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1988 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1980s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1988 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 80's for other years. The popular toys included Cricket Doll, Pee-Wee Talking Doll, and Tastybake Oven

Airless Hockey
Price: $79.99
Description Super-slick, super-fast and super-fun, Airless Hockey doesn't need any plugs, and the action is just as exciting. Styrene surface is mounted on a wood frame. Electronic buzzer and light go off when a goal is made; manual scoring meter over each goal lets you know the score. Automatic puck release. Comes with two pucks and two controllers. For ages eight and up.

Airless Hockey From The 1980s

Baby Grows
Price: $24.99
Description Baby Grows is as fun as two dolls in one! Just turn her special handle and watch her grow from a nine month old infant to a four year old toddler. She even grows teeth! Record her growth on the chart that is included. Doll has rooted hair.

Baby Grows Doll From The 1980s

Barbie TV Game Show Set
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $11.99
Description Who'll win the grand prize? The Barbie TV Game Show playset lets Barbie and all her fashion doll friends compete for glamorous prizes! Set includes TV camera, spinning game wheel, changeable prize categories and score-keeping, three-player contestant stand. Dolls not included. For ages three and up.

Barbie TV Game Show Set From The 1980s

Body Rap
Price: $59.99
Description Become an expert rapper with Body Rap. Just strap on the eight sensors and keep the beat with dynamic drum and cymbal sounds. Sensors connect to case that houses a three-inch speaker, LED display, headphone jack and on/off switch. Case clips onto belt or pocket.

Body Rap From The 1980s

COPS Ironsides Assault Vehicle
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $14.99
Description COPS Ironsides Assault Vehicle chases crooks down! Double-firing cap gun turns, wheels roll, police light turns and body opens. Includes 5-inch driver figure.

COPS Ironsides Assault Vehicle From The 1980s

Cricket Doll
Manufacturer: Playmates
Price: $74.99
Description Cricket has lots of stories to share and you'll be delighted with the way she seems to come to life! She comes with one 30-minute cassette tape and you can get more when you buy outfits for her. She is 25-inches tall and has silky rooted hair that you can comb and style, plus an adorable outfit including pink sneakers.

Cricket Doll From The 1980s

FashionStar Fillies
Manufacturer: Kenner
Price: $10.99 each
Description FashionStar Fillies have long manes and tails to style. Each represents a different breed of horse. They come with a hairbrush and accessories. Choose from Niki the Argentinean Polo Pony, Calla the Arabian, Joelle the New York Thoroughbred, Lani the California Palomino, or Chloe the Austrian Lippizaner.

FashionStar Fillies From The 1980s

Power Wheels Fire Truck
Manufacturer: Power Wheels
Price: $229.99
Description Put out the fire in a make-believe city, then off to a tree to rescue a kitty. Two-passenger fire truck includes a working siren with flashing red light, realistic instrument panel, simulated CB microphone, chrome-look bumpers, horns and grill. It also has a water reservoir with removable water gun that shoots up to twenty-five feet. Rear storage compartment with doors that open and close.

Power Wheels Fire Truck From The 1980s

Price: $69.99
Description Footnotes electronic 17-key keyboard is identified by colored, numbered and musical note labels. Includes solid-state "sing along" microphone and songbook with thirty songs and games. Plays through built-in speaker or jack for your stereo. Has on/off switch and volume control.

Footnotes From The 1980s

Gerry Giraffe Rocker
Price: $49.99
Description He's not all fun and games! Sure he's a rocking toy, but Gerry Giraffe also stores toys and serves as a clothes tree. Made of sturdy, durable polyethylene.

Gerry Giraffe Rocker From The 1980s

Jeff Jones Skateboard
Price: $69.99
Description Jeff Jones maple board has a concave deck with spoon nose, high tail, copers and lappers.

Jeff Jones Skateboard From The 1980s

Mountain Monster
Price: $19.99
Description You get 18 road-gripping tires on the Mountain Monster. Challenge it to climb over just about anything. Its articulated build allows it to climb up and over even vertical obstacles. It moves in forward and reverse.

Mountain Monster From The 1980s

Oh Jenny Playset
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: $79.99
Description Your imagination's the limit for creating adventures with this complete playset. Oh Jenny doll and her family and friends can tend the animals in the barn, play in the multi-level tree house with swing, take a dip in the family pool or relax in the sprawling, 8-room house. Transportation's no problem because they have two horse-drawn carts and a shiny red automobile. Quaint, fenced walkways connect everything and there's even a bridge over a pretend brook! For ages four and up.

Oh Jenny Playset From The 1980s

Oliver & Company Plush Toys
Manufacturer: Disney
Price: $15.00 each
Description Oliver and his motley crew of canines make the perfect indoor pets for any boy or girl. Dodger may try to get off with the hotdogs, but everyone knows that he'll share them in the end with his friends. Everyone will fall in love with cute little Oliver, measuring ten inches tall. He's not afraid... tough guy Tito will stand up to the biggest dog. Well-educated Francis will fit nicely into anyone's home.

Oliver & Company Plush Toys From The 1980s

Transformers Optimus Prime
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $26.99
Description Standing ten inches tall, Optimus Prime returns as Powermaster! Use the engine key to transform cab of truck into Optimus Prime, and change trailer into battle station with four powerful weapons. Then combine the trailer and cab into the ultimate transformation: Super Optimus Prime! Includes TechSpecs decoder, label sheet, and instructions.
You can now see these Transformers toys revamped in the Michael Bay movies about these toys

Transformers Optimus Prime From The 1980s

Pee-Wee Herman Talking Doll
Price: $27.99
Description Why it's the Pee-Wee Herman Talking Doll; as wacky, zany and playful as he is on "Pee-Wee's Playhouse". Pull his string and this poseable vinyl figure says one of six famous Pee-Wee lines.

Pee-Wee Herman Talking Doll From The 1980s

Playskool Kitchen
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $79.99
Description Playsounds sink talks to you with electronic sounds. Has "chop-chopping food processor", "gurgling running water", "swooshing dishwasher", and "ringing telephone" sounds. For ages two and up.

Playskool Kitchen From The 1980s

Power Wheels Corvette
Manufacturer: Power Wheels
Price: $139.99
Description The realistic stylings of these sporty autos include such features as a floorboard, simulated shift console with plastic ignition key, doors and hood that open and close, dual racing mirrors, simulated cellular phone, glove box storage compartment and detailed dash and door panels. Tough, plastic body with molded-in colors. Power-Lock electric brake. Has maximum speed of three and a half miles per hour in forward or reverse. Choose from Barbie themed pink Corvette or classic Red Corvette.

Power Wheels Corvette From The 1980s

Racin' Hoppers
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $54.99
Description Off-road type racing adventure includes one Aero Hopper and one Turbo Hopper cars. Take them up Monster mountain, over the "river", and past the boulders. Set has eighteen feet of track.

Racin' Hoppers From The 1980s

Slumber Bags
Price: $24.99 each
Description These slumber bags come alive with colorful characters. Unzip the full-length zipper and you have a comforter for your bed. Choose from Unicorn, Lady Lovelylocks, Raggedy Ann, My Little Pony, Pound Puppies, Barbie and the Sensations, Lisa Frank Bubblegum, Sesame Street, Dinosaurs, Clown, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, G.I. Joe, Alf, Lobo, Hot Wheels, Karate, Snoopy, Superman, Ghost Busters, or Garfield.

Assorted 80's Slumber Bags From The 1980s

Tank Attack Game
Manufacturer: Tiger
Price: $29.99
Description It's an anti-tank battle with you best weapon. Tank Attack electronic battle game lets you play against the computer in a test of skill and nerves. On-screen cross finds the target for your shots. Push-button accelerates game speed and nine skill levels increase automatically. On/off volume control. Detachable tripod stand is adjustable for playing comfort.

Tank Attack Game From The 1980s

Tastybake Oven
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $29.99
Description It's as much fun to bake as it is to eat the goodies you'll make with the Tastybake oven. You can bake cookies, muffins, cakes and even melt chocolate for yummy candies. Door is released by special spatula designed to keep child's fingers out, and a cooking guide is printed on the front panel. Includes metal cake/pie pan, cookie sheet, spatula, recipe book, and three cookie cutters.

Tastybake Oven From The 1980s