Alligator Patent Leather Bag
Price: $43.00
Description This alligator-grained patent leather three-way bag converts from top handle to shoulder bag to envelope purse. White, black, camel-tan or navy.

Alligator Patent Leather Bag 1973

Christian Dior Gloves
Price: $25.00
Description Made by Christian Dior, these brushed cowhide gloves are Orlon acrylic lined.

Christian Dior Gloves 1973

Clip-On Butterfly Bow Tie
Price: $5.00
Description Clip-on polyester butterfly bow tie. Choose from blue/brown, navy/white or green/gold.

Clip-On Butterfly Bow Tie 1973

Dearfoam Fireside Boots
Price: $6.00
Description Dearfoam fireside boots for indoor wear. Made of washable nylon chenille, cozy Orlon acrylic lining. Foam-cushioned cotton soles.

Dearfoam Fireside Boots 1973

Feather-Moc Ankle-Hi Boots
Price: $9.00
Description These feather-moc ankle-hi boots are made of stretch polyurethane with man-made platform sole team beautifully with slacks. Choice of bone, white, navy, brown or black.

Feather Moc Ankle Hi Boot 1973

Initial Belt
Price: $8.50
Description Cast initial belt buckle on full grain cowhide. Choose any letter except I, O, Q, U, V, X, Y or Z. Comes in black, brown, or white.

Initial Belt 1973

Koret Vinyl Patent Bag
Price: $49.00
Description Koret vinyl patent bag. Comes in wine, black or white.

Koret Vinyl Patent Bag 1973

Leather Saddle Shoe
Price: $29.00
Description Great for casual wear is this leather saddle shoe with thick rubber soles. Rich tan latigo color.

Leather Saddle Shoe 1973

Louis Vuitton Bag
Price: $125.00
Description This Louis Vuitton bag is made of cotton drill with leather interior. This is from 1973, but the styles of the popular designer bag have not changed very much as you could probably find a similar bag in stores still today.

Louis Vuitton Bag 1973

Multi-Color Slip On
Price: $4.49
Description The multicolor slip-on. A zesty group of colors make their way across the richly-napped cotton velvet upper. Elasticized topline gently curves to the foot. Long-wearing composition sole and flat heel.

Multi-Color Slip On 1973

Multi-Color Umbrella
Price: $12.00
Description This multicolor umbrella is by Mickey Lyons and is oversized.

Multi-Color Umbrella 1973

Natty Hat
Price: $15.00
Description A natty hat of velvety soft suede leather and it has a suede band.

Natty Hat 1973

Needlepoint Flower Hat
Price: $11.00
Description Needlepoint-look flowers brighten a wool knit cloche. Face-framer with brim to pull down or pop up. One size fits all. Navy or brown.

Needle Point Flower Hat 1973

Omega Men's Watch
Price: $260.00
Description A watch by Omega made of 14K gold-filled electronic chronometer. Matching wristband.

Omega Men's Watch 1973

Parisian Wide Cuff Bracelet
Price: $17.50
Description Gold-color free-form design plays shine against satin finish. Hinged.

Parisian Wide Cuff Bracelet 1973

Square Stretch Bracelet
Price: $6.00
Description Refreshing square stretch bracelet has gold-color separators. Green, wine, ivory or tortoise color.

Square Stretch Bracelet 1973

Squash Blossom Necklace
Price: $900.00
Description Squash blossom necklace in all its Navajo magnificence. Deftly detailed with sterling silver beads interspersing squash blossoms, vibrant with turquoise. Culminates in good-luck horseshoe. Thirty-one and a half inches long.

Squash Blossom Necklace 1973

Ultra Suede Vinyl Gloves
Price: $7.50
Description Ultra suede vinyl glove with softest vinyl palm has look and feel of leather. Gold-color chain accent wrist. Cozy acrylic pile lining. Choice of black or russet.

Ultra Suede Vinyl Gloves 1973

Wool Tie
Price: $7.50
Description A wool tie with colors in straw/scarlet/gold or black/natural/gold or bottle/gray/gold.

Wool Tie 1973

Zuni Inlay Bangle
Price: $150.00
Description Zuni inlay bangle bracelet. Turquoise and coral chips set in glowing sterling silver. One and a half inches wide.

Zuni Inlay Bangle 1973