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1987 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1980s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1987 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 80's for other years. The popular toys included Fisher Price Soccer, G.I. Joe Figure Pack, and Pound Puppies

Captain Power Vehicles
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $32.99 each
Description Hi-tech vehicles interact with the Captain Power TV show! All vehicles shoot a visible beam of light. You can score "hits" on and be "hit" by other Captain Power vehicles, or the TV show or videotapes. Pushing a button on each vehicles tells you how many "hits" or points are left. If a vehicle loses all of its points, it "blows up" and ejects its passenger. Each vehicle comes with its own target for solo play.

Captain Power Vehicles From The 1980s

Deluxe Wooden Scooter
Price: $79.99
Description Yesterday's orange crate scooter has been revitalized! Made of natural poplar wood, with polyethylene finish. Has rear brake, non-skid pads on running board, polyurethane skate wheels, semi-precision ball bearings and plastic reflector.

Deluxe Wooden Scooter From The 1980s

7 Days of the Week Doll Wardrobe Set
Price: $11.99
Description Includes everything an eleven and a half inch doll needs Monday to Sunday. From fancy evening wear, casual clothes, and more. Makes seven complete outfits.Se also includes shoes and sneakers, millinery, jewelry, exercise gear, play electronic equipment, vacation accessories, and grooming aids. Has one hundred pieces.

Doll Wardrobe Set From The 1980s

Dozzzy Doll
Manufacturer: Galoob
Price: $49.99
Description A bedtime pal who is activated by a hug or a squeeze. Dozzzy's eyes and mouth glow as he speaks. Includes a forty minute cassette tape that helps children fall asleep.

Dozzzy Doll From The 1980s

Fisher Price Soccer
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $19.99
Description Portable playset for single or group play. When you score a goal, the bell rings. Complete with net, ball, goal-target, and bell. All pieces fit into the goal, which folds easily for storage.

Fisher Price Soccer From The 1980s

Funwich Factory
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $12.99
Description A colorful toy that makes impressions on bread for fun-looking sandwiches! Comes with four Disney character stamps for bread, plus cutting and decorating utensils. All in a handy, portable Funwich Factory unit.

funwichfactory From The 1980s

G.I. Joe Figure Pack
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $9.99
Description Figures come with their own specialized weapons, accessories, and biographies. G.I. Joe Sgt. Slaughter's Renegades include Red Dog, Taurus, and Mercer.

G.I. Joe Figure Pack From The 1980s

Hot Looks Dolls
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $24.99 each
Description Big, beautifully-styled teen-model dolls stand 18-inches tall. Each comes with her own color-coordinated fashion outfit, accessories, and doll stand. Soft fabric-covered faces and poseable bodies, and long hair that's fun to style. Choose from Hot Looks Strawberry or Hot Looks Brunette.

Hot Looks Dolls From The 1980s

Jammie Pies Dolls
Manufacturer: Playskool
Price: $19.99
Description Playskool Jammie Pies Dolls are baby's first cuddly friends. Each with its own removable pet that gives off a squeak or rattle sound when baby gently touches it. These soft-bodied dolls have delicately textured soft vinyl heads and polyester bodies. Choose from Winkum and Nod, Spunkle and Teenie Bear, or Ditty and Catnap.

Jammie Pies Dolls From The 1980s

Karate Kid Action Figures
Manufacturer: Remco
Price: $11.99 per set
Description 5-in. poseable figures twist, chop, and kick. Includes breakaway accessories. Two figures per package, choose from Daniel and Miyagi, Choozen and Sato, or Johnny and Kreese.

Karate Kid Action Figures From The 1980s

Manufacturer: Tonka
Price: $11.99 each
Description Keypers keep treasures safe. Each comes with key, brush, Finder friend, and free storybook. Choose from Princess the Swan and Finder Perkins, Hero the Kangaroo and Finder Tee Ball, Sheldon the Turtle and Finder Nitelite, or Fancy the Snail and Finder Footloose.

Keypers From The 1980s

Lady Lovelylocks
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $8.99 each
Description Long-haired charmers are eight and a half inches tall and have legs that bend. Each doll comes with three Pixietails. Those are little animals with colorful tails that clip onto hair for hours of styling fun. Choose from Lady Lovelylocks (with bunny Pixietails), Maiden Curleycrown (with birdie Pixietails), or Maiden Fairhair (with chipmunk Pixietails).

Lady Lovelylocks From The 1980s

Laser Control Cat and Mouse
Price: $12.99 each
Description A pre-schooler's first remote control! Hi-tech animals spin and move by infrared remote control. The remote is small enough for a young child's hand. Choose between pink cat or blue mouse.

Laser Control Cat and Mouse From The 1980s

Mattel Bravestarr Figures
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $7.99 each
Description Good and evil come face to face with 4 to 8-inch poseable figures. Each has quick-draw punching action. Includes snap-on accessories shown, nuggets of Kerium ore and New Texas Daily News. Choose from Marshall Bravestarr, Tex Hex, Handle Bar, Sand Storm, Thunderstick, Deputy Fuzz, or Outlaw Scuzz.

Mattel Bravestarr Figures From The 1980s

Mickey Mouse Wash and Play
Price: $12.99
Description Attach to tub with adjustable plastic, hook molded into tray. Mickey Mouse squirts water, Donald Duck is a soap dish, and Goofy is a shampoo bottle. Comb and brush are Mickey's hands.

Mickey Mouse Wash and Play From The 1980s

Mr. Gameshow
Manufacturer: Galoob
Price: $119.99
Description Fantastic live game show action, as fast-talking Mr. Gameshow keeps track of your name and winnings while he jokes and banters. Has ten different games, spinning lights, and lots of play money.

Mr. Gameshow by Galoob From The 1980s

NASA Voice-Activated Walkie Talkie
Price: $19.99
Description No switches, the sound of your voice starts the action. Removable 6-inch long walkie talkie clips onto backpack. Voice-activated headset walkie talkie stores inside backpack.

NASA Voice-Activated Walkie Talkie From The 1980s

Pogo Bal
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Price: $14.99
Description An exciting skill and action toy! Jump, bounce, twist, and turn on this bouncing, bopping ball. Just stand on the disc, press your feet against the ball, and bounce!

Pogo Bal by Hasbro From The 1980s

Pound Puppies
Manufacturer: Tonka
Price: $17.99 each
Description Huggable 16-in. puppy comes in carrier. Has collar, care sheet, and mail-in ownership certificate offer. Machine-washable polyester velour. Choose a puppy with long or short ears.

Pound Puppies From The 1980s

SilverHawks Tally-Hawk
Manufacturer: Kenner
Price: $19.99
Description He sweeps his wings forward and snaps them over his head. Missiles fire from his mouth at the push of a button while his eyes turn from blue to fiery red, and back.

SilverHawks Tally-Hawk From The 1980s

Smoby Tuff Stuff Artist Desk
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $29.99
Description Includes chalkboard with chalk, water-color paint, brushes, paper, water cups, T-square, and shape-maker triangle. Has a handy storage compartment and folds up to use as a lap desk.

Smoby Tuff Stuff Artist Desk From The 1980s

Spectra and Friends
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $13.99 each
Description The fashion dolls from outer space! These eleven and a half inch figures from the planet Shimmeron have a unique outer space look. Each is poseable and has glittery face make-up, a shiny body, and "shimmershine" hair. Each comes dressed in an outfit of metallic nylon lace, with a "space" hair pick and story booklet. Choose from Spectra, Ultraviolet, Astragold, and Stylablue.

Spectra and Friends From The 1980s

Super Turbo Electric Train with Nite Glow
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $47.99
Description The train that defies gravity speeds through the giant loop, even goes up the wall! Train travels 36 inches up the wall, 72 inches out from the wall. Nite Glow decorating accessories and a hand-held controller for speed and direction are included. Also includes turbo locomotive, coach, and caboose, train station, tunnel, tower, and bridge. Thirty sections of track form 29-ft. overall layout.

Super Turbo Train From The 1980s

Talking Alf, the Storytelling Alien
Manufacturer: Coleco
Price: $69.99
Description America's favorite alien life form tells funny stories! Built-in cassette player inside figure plays Alf tape (included), plus any standard cassette. See his mouth move in sync with cassette, while his ears and eyebrows move intermittently. Has detailed facial and body features.

Talking Alf From The 1980s

Toddler Kitchen
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $12.99
Description Brightly-colored plastic play kitchen has ten different activities. All pieces store in the kitchen panel. For ages one to three years old.

Fisher Price Toddler Kitchen From The 1980s