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Flapper Fashion Dresses and Blouses from the 20s

Two examples From Each Of Our 1920 Fashion clothing Pages
Below is a selection which includes two examples from each year of Flapper Style Dresses From each of our 1920 to 1929 years there are 2 dresses or blouses shows for each year As you go down the page you can see the styles change during the decade.

Two examples From 1929

From 1929 A Basque Dress
Price: $2.98
Description Dainty, cool, and wonderfully becoming to the youthful figure is this beautiful little Basque dress. Fine quality organdie finish Batiste, printed in a gay all-over pattern, uses solid color organdie to top the full gathered skirt and to edge the graceful collar. Lace trims collar and pockets. Silk ribbon at shoulder and waist.
From 1929 A Silk Georgette Crepe Dress
Price: $14.95
Description Combining a sheer, fine all silk georgette crepe with lovely lace. Lace edges collar and forms dainty vestee. Picoted plaited frills or georgette finish the sleeves, inset tiers form a cascade drapery for the flare skirt. Hipband has plaited self tab and pin. Full seco slip. Choose from Goya red or Blue "De Lyon".

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1929

Two examples From 1928

From 1928 A Flannel Velour Polkadot Dress
Price: $5.25
Description An extraordinarily low price for as smart a dress as this. The material is all-wool flannel velour. Collar, flowing tie, cuffs and belt-flaps, are very new. Pintucks and pearl buttons trim the front of the bodice. Skirt side-pleated across the front. Sash has buckle and ties at back. A splendid dress for the colder weather. Colors come in new green, powder blue, or navy.
From 1928 An Any Hour Taffeta Dress
Price: $1.98
Description This is one of the prettiest Any Hour Dresses--a model of fine cotton vanity taffeta, navy, with fancy design. Has pleats in skirt, two pockets, roll collar and vestee. Trimmed with plain harmonizing color. Narrow tie girdle. A lovely frock for little money.
2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1928

Two examples From 1927

From 1927 A Satin Dress
Price: $14.75
Description This stunning "BETTERMADE" frock is skillfully fashioned of All Silk Crepe Satin, and the designer cleverly used the shimmering lustrous as well as the dull crepe side of the fabric. The frock gains additional chic by having pleat inserts, a graceful jabot frill and trimmings of contrasting color silk crepe and novelty triple loop ornament. Comes in black with rose beige trimming.

From 1927 A Plaid Jacket with Tweed Knickers
Price: $2.98 - $4.95
Description Tailored knickers in your choice of fine quality all wool tweed or sturdy Hill's Khaki Jean cloth. All wool plaid flannel, lumberjack style sport blouse, convertible collar, cuffs, hip band and trimmings of all wool worsted yarn.

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1927

Two examples From 1926

From 1926 A Blue Flat Crepe Dress
Price: $17.98
Description Fashion turns to prints with gayest futuristic design in this frock of finest all silk flat crepe. Inspired by Paris and adopted by ultra-smart New York. Combined with blue flat crepe in the newest two-piece effect with plaits front and back; swagger tie collar; button trimmed hipband; inverted shoulder tucks. Inserts of print on sleeves and skirts.
From 1926 A Rayon Chenille Crepe Dress
Price: $9.95
Description The new swinging movement so much the vogue is charmingly carried out in the rippling skirt of this two-piece frock. Fashioned of rayon in effective chenille weave, with clever trimming details of contrasting rayon crepe. Skirt on separate bodice. Choose from rose, pencil blue, or pansy.

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1926

Two examples From 1925

From 1925 A Futurist Print Silk Two-Piece
Price: $14.98
Description Strikingly smart and very new is the gaily colored futurist print that adorns the blouse of this attractive two-piece frock. Material is soft, lustrous all silk crepe de chine, the skirt being of solid tone that matches the background of the print. The skirt also has a lower border of matching rich colors. It comes attached to a soiesette bodice lining.
From 1925 A Two-Piece Silk Georgette
Price: $15.98
Description That two-piece frocks have become "dressy affairs" is evidenced by this lovely creation of dainty fine quality all silk georgette crepe. The chic blouse features novel ornamentation of self material, fancy metal buttons and exquisite embroidery. It has modish long sleeves and the latest style sash tie collar. Combination pleating adds smartness to the skirt, which comes attached to a silk crepe bodice. Colors come in old wine or cinnamon brown.

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1925

Two examples From 1924

From 1924 An All Silk Printed Radium Dress
Price: $8.98
Description Of utmost simplicity is the styling of this frock--adding, rather than detracting from its smartness--for in this manner the beauty of the printed all silk radium that fashions it, is shown to best advantage. Designed on the popular straight line silhouette, with sash ends in back, the frock has a chic long tie of contrasting color all silk crepe, drawn through piped openings at the waistline.
From 1924 A Futurist Printed Silk Dress
Price: $14.98
Description Paris originated these "futurist" prints and now they are quite the rage, being used in the season's most exclusive models. In this beautiful two-piece model, fine quality, futurist print, all silk crepe de chine was employed for the chic finger tip length blouse. It has trimming of lustrous crepe back satin, matching the graceful circular cut skirt, which is attached to bodice lining of Jap silk.

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1924

Two examples From 1923

From 1923 A Poiret Twill Dress
Price: $16.95
Description The bolero effect dress is always a favorite because of its simplicity and unusual becomingness. We offer it here fashioned of that splendidly satisfying fabric, all wool poiret twill. Beneath the jacket effect at front is a bodice of colorfully printed all silk crepe de chine which joins the skirt under a belt of patent leather finish clasped with the new decorative metal medallions. Good tailoring is evident in every line of this model, and the tiny piped handkerchief pocket in skirt and the two smart inverted plaits at sides bear witness to the maker's skill. Daintiness itself is the collar and cuffs set of embroidered ecru organdie and there is a slender satin ribbon tie which closes the neck.

From 1923 A Poiret Twill Suit
Price: $25.50
Description That the newly arrived mode for side effects is having its influence upon suits is demonstrated in this fine quality all wool poiret twill suit for misses and small women. The large sash of heavy quality silk moire taffeta by which this model achieves its side closing is a feature which is used in many of the smartest suits this season. Rows of narrow fiber silk braid with the added adornment of diminutive braid covered buttons have been wisely selected as reflecting the latest taste for trimming. This trimming is also used upon the straight line back. The 30-inch coat is lined with good quality satin de chine. Tailored skirt has slashed pockets and is slightly shirred at back under all around belt.

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1923

Two examples From 1922

From 1922 A Pink Organdie Dress
Price: $6.88
Description It is an effective combination of flowered and plain organdie. Four swinging panels edged with plaited frills. Large surplice collar and cuffs with frill trimming. A style usually offered only in high-priced garments.
From 1922 A Velveteen Dress
Price: $7.98
Description It is rarely, indeed, that a simple dress of velveteen carries with it an air of undisputed poise, as evidenced in this model. The vogue for contrasting colors is achieved in the flowing streamers and pretty loops of radiant moire ribbon. The very modern irregular line at the bottom of the skirt is charmingly effected by scallops. Dress fastens at the side. Choose from brown with burnt, wine with black, or navy blue with Copenhagen blue.

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1922

Two examples From 1921

From 1921 A Khaki Riding Suit
Price: $7.27
Description Two-piece riding our outing suit made of good grade olive tan cotton khaki cloth. Outing coat has a convertible corduroy collar, three-button adjustable belt, also four patch pockets. The breeches are well proportioned throughout and have the straight outside leg seam. Pockets at sides are trimmed with buttons and buttonholes. Leg is finished off at bottom with eyelets and fastens with laces.
From 1921 A Gingham House Dress
Price: $2.69
Description One of the most attractive House Dresses we have seen this season. Well adaptable for street or house wear. Has pique faced collar, cuffs, and pockets. The pique front is trimmed with an elaborate display or pearl buttons to match those on pockets. Popular one-piece style, easy to launder. Choose from blue check, black check, or pink check.

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1921

Two examples From 1920

From 1920 A Dainty Dress Up Frock
Price: $15.49
Description Dainty dress-up frock of beautifully patterned richly colored silk and cotton crepe with the appearance of silk georgette. Waist blouses over a soft, gray silk taffeta ribbon girdle with side bow, and shows taffeta ribbon ruche and gilt braid at neck. Side-draped skirt.
From 1920 A Japanese Crepe Frock
Price: $11.98
Description A thoroughly delightful style and a wonderful bargain in a summer frock of Japanese crepe. Artfully hand embroidered with silk floss on pockets and around neck. Narrow tie sash. Pearl buttons ornament front and fasten dress in back. Colors come in lavender, rose, or blue.

2 Ladies Dress Examples From 1920