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1990 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1990s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1990 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 90's for other years. The popular toys included Atari Lynx, Furby, and Nintendo Game Boy

Little Tikes Activity Gym
Manufacturer: Little Tikes
Price: $159.99
Description Four multicolored panels interlock to form a sturdy structure that children can climb and crawl through. Platform provides a second play level, seating, and access to a big 54 inch slide. For ages three and up.

Little Tikes Activity Gym From The 1990s

Atari Lynx Portable Color Entertainment System
Manufacturer: Atari
Price: $169.99
Description Delivers exceptional game play and excitement. High-definition, full color LCD display offers dramatic graphics; built-in 8-directional joypad for maximum control during play; volume control; jack that accommodates standard headphones for private game play; and multi-player capability with Comlynx cable. Function buttons include pause, restart, flip, brightness, and fire button.

Atari Lynx Portable Color Entertainment System From The 1990s

Wispy Walker
Price: $22.99
Description This life-size 32 inch doll walks with you. She wears a stylish outfit and shoes. Vinyl head with rooted acetate hair and moving eyes. Polyethylene body, arms, and legs.

Wispy Walker From The 1990s

Barbie Color Change Makeup Center
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $19.99
Description Watch as Barbie's makeup mysteriously appears and disappears with a touch of the color change applicator. Water changes her makeup right before your eyes and you can style her hair. Includes comb, brush, hair clip with color change hair piece, necklace, earrings, applicator, magic change jars, and a storage tray.

Barbie Color Change Makeup Center From The 1990s

Beetlejuice Creepy Cruiser
Price: $19.99
Description The main mobile of Beetlejuice, complete with ghost exhaust system and cattle skull hood ornament."Obnoxious humans" (sold separately) can be attached to the roof, stored in the back, or placed on the rotating turntable and spun around. Turntable turns in conjunction with the wheels when the vehicle is in motion. Striking the rear fender catapults obnoxious humans into the air.

Beetlejuice Creepy Cruiser From The 1990s

Computer Warriors Computer Play Set
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $44.99
Description Looks like a real computer, but it opens to reveal a battle station. Includes landing pad, PC board storage, shuttle crafts, digitalizer weapons, electro-jail, crane, radar dish, disk launcher, sound module, and Chip and Cursor action figures.

Computer Warriors Computer Play Set From The 1990s

Flat Folks Farm
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $24.99
Description Two-sided playset has two floors with a barn, silo, and garden on one side, and a farm house and vegetable stand on the other. Includes two Flat Folks characters, animals, and more.

Flat Folks Farm From The 1990s

Force One Air Strike Command
Price: $79.99
Description Point the plane at the targets, pull the trigger, and an infrared beam "destroys" the tanks on the target environment by activating a spring loaded pad. Set includes complete Force One Air Strike Command Air Base, loaded with accessories, and the Tactical Target Set with radar installation target environment. Includes electronic joystick with a specially marked die-cast F18 jet.

Force One Air Strike Command From The 1990s

Nintendo Game Boy Compact Video Game System
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Price: $89.99
Description A hand-held version of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Features Tetris Game Pack, LCD dot-matrix game screen, and digital stereo sound with earphones for private play. Video Link cable hook-up allows two Game Boy systems to go head-to-head.

Nintendo Game Boy From The 1990s

Holly Hobbie All In One Kitchen
Manufacturer: Holly Hobbie
Price: $69.99
Description A modern play kitchen that features Holly Hobbie graphics and simulated fabric trim. Complete with sink, storage cabinet, refrigerator/freezer, and oven with microwave.

Holly Hobbie All In One Kitchen From The 1990s

Hot Keyz
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $69.99
Description Electronic twin keyboards for twice the fun, just push a button and the music begins. Plays lead and accompaniment riffs, plus single notes, and has three programmed musical scores. You can control the tempo, tone, pitch, or vibrato. Has twin audio amplifiers.

Hot Keyz by Tyco From The 1990s

K-Line Santa Fe Workhorse
Manufacturer: K-Line
Price: $199.99
Description Train set features 8-wheel drive with two motors, metal chassis and hand-rails, operating couplers, working lights at both ends, and three position rev unit. Also includes gondola with removable crates, operating search light car, rail car, operating crane car, boom car, 8 "working" figures, 5 telephone poles, and 12 railroad yard signs.

K-Line Santa Fe Workhorse From The 1990s

Lifeguard Stand with Wet 'N Wild Ken Doll
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $17.99
Description Ken, lifeguard chair, and accessories included. Ken doll is dressed in a swimsuit that changes color in water.

Lifeguard Stand with Wet 'N Wild Ken Doll From The 1990s

Dollhouse with Furniture and Accessories
Manufacturer: Lundby
Price: $200.00
Description Complete 22-piece set includes assembled two story doll house with mother and daughter figures. Kitchen furniture includes cabinets, table and chairs, and refrigerator. Plus family room furniture, bedroom with lighted bed, and bathroom. Wallpapered and wired for electricity.

Lundby Dollhouse From The 1990s

Magic Scan Checkout Counter
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $34.99
Description Kids who like to go shopping will love this authentic-looking tabletop checkout counter. The scanner beeps and flashes, the conveyor belt really works, and the cash register advances your receipt. It has a working cash drawer with five coins, clicking key, and moving weight scale. Comes with a shopping basket and play food.

Magic Scan Checkout Counter From The 1990s

Fisher Price Medical Kit
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $16.99
Description Colorful kit features a working stethoscope, play blood pressure gauge with self-adhesive fasteners and moving parts, and play thermometer with moving temperature readings, plus everything else shown for a thorough check-up.

Fisher Price Medical Kit From The 1990s

Music Box Record Player
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $22.99
Description Easy-to-wind music box that plays ten fun melodies on five colorful records that store inside the player. Realistic tone arm has no needles. Has large carrying handle and on/off switch.

Music Box Record Player From The 1990s

Nerf Fencing
Manufacturer: Nerf
Price: $14.99
Description Practice the sport of fencing safely with Nerf foam blades. Practice thrust, parry and jab, trying to hit marked targets on opponent's sword hilt. Contest of skill and speed. For ages eight and up.

Nerf Fencing From The 1990s

New Kids On The Block Play Figures
Price: $19.99 each
Description They come dressed in their favorite concert fashion outfits. Each includes a fifteen minute cassette tape interview of that particular Kid. Choose from Danny, Donnie, Joe, Jordan, and Jonathan.

New Kids On The Block Play Figures From The 1990s

Fisher Price Post Office
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $24.99
Description Lots of post office activities await inside. Closing mailbox with carrier handle and easy snap closure. Includes play stamps, write-on/wipe-off letters and envelopes/parcel, stamp dispenser, safe with combination, carrier tray with handle, and cloth.

Fisher Price Post Office From The 1990s

Video Technology Type-Right Keyboard
Manufacturer: VTech
Price: $39.99
Description Teaches touch-typing for computer or typewriter. Has 8-character dot matrix display; grades speed and accuracy. Includes nine progressive lessons and a game.

VTech Type-Right Keyboard From The 1990s

Wade Boggs Throw 'N Score Skill Trainer
Price: $19.99
Description Teaches pitching, throwing, control, and accuracy. Consists of heavy-duty PVC tubing with nylon backstop, four PVC molded baseballs with self-stick straps for easy adhesion to the target screen.

Wade Boggs Throw 'N Score Skill Trainer From The 1990s