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1989 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1980s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1989 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 80's for other years. The popular toys included P.J. Sparkles Doll, Sega Genesis, and My First Sony CD Player

Baby-Sitter's Club Book Set
Manufacturer: Scholastic
Price: $19.00
Description Here's a collection that's sure to keep them entertained for hours! The Baby-Sitter's Club boxed sets each have eight books for a never-ending supply of fun! For ages eight to twelve years old.

Baby-Sitter's Club Book Set From The 1980s

Barbie's Dancetime Shop
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $24.98
Description Spin a tune with Barbie's Dancetime Shop. Includes records, magazines and posters. Pretend records can be spun on the jukebox. All the pieces fit inside the jukebox carrying case. For ages three and up.

Barbie's Dancetime Shop From The 1980s

Bubble Mower
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $19.99
Description Bubbly "grass clippings" is what you'll get when you use this mower. Toy with realistic controls blows bubbles and makes a roaring sound when you push it.

Fisher Price Bubble Mower From The 1980s

Car Bed
Price: $400.00
Description When it's time to gear down for the night, imagine the fun of hopping into a sporty car and driving off to dreamland. All pieces are solidly built of durable molded plastic. Each has thick, floor-hugging urethane foam tires and includes mattress boards.

Car Bed From The 1980s

Disney Sno-Cone Castle
Price: $13.33
Description The Disney Sno-Cone Castle lets you serve wonderfully tasty frozen treats. Syrup bottle, 1 plastic cup and instruction book are included. For ages three and up.

Disney Sno-Cone Castle From The 1980s

Double Dare Game
Manufacturer: Nickelodeon
Price: $19.90
Description Answer questions or take the physical challenges, just like the Nickelodeon television game show. Includes unique stunt props.

Double Dare Game From The 1980s

Manufacturer: MiniLabs
Price: $14.88
Description Learn to understand electricity with Electrolab...three minilabs in one! Build a working motor, motorboat, crystal radio and bell buzzer. No soldering needed. For ages eight and up.

Electrolab From The 1980s

Florence Griffith Joyner Doll
Price: $13.03
Description This Florence Griffith Joyner fashion will be hard to catch! Fashion, fitness and fantasy... that's this Olympic Star! Comb her hair and dress her up in her complete line of Flo-Jo fashions. Includes nail decals to decorate little girls nails, just like Flo-Jo's, and a brush and tote bag for doll. Florence Griffith Joyner was considered one of the fastest female runners of all time. She broke running records and won medals in several Olympics and championships. She gained attention not only for her speed but for her unique fashion sense and long and colorful fingernails.

Florence Griffith Joyner Doll From The 1980s

The Real Ghostbusters Table-top Pinball
Price: $19.85
Description Ghostbusters table-top electronic pinball gives you flippers, bumpers, exciting lights and sounds and automatic scoring.

The Real Ghostbusters Table-top Pinball From The 1980s

G.I. Joe Crusader Space Shuttle
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $36.89
Description Battle Cobra on the "high frontier" with G.I. Joe Crusader Space Shuttle with Avenger Scout Craft. Doors open to free Avenger. Features cockpit door, weaponry and Payload pilot.

G.I. Joe Crusader Space Shuttle From The 1980s

Hide 'n Seek
Price: $44.88
Description Use electronic "seeker" and two "hider" beepers to add a high-tech twist to a favorite game, indoors or out! Units only work at fifty feet or more.

Hide 'n Seek From The 1980s

Hug 'n Tug Birdie
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $17.77
Description Just pull the tail feathers and the Musical Hug n' Tug Birdie will move up your crib and play a tune. When bird is detached, it will play music when you pull down on its heart. Use its wing pockets to make a puppet.

Musical Hug 'n Tug Birdie From The 1980s

Jordan Vs. Bird Electronic Handheld Game
Manufacturer: Tiger
Price: $18.86
Description Take it to the hoop with Jordan vs. Bird handheld basketball! Has LCD screen and can be played with one or two players.

Jordan Vs. Bird Handheld Game From The 1980s

McDonald's Uniform
Price: $11.99
Description Wear the uniform of a real McDonald's employee! Dress up set of cloth and plastic includes apron with Velcro straps, cap, microphone, wipe-off nametag, spatula, and tongs. For ages three to seven.

McDonald's Uniform From The 1980s

Mickey Bath Toy
Price: $8.88
Description Magical Color Change bath toys! Put squeaking Baby Mickey and Donald in warm water and watch colors change and little sea creatures appear. Choose from Baby Mickey or Baby Donald.

Mickey Color Change Bath  From The 1980s

Monster Truck
Manufacturer: Kyosho
Price: $224.85
Description Monster truck has four-wheel drive and steering. Kit includes two LeMans 05 electric motors. car-crushing tires with twin adjustable shocks for each wheel, simulated chrome-plated wheels, and full blown hemi engine. Controller sold separately. For ages ten and up.

Kyosho Monster Truck From The 1980s

My First Sony CD Player
Manufacturer: Sony
Price: $189.10
Description Sony compact disc player for kids! Plays 5-in. CD's or CD-3 software. Features Auto-Music Sensor, music search, 3 in. speaker, microphone, and line-out jack.

My First Sony CD Player From The 1980s

Chairry from Pee-Wee's Playhouse
Manufacturer: Herman
Price: $100.00
Description Now children can have Pee-Wee's pal Chairry for their very own. Perfect for sitting in on Saturday morning to catch the cartoons.

Pee-Wee's Pal Chairry From The 1980s

P.J. Sparkles
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $24.66
Description P.J. Sparkles has lights in her earrings, bow, bracelet, and heart. 16 in. doll includes costume.

P.J. Sparkles From The 1980s

Play-Doh Whopper Kit
Manufacturer: Play-Doh
Price: $14.44
Description This classic Burger 'N Malt Shop Playset lets kids make their favorite eat-out treats. Machine presses out Play-Doh lettuce, onion, pickles, tomato slices, onion rings, apple turnovers, milk shakes, french fries, and more. Place the finished goodies on the counter-motif playmat. Set includes burger machine, two extruder strips, six dies, rolling pin, trimmer, two milk shake cups, and three cans of Play-Doh.

Play-Doh Whopper Kit From The 1980s

Precious Places Magic Key Mansion
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $59.99
Description A precious key comes with each piece to activate front and back doors, turn on lights, move people down the sidewalks of the village, and much more. The Magic Key Mansion is a three-story dollhouse.

Precious Places Magic Key Mansion From The 1980s

Sega Genesis
Manufacturer: Sega
Price: $189.95
Description Genesis 16-bit technology lets you play games that look play and sound exactly like the arcade. Includes base, one controller for single-player play, Altered Beast game, and hook-up accessories.

Sega Genesis From The 1980s

Sesame Street Workbench
Price: $11.97
Description Tool around with your friends at the Sesame Street workbench. Pieces fit securely in their own place. Built-in carrying handle. For ages two to six years old.

Sesame Street Workbench From The 1980s

Strada Scooter
Manufacturer: Variflex
Price: $44.56
Description Strada scooters have the sharp looks and great handling you want. They have BMX handlebars, rear caliper brake, nylon mag wheels, kickstand, mushroom-style grips, crossbar pads, and pneumatic tires Choose from the Boys or Girls styles in the 12-inch scooter.

Strada Scooter by Variflex From The 1980s

Ghostbusters Set
Price: Ranges from $12.89 to $21.89
Description Choose from the Ecto Goggles and Ecto Popper, Nutrona Blaster, and Ghost Trap. Or get the Proton Pack which includes the backpack with straps, ghost blaster with soft foam wand, power cord, P.K.E. meter with rotating antenna, Ghostbusters armband, label sheet, and Ghostbusters I.D.

Ghostbusters Set From The 1980s