Rayon Taffeta Check Dress
Rayon Taffeta Check Dress 1950 Price: $5.98
Description Rayon taffeta with woven checks. Smooth fitting bodice, flaring four-gore bias skirt, big pockets. Belt of fabric and suede-like plastic. Colors include Black and white, brown and gold or turquoise blue and black.

Two examples From Our 1951 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1951 Crepe and Taffeta Tunic Dress
Crepe and Taffeta Tunic Dress 1951 Price: $10.75
Description This crepe and taffeta tunic dress is very slenderizing and amazingly easy to wear, just what you're looking for if you want something different but not extreme. Bodice and straight three-gore skirt are finely ribbed sheer rayon crepe, suitable for year 'round wear. Front overbodice, cuffs and back-dipping tunic are the best rayon taffeta. Lapels and pocket flaps have circles of rhinestone. Choose from navy blue or black.

From 1951 Rainbow Plaid Gingham Dress
Rainbow Plaid Gingham Dress 1951 Price: $5.59
Description Rainbow plaid in stunning autumn foliage colors. White embossed cotton collar plunges to the waist, with little buttons on the vestee. Four-gore skirt, peg pockets. Self belt, covered buckle. Zipper. Sanforized; washfast.

Two examples From Our 1952 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1952 Dressy Suit
Dressy Suit 1952 Price: $12.98
Description The finest faille... handsome acetate and rayon fabric in the new dressy type of suit that's so smart for weddings and very special parties. The unlined jacket fits very smoothly... has new short, stiffened peplum... beautiful collar and cuffs of rich black velvet with rhinestones and simulated pearls. The full skirt has a flared two-gore back. Colors are champagne, aqua blue or black.

From 1952 Peg Top Silhouette Dress
Peg Top Silhouette Dress 1952 Price: $8.49
Description "Hammered" satin... lustrous acetate and rayon with all-over self pattern. This is the new "peg-top" silhouette, perfect for young figures! Around-the-hip pockets; shoulder tab with black velvet ribbon and rhinestone pin; velvet belt. Skirt has flared two-gore back; two-inch taped hem. Choose from aqua blue, champagne (light beige), or medium rose.

Two examples From Our 1953 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1953 Dress and Jacket Ensemble
Dress and Jacket Ensemble 1953 Price: $16.98
Description Dress and jacket ensemble to make you look your loveliest! Hip yoke, jacket and bodice are imported rayon lace. Bodice is lined and boned, has shoulder straps (not shown). Fluting on bodice front. Ballerina-length skirt and all-around flounce are one-hundred percent nylon net. Two attached underskirts: one rayon net, one acetate taffeta. Rose cascade. Colors are turquoise (light) blue, mauve (medium) pink, or coronation (medium) blue.

From 1953 Sculptured Nylon Duster
Sculptured Nylon Duster 1953 Price: $8.98
Description New sculptured nylon... handsome new one-hundred percent nylon with raised flower design... dries in minutes, needs no ironing, wears for years. Three-way duster has gold-color metallic buttons and piping, leather-like gold-color belt. Choose from aqua blue and white or melon rose and white.

Two examples From Our 1954 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1954 Box Jacket Suit
Box Jacket Suit 1954 Price: $12.98
Description Versatile box jacket (about twenty-six inches) doubles as topper. Smart contrasting trim. Acetate and rayon crepe lined. Choose from navy blue with cherry red trim, medium gray with charcoal gray trim, and mocha tan with dark brown trim.

From 1954 Iridescent Taffeta Dress
Iridescent Taffeta Dress 1954 Price: $5.59
Description Iridescent chromspun taffeta... crisp, richly colored acetate with changeable two-tone effect... keeps its color. Flattering neckline has pleated insert; rhinestone trim. Flared two-gore skirt back. Reinforced rayon velvet belt. Colors are sparkling deep blue or sparkling wine red.

Two examples From Our 1955 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1955 Chenille Wool Two Piece Dress
Chenille Wool Two Piece Dress 1955 Price: $17.98
Description Collar has mohair angora and wool knit and gold color stitching; short-zipper at back. Easy-fitting skirt has a tiered effect; elasticized waist. Color choices are rose red with white, bright turquoise green with white, or navy blue with white.

From 1955 Wool and Nylon Plaid Jumper
Wool and Nylon Plaid Jumper 1955 Price: $11.74
Description The suspender look jumper in washable plaid flannel. Made of eighty-five percent wool and fifteen percent nylon. Color combinations are gold with black or red with black.

Two examples From Our 1956 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1956 Shinto Sheath and Pants
Shinto Sheath and Pants 1956 Price: $15.98
Description "Shinto" sheath and pants... a very special gift. The slim top has deep side slits; long back zipper. The tapered pants are of matching solid color; back zipper. Comes in poppy red or black.

From 1956 Slim Skirt and Sleeveless Blouse
Slim Skirt and Sleeveless Blouse 1956 Price: $2.98 - $3.98
Description Smart sleeveless blouse ($2.98) has convertible collar and comes in light beige or black. Slim skirt ($3.98) has embroidered eagle emblem and white belt, comes in light beige or black.

Two examples From Our 1957 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1957 Fur Look Trim Slim Dress
Fur Look Trim Slim Dress 1957 Price: $9.74
Description Fur-look fabric trims slim dress in brushed rayon and acetate flannel with the feel of cashmere. New flattery in the "envelope" bodice drape... the smart "tunnel" pockets. Striking "look-of-fur" trim in the acetate and rayon collar and cuffs, repeated in the pocket buttons. Long back zipper. Slim skirt has back kick pleat. Colors are light beige, powder blue or light green.

From 1957 Puff Sleeve Dress
Puff Sleeve Dress 1957 Price: $14.50
Description The puff sleeve look... in lace, an exquisite Chantilly-type lace in fine nylon and acetate over acetate taffeta. This slim, Empire dress is fashioned for late day and evening. It is sophisticated, yet charmingly soft with engaging details... a tiny cuff at the front neckline; a flounce at the back of the skirt, accentuated by a huge bow of acetate satin. Square neckline and long zipper in back. Choose from black or beige.

Two examples From Our 1958 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1958 Back Interest Chemise
Back Interest Chemise 1958 Price: $12.98
Description Slim front Chemise with back interest soaring in a semi-detached blouson, lined with matching rayon taffeta. The skirt is narrowed and just so slightly tapered. Fine quality acetate-rayon crepe. Shiny patent-like belt. Glitter pin on wing collar. About two-inch taped hem. Side zipper. Black only.

From 1958 Souffle Pouf Dress
Souffle Pouf Dress 1958 Price: $19.98
Description Souffle-pouf... feminine drama, romantically yours in delicately patterned acetate and nylon lace. Styled for sophisticated glamour with its appealing bateau neck (scooped in back) and long, wrist-length sleeves. Its sleek torso reaches its highest fashion note at the hemline with a swirl of matching nylon chiffon. Opaque rayon taffeta, showing a sweetheart neckline, lines garment. Back zip. Finished hemline. Colors are olive green or black.

Two examples From Our 1959 Clothes Fashion Clothing Page which includes 20 other examples
From 1959 Empire Waist Dress
Empire Waist Dress 1959 Price: $7.98
Description The romantic new rise of the Empire line is this season's most youthful looking fashion. Beautifully interpreted here in cotton sateen that belies its wee price. Practically fashioned of crease-resistant combed cotton, mercerized and everglazed to retain its brand new luster. Grosgrain ribbon forms a high band around the back and under the bustline, bowed and streamered in front. The skirt, a graceful princess line is gored all around and has a two inch hem. Flattering scooped neckline is notched in front. Back zipper close. Choose from purple on bright green or bright orange on topaz.

From 1959 Rose Pattern Halter Dress
Rose Pattern Halter Dress 1959 Price: $7.98
Description Romance of the rose, captured in the finest quality combed cotton broadcloth. Bare your shoulders to sun's rays and moonbeams with a halter neckline closing in back with double hooks and eyes. Figure molding bodice is fully lined to hold its shape. Wide 'n whirly shirred bouffant skirt never looked so feminine, topped by a rayon velvet belt. Back zips to below waist. Red and green print on white ground.