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1994 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1990s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1994 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 90's for other years. The popular toys included Power Ranger Costume, Dear Diary, and Beakman's Inquizator

All In One Band
Price: $39.99
Description Hear singing, percussion and music all at the same time with 8-scale musical notes and 5 pop-up singing animals. Plays piano, guitar, violin, or sings in animal voices. Plays pre-recorded songs or create your own musical scores.

All In One Band From The 1990s

Ball Pit Tent
Manufacturer: Hedstrom
Price: $129.99
Description 450 plastic balls come with this foldable, lightweight, nylon and see-through mesh tent. Has a zip-open door and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Ball Pit Tent From The 1990s

Beakman's Inquizator
Price: $39.99
Description A fast, fun and mind enhancing electronic quiz machine. Comes with two illustrated books featuring five hundred questions designed to be answered in an infinitely randomized, response time variable. Based on the popular children's science show, Beakman's World.

Beakman's Inquizator From The 1990s

Dear Diary
Manufacturer: Tiger
Price: $34.99
Description Fun electronic diary features fourteen functions. Record events of the day using symbols and words. Find out fortunes by entering your birth date. Store homework assignments, addresses, use it as a note pad or keep special lists.

Dear Diary From The 1990s

Disney Playsets Three-Pack
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $24.99
Description Each case opens to reveal key scenes from each movie and includes the three main characters. Includes Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King.

Disney Playsets From The 1990s

Doodle Table
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $27.99
Description Finger painting without the mess. Simply touch and draw on touch-sensitive screen to create a bright, contrasting color. Erases easily by pulling roller down. Includes chunky pencil, two cookie cutter shape makers, and a roller ball rattle.

Fisher Price Doodle Table From The 1990s

Dress Me Up Boy and Girl
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $12.99 each
Description Each features five learn-to-dress activities: zipper, snap, buckle, tie, and button. Dressed in colorful African Kente-inspired fabric.

Dress Me Up Boy and Girl From The 1990s

The Flintstones Storage Cart
Price: $29.99
Description Roomy toy box on wheels makes cleaning up easy. The Flintstones themed decorations.

Flintstones Storage Cart From The 1990s

G.I. Joe Hall of Fame Foot Locker
Price: $19.99
Description Can be personalized with child's name, rank, and serial number. Includes sleeping bag, duffel bag, and accessories scaled to the 12" action-figure.

G.I. Joe Hall of Fame Foot Locker From The 1990s

Happy Meal Stacie Gift Set
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $19.99
Description Includes Stacie and her friend Whitney, each with a Happy Meal containing a jewelry surprise. Stacie and friend are each 7" tall.

Happy Meal Stacie Gift Set From The 1990s

K'Nex Basic Building Set
Manufacturer: K'Nex
Price: $34.99
Description Comes with about 325 snap together, color-coded pieces that can be used to build up to twenty different models. For ages six and up.

K'Nex Basic Building Set From The 1990s

Little Smart Table Talk
Manufacturer: VTech
Price: $49.99
Description Includes eight activities to entertain a baby. Has sound effects, phrases, melodies and notes. Also teaches shapes and numbers.

Little Smart Table Talk From The 1990s

Mighty Max Magnus
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $19.99
Description Articulated rock monster with grasping claw and firing projectiles. Opens to secret traps, catwalk, hiding places and more. Figures included are Might Max, Norman, Virgil, Lava Lord and Lava Beast.

Mighty Max Magnus From The 1990s

My Size Bride Barbie Doll
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $129.99
Description 36" tall doll stands on her own. Little girls can wear her necklace and stretch to fit wedding gown, veil and slippers.

My Size Bride Barbie Doll From The 1990s

Patch Pizzazz
Manufacturer: Irwin
Price: $29.99
Description Create exciting cloth and loop design patches for clothing. Includes enough material to make ten patches and fully enclosed stitching needle.

Patch Pizzazz From The 1990s

Play-Doh Cookie Lovin' Oven
Manufacturer: Play-Doh
Price: $19.99
Description Kids can scoop Play-Doh into the cookie molds on cookie sheet, put the tray in the oven, and set the timer. Bell goes off in seconds and cookies are "done." Set includes oven, two plates, scoop, spatula, knife and extruder with rail.

Play-Doh Cookie Lovin' Oven From The 1990s

Pollyville Superset
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $99.99
Description The total Polly Pocket play environment. This entire town includes ten very detailed buildings: toy store; cozy cottage; beach cafe; ski lodge; pet shop; summer house. Plus four larger "light-up" buildings--school house; chapel; pizzeria; bay window house. Each building opens up for added play value. Includes over thirty removable Polly and friends figures.

Pollyville Superset From The 1990s

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Costumes
Price: $17.99 each
Description Costumes include jumpsuit, plastic helmet, and belt with plastic buckle. Choose from Pink Ranger Kimberly or Red Ranger Jason.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Costumes From The 1990s

Lamb Chop Puppet Gift Set
Price: $19.99
Description Includes 9" Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy.

Lamb Chop Puppet Gift Set From The 1990s

Radio Controlled Thomas the Tank Engine
Price: $24.99
Description This toy has a large-sized steering wheel controller for easy operation. Thomas' eyes move when the engine is activated. Has forward, reverse, and 360 turning ability.

Radio Controlled Thomas the Tank Engine From The 1990s

Smokin' Semi Rig
Manufacturer: Tonka
Price: $39.99
Description Turn handle for revving motor noise. Also includes air horn, voice and engine idle. Exhaust stack emits non-toxic smoke. Trailer detaches from cab and has working cargo door. Top of cab lifts open for figure play.

Tonka Smokin' Semi Rig From The 1990s

Talk N' View Magic Mirror
Price: $19.99 each
Description Choose from two favorite movies Snow White or Beauty and the Beast. Press button on the handle and see and hear the characters as they say one of five lines from their movies.

Talk N' View Magic Mirror From The 1990s

Toby Terrier and his WonderBone
Price: $49.99
Description Comes with a thirty minute video tape. Toby reacts with vocal and moving responses. The WonderBone features three numbered buttons for interactive learning. Toby rewards correct answers with statements of positive reinforcement and incorrect answers with words of encouragement.

Toby Terrier and his WonderBone From The 1990s

Tot Tunes CD Player
Price: $14.99
Description Plays up to 44 pre-recorded songs. Includes three "CDs" that fit into the storage compartment on top.

Tot Tunes CD Player From The 1990s

Smart Elite
Manufacturer: VTech
Price: $49.99
Description Sixteen activities teach spelling, vocabulary, letters, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more. Also includes three fun games and music. 350-word vocabulary. The split LCD screen is capable of showing a picture, a word and animation as a reward. It has one and two player modes and three levels of difficulty.

VTech Smart Elite From The 1990s