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1982 Popular Vintage Toys From The 1980s

It is fun to look back in time to the 1982 toys we played with when we were children. Included on this page are many popular examples plus many more from the 80's for other years. The popular toys included Fisher Price Tape Recorder, Pac-Man and Frogger games, and Tomytronic Tron Game

Barbie Bubble Bath
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $9.99
Description There's a bubbly bath, hand shower that really works and a vanity, too. Press one pump to fill the tub, another to spray the water from the hand shower. Includes tub, faucet and "mirror", 4 oz. bubble bath, soap and soap tray, towel, vanity chair, brush, comb, and more.

Barbie Bubble Bath From The 1980s

Bye Bye Diapers Doll
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $16.99
Description She's thirteen and a half inches tall and you can feed her from her very own bottle, she wets too. Feed her with her bottle, then pull her string and sit her on the potty and she claps her hands.

Bye Bye Diapers Doll From The 1980s

Classic Lincoln Log Sets
Price: $29.99
Description This classic toy offers a chance for kids to make log buildings. Frontier Town Set comes with 430 pieces that can make a bank, general store, two cabins and a bridge.

Classic Lincoln Logs From The 1980s

Dial-a-Story Talking Books
Price: $9.88 each
Description Now youngsters can have their favorite stories read to them... just open the book, turn the telephone-like dial and listen to the 5-minute story (complete with sound effects). Children can follow along with the colorfully-illustrated booklet. Self-contained audio section has excellent sound quality and it uses no batteries. Choose from The Three Bears, Peter Rabbit, Night Before Christmas, Bozo/ABC Zoo, What Time Is It?, and Mother Goose.

Dial-a-Story Talking Books From The 1980s

Disney Match-Em's
Price: $7.99
Description Make Mickey's eyes light up when you make the right match between numbers or letters. Twelve different themes.

Disney Match-Em's From The 1980s

Dukes of Hazzard Pinball
Price: $8.99
Description Score up to 1100 points by knocking blocks into the tray behind Hazzard County court house. Each Dukes character is worth a different score. Includes two flippers and steel ball.

Dukes of Hazzard Pinball From The 1980s

Fisher Price Houseboat
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $13.94
Description When the houseboat is pulled along as a pull toy, it makes a realistic "putt-putt" sound. Includes houseboat, 15 separate play pieces, 5 play family figures including the captain and a dog, dining table, two chairs, barbeque grill, two deck loungers, two life-preservers,. Speedboat ties to stern, and it has a retractable diving board. Tilt-up deck becomes carrying handle.

Fisher Price Houseboat From The 1980s

Fisher Price Tape Recorder
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $44.99
Description Has built-in microphone, large carrying handle, and a special activity tape is included.

Fisher Price Tape Recorder From The 1980s

Fuel-Powered Stunt Flyer
Price: $299.99
Description Insert radio components inside fuselage, assemble muffler unit, attach propeller and start engine. 12 to 15 minutes of powered flight gives you time to perform stunts like loops, figure 8's, Cuban 8's and power dives. You can even trim it out and fly "hands-off." Control elevation, direction and speed with fully proportional 3-channel radio.

Fuel-Powered Stunt Flyer From The 1980s

He-Man Action Figure
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $9.99
Description Action figures of He-Man and Battle Cat from Masters of the Universe.

He-Man Action Figure From The 1980s

Matchbox 20 Car Set
Manufacturer: Matchbox
Price: $24.99
Description Includes Porsche Turbo, Big Foot 4x4 Camper, Red Rider, Tyrone Malone Super Boss, S-2 Jet, Peterbilt Conventional, Baja Bouncer, Sun Burner, Cosmic Blues, '33 Willy's Street Rod, Tyrone Malone Bandag Bandit, '57 "T" Bird, plus eight more.

Matchbox 20 Car Set From The 1980s

Tyco Super Duper Double Looper Dirt Bike Race Set
Manufacturer: Tyco
Price: $41.99
Description Fast-paced, breathtaking race set with two 360-degree loops plus an expandable motocross jump and ramp. Two movable speed bumps and a see-saw for extra daredevil stunts. Two curvehugger HP3 slot dirt bikes.

Tyco Super Duper Double Looper Dirt Bike Race Set From The 1980s

Muppets Coloring Plates
Manufacturer: Crayola
Price: $8.99
Description Rubbing plate holder lets you mix or match rubbing plates to create or dress-up your favorite Muppet characters... ready for coloring.

Crayola Muppets Coloring Plates From The 1980s

My Huggable Rag Doll
Price: $4.99
Description She's a real softy and so much fun to hug. Dressed in a charming flower print dress, she has big expressive eyes and eyelashes. She's freckled face charmer with her long blonde braids that hang out from her floppy hat.

My Huggable Rag Doll From The 1980s

Odyssey 2 Video Game System
Manufacturer: Magnavox
Price: $149.99
Description Combines the strategic scheming of a keyboard-controlled computer with the exciting split-second action of a joystick-controlled game.

Odyssey 2 Video Game System From The 1980s

Official Pac-Man and Frogger Tabletop Arcade Games
Manufacturer: Coleco
Price: $59.99 each
Description Plays like your favorite arcade game; the higher the score the harder the game. Records and displays best score. Each has two variations for one or two players. Choose from Pac-Man or Frogger.

Official Pac-Man and Frogger Tabletop Arcade Games From The 1980s

Pink & Pretty Barbie and Barbie Electronic Piano
Manufacturer: Mattel
Price: $9.99 (doll) $19.99 (piano)
Description Pink & Pretty Barbie has a furry trimmed cape that is also a hat. The Barbie Electronic Piano sounds like a real piano, all 21 keys really work. Comes with two playing wands, sheet music, songbook, instructions, and decals.

Pink  & Pretty Barbie and Barbie Electronic Piano From The 1980s

Printer's Kit
Manufacturer: Fisher Price
Price: $15.99
Description Printer's Kit lets you stop the presses to print the latest news. Comes with two complete alphabets, 12 extra most-used letters, symbols, and 10 numbers, composing frame, non-toxic ink, roll-on ink applicator, storage tray, 16 page booklet, and paper.

Printer's Kit From The 1980s

Radio-Controlled Thunder Van
Price: $24.99
Description Control with hand-held T-box transmitter. On/off, fast, slow and headlight switches on van. Turns left and right in forward, goes straight in reverse. Includes five pylons to help you test your driving skills.

Radio-Controlled Thunder Van From The 1980s

Roly Poly Pooh
Price: $5.88
Description Babies will love to watch Winnie-the-Pooh move about, flipping his arms and hands. Musical chime sound is heard when Pooh tries to balance the honey pot.

Roly Poly Pooh From The 1980s

Sesame Street Puppet Theater
Price: $6.99 each
Description Children love to create their own shows with hand puppets. Sturdy table top theater is made of vinyl-laminated corrugated fiber board with rounded edges for safety. Choose from a variety of puppets including Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Bert, and Ernie.

Sesame Street Puppet Theater From The 1980s

Teach & Learn Computer
Price: $48.99
Description It has two mode controls. In one mode child pushes button on visual overlay and hears the matching sound. In other mode, the TLC computer asks a question and the child has three tries to find the correct answer on the overlay. Basic unit includes 3 two-sided program discs and 3 two-sided corresponding overlays that help with reading, vocabulary, math, quizzes, stories, games, world and many others.

Teach  & Learn Computer From The 1980s

The Orb Puzzle
Price: $5.99
Description Move beads around to form four rings; it looks simple, but it will keep you going in circles!

The Orb Puzzle From The 1980s

Tomytronic Tron Game
Manufacturer: Tomy
Price: $49.99
Description Combines three of the most unique arcade games from the movie: Light Cycle, Ring Game, M.C.P. Game. For one player, ages seven and up.

Tomytronic Tron Game From The 1980s

Winnie-the-Pooh Musical TV
Price: $6.88
Description Pooh scenes move slowly across the screen to "Winnie's Theme".

Winnie-the-Pooh Musical TV From The 1980s