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1996 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1990s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1996 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 90's for other years. The popular toys included Marvel Action Figures, Neptune Starcastle, and Tickle Me Elmo

Marvel Super Heroes Collector Pack
Price: $39.99
Description Collect eight of your favorite Marvel super heroes in this action figure set. Includes Iron Man, Hulk, Thing, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Venom, Punisher, and Silver Surfer.

Marvel Action Figure Set From The 1990s

Juice and Cookie Baby Alive
Manufacturer: Kenner
Price: $29.99
Description This doll sips, chews, and dirties her diaper. Includes 15" doll, mixing bowl with "food" molds, juice box, "food" packets, diaper and more.

Juice and Cookie Baby Alive From The 1990s

Beetleborgs' Gargantis Mobile Attack Carrier
Price: $34.99
Description This battery-powered creature/vehicle really walks. There is room for all three Beetle AVs and their Beetleborgs to ride on top. Nose cannon turns into a jet fighter.

Beetleborg Gargantis Mobile Attack Carrier From The 1990s

Buzz Lightyear Costume
Price: $19.99
Description A one-piece body suit printed on the front and back to look like Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

Buzz Lightyear Costume From The 1990s

Capsela 3000 Voice Command
Manufacturer: Capsela
Price: $54.99
Description Build 24 different styles of action toys. It has fifty interlocking parts and seven voice commands that control motion, sound effects and flashing lights.

Capsela 3000 Voice Command From The 1990s

Grazioli Convertible Stroller/Baby Doll Carriage
Manufacturer: Grazioli
Price: $49.99
Description Carriage easily converts to multi-position stroller. Lift-off basket becomes a rocking cradle. Holds dolls up to 18".

Grazioli Convertible Stroller/Baby Doll Carriage From The 1990s

Deluxe Esmeralda Costume
Price: $24.99 (Toddlers), $27.99 (Children)
Description Look like Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame with this one-piece gown includes corset, hip drape with gold-colored trim, and head scarf.

Deluxe Esmeralda Costume From The 1990s

John Deere Farm Set
Price: $14.99
Description This die-cast metal farm set includes forage wagon, round baler, wing disc, tractor, and forage chopper. Scaled to work with H.O. train sets.

John Deere Farm Set From The 1990s

Gooey Louie with Gooey Louie Gooey Maker
Manufacturer: Pressman
Price: $15.99
Description Stick your finger in Louie's nose, feel around, grab a gooey and pull it out. At some point, one lucky person will get the gooey that makes Louie's brain pop out! Also includes the Gooey Louie Gooey Maker.

Gooey Louie Game and Gooey Maker From The 1990s

Goosebumps Fright Writer Pen
Manufacturer: Tiger
Price: $24.99
Description This Goosebumps-themed pen has twelve seconds of digitized recording time that changes the sound of your voice or play the six pre-recorded sound effects.

Goosebumps Pen From The 1990s

Gymnast Stacie Doll
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $19.99
Description Barbie's sister Gymnast Stacie comes with parallel bars, balance beam, and vault. The doll's body is fully poseable.

Gymnast Stacie From The 1990s

Shock Wave Light and Sound Fantasy Flyers
Price: $19.99
Description Five piece flyer and launcher set includes vinyl carrying case with shoulder strap. Pull the ripcord and watch the Gyronaut twirl and fly with soft, unfolding wings. Launcher lights up when launching and has three distinct space launching sounds.

Shock Wave Light and Sound Fantasy Flyers From The 1990s

Jazzy Accessories Press It Perfect Flowers
Manufacturer: Crayola
Price: $19.99
Description Decorate over twenty different accessories. Comes with flower press, blotting papers, glitter glue, paint brush, scissors, eight mini stamper markers, twenty sheets of stationary, and ten envelopes.

Crayola Jazzy Accessories Press It Perfect Flowers From The 1990s

Lazer Challenge Duel Set
Manufacturer: Toymax
Price: $39.99
Description This electronic adventure game set lets you accurately hit targets up to fifty feet away. Super-bright, LED scoring and sound effects. The set includes two infra-red "laser" pistols and two target vests.

Lazer Challenge Duel Set From The 1990s

Shark's Crystal Cave
Manufacturer: Lego
Price: $49.99
Description There are 253 interlocking pieces in this Lego System. The attack ship docks in this underwater hide-out. Use the secret cave to stash precious oxygen crystals or trap the shark. Comes with underwater baseplate, one-man scouting vehicle, and working compass.

Lego System Shark's Crystal Cave From The 1990s

1996 Nascar Collector's Set
Manufacturer: Racing Champions
Price: $29.99
Description This diecast collector's set includes twelve 1:64 scale Nascar Stock Cars each with its own trading card and display stand.

1996 Nascar Collector's Set From The 1990s

Neptune Starcastle
Manufacturer: Trendmasters
Price: $24.99
Description Use the magic key to open the castle. Inside there is an aquarium that holds water for a small goldfish. The diving platform lights up, and accessories include starfish, "magic" key, mermaids, simulated pearl ring, coach, and more.

Neptune Starcastle From The 1990s

Official NFL Running Back Bear
Manufacturer: NFL
Price: $19.99
Description Your favorite team's logo comes on a removable jersey for your bear. Also comes with vinyl ball, cap, and sneaker. Choose from the Cowboys, Dolphins, or Packers.

NFL Running Back Bear From The 1990s

Radar the Two-Way Tutor
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $59.99
Description Talk to Radar and he talks back! An interactive learning toy based on voice recognition technology, so it actually understands what's being said and responds! Simply talk over the phone and Radar teaches and quizzes on various learning concepts with ten different game cards.

Radar the Two-Way Tutor From The 1990s

Durasport Roll-A-Bowl
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $34.99
Description Rocking and rolling fun for indoors or outdoors. Heavy-gauge vinyl for rough and tough fun. Features two handles for stability. Inflates to 55 inches and can support a maximum weight of 60 lbs.

Playskool Durasport Roll-A-Bowl From The 1990s

Sega Saturn CD Game System
Manufacturer: Sega
Price: $249.99
Description The 32-bit co-processor provides power play that rivals many arcade machines. Plays Saturn CD games and music CDs when hooked into a stereo system. Includes controller, stereo A/V cable, power cord, control pad, and instructions.

Sega Saturn CD Game System From The 1990s

Star Trek Barbie
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $75.00
Description Barbie and Ken wear copies of the Enterprise crew costumes. Barbie wears an engineering officer's uniform and has a recorder; Ken wears a command division uniform and comes with a phaser; both dolls wear gold and black communicators. The package replicates the main bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Includes labeled stands.

Star Trek Barbie and Ken From The 1990s

Super Bobsled
Price: $19.99
Description The Super Bobsled is a 38-inch steerable sled with bucket seat and wide track leg space. Handles for steering and braking. Made of high-density plastic.

Super Bobsled From The 1990s

Tickle Me Elmo
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $27.99
Description Tickle his tummy once to make him giggle, twice to make him laugh longer. Tickle him a third time and he shakes with laughter. This toy was one of the most popular toys for the 1996 Christmas season, with many stores running out of stock and battling crowds trying to get their hands on one.

Tickle Me Elmo From The 1990s

Wild Wind
Manufacturer: Hedstrom
Price: $124.99
Description Hand-decorated 47" horse on a rock-and-ride frame. It has a wide stance base for stability and built-in plastic steps, has also has realistic looking stirrups.

Wild Wind From The 1990s